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PICTURE: Giggs Will Tear You Apart Again Tattoo

How about that? Someone has got a tattoo of our “Giggs will tear you apart again” design.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. byron1970 says:

    Class, not sure I’d ever go as far as too tattoo someones face on myself but respect all the same.

  2. Cyril Sneer says:

    better than ‘Man City Champs League Winners 2011′

  3. Rai says:

    Does anyone remember the Newcastle fan who got Andy Cole Number 9 tattooed on himself and a week later we bought him?!!! I was only 10 but I remember that!!!

  4. TonyBee says:

    Nothing wrong with having Man City Champs League Winners 2011 tattooed on you just proves you are a complete and utter moron…..because if you support them bitter twats you have got to be fucking soft in the head and that sort of tattoo will only confirm your ‘thick cunt’ status

  5. TonyBee says:

    I’ve got SCAF tattooed on my cock…..when it goes hard it spells …….


    the old ones are the best…….. :lol:

  6. King Eric says:

    Fucking quality. Need another tatt soon. Any idea how much this was scott?

  7. dave_mjr says:

    giggs will tear imogen thomas apart

  8. Costas says:

    In the future, a City fan will get a tattoo like that, thinking they will get to sign Ryan Giggs. And then he will commit himself to UNited for another season. :D

  9. King Eric says:

    Tonybee. Hello mate. How’s things? Good post at one twenty eight pal.

  10. Hammons says:

    How sweet would it be if united won the 2011 champions league for that moron?!

    I am thinking about adding more to my back (, but I have to figure out what. Thinking of a Neville, Scholes & Giggs tribute…

    Scott, do you “ROM” tatted on your wrist like your logo?

  11. Kings says:

    Looks really good that tattoo. Got 4 already, thinking of getting another one done soon.

  12. Ryandunny says:
    Own opinion on yesterdays game if anyone wants to read!…

    Oh and has anyone yet hear from Smartalex?

  13. hammons says:

    A very good read from Dunny. Sir Alex knows how vital our support needs to be at home against Schalke and Chelsea in the next couple wks so he will make it a point to make sure we have home field advantage, as us Americans call it….

  14. Kings says:

    Ryandunny – A good read mate. Thanks for the link.

  15. Saad says:

    I’d rather have the Munich clock tattooed on my arm.

  16. Billy-G says:

    Its a great tatoo giggs is truely a legend he deserve to be on someones skin like that big up.

  17. bchilds says:

    “Giggs, Giggs will fuck you around… Stacey”

    The blacked out imagine in today’s NOTW article about the affair was clearly Ryan Giggs.

  18. sachu says:

    off topic hope we atleast make an effort to sign nasri he has only 1 year on his contract

  19. Dilardo says:

    Good bit of photography that. :D

  20. SteveG says:

    theres a difference between tattooing a legend who has proved himself with something that isnt based on predictions, like those city twats always seem to manage

    im a tat fan and though i will likely get a united logo next on left arm (suggestions welcome) i dont think id get one player in particular

  21. Baldrick says:

    I just have the United Badge on my shoulder :)

  22. giggs 11 god says:

    I might get that on my hand

  23. n667 says:


    nver knew u were the one running” the united religion”, would have thanked u earlier !, ur logo is my tatoo… strting from my biceps running onto my forearm!… thanks bro ! n sorry for the plagiarism ! :P

  24. Two Trick Pony says:

    Is that really Giggsy in the photo? It looks like a young Shane McGowan.


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