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PICTURE: GNev Reacts Angrily To Rooney Miss

After Wayne Rooney messed up a great opportunity to put us 2-1 ahead just minutes after David Luiz equalised, Gary Neville, who watched the game from the stands with the fans at Stamford Bridge, was seeing shouting “Wazza! Fucking hell!”

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  1. scan74 says:

    Top man in with fans last nite United legend

  2. Costas says:

    Fucking legend!

  3. cantona77 says:

    Fucking legend GNev…. One for the dugout in the future hopefully..

    Regarding the game, Ashton should be banned from ever refereeing again… That’s all I have to say

  4. Corea says:

    It’s not only about the legend thing. It’s about how proud we must be watching that kind of attitude. It’s absolutely brilliant, out of this world, speechless.
    Proud to be a United supporter.

  5. willierednut says:

    Can’t blame the ref for Rooney fucking this chance up. Red Nev is a legend.

  6. Kings says:

    Gary Neville is a red…….

  7. AlphaRS says:

    …. he hates scousers….

  8. hammons says:

    Your article about Nev a few weeks ago was spot on … He Is One Us!

    Giggs Has Been Tearing Honors Apart For 20 Years

  9. cantona77 says:

    willierednut: Mate I wasn’t refering to Rooneys chance, I was refering to the game in general, lol…

  10. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Rooney should have scored that end of.

  11. Gel Boy says:

    The video for anyone that hasn’t seen it.

  12. King Eric says:

    Nrd. Hello mate. He should but better still he should have squared it to hernandez who was eight yard out unmarked. Oh well.

  13. King Eric says:

    Yeah made me feel proud to be a united fan seeing nev in black jacket in away end. Once again our away support were excellent. Just think nev would have been with em all singing all the songs. Quality.

  14. Drogahnus says:

    It’s great to see him with the rest of the fans, rather than in a suite at the stadium or something. Legendary player, legendary fan.

  15. mickjk says:

    loved seeing that last night. So he was just sitting with the every day Joe bloggs like ourselves then? good man.

  16. MUFCOK says:

    got to love Neville, he’s one of us

    Gary Neville is a red is a red is a red…

  17. willierednut says:

    Cantona77 – I wasn’t referring to your post mate lol.

  18. Don Hernandez says:

    I had the same reaction, Rooney should have scored.

  19. Clem says:

    I wonder if Gary joins in when his song his sung? If I was him, I would! haha

  20. MANsuyUNITED says:

    Haha! Missed this live — I was probably screaming the same myself! Great stuff!

    (thanks for the link, GelBoy)

  21. gazzer says:

    We need to cut him a break. He is one of the most unselfish forwards I have seen – always looking to put other people in, running back to defend, coming back to help the midfield with the buildup when they are struggling. If he took one selfish shot (after he had already scored one and was probably feeling it), then he is still running at 10-20% of Nani’s per-game average.
    I know he likes prostitutes and has a foul mouth and he dissed his team mates, but he is in the right here.

  22. Dimitar Berbatov is King says:

    Red through and through. A legend, and a fan. What more could you ask of a player?

  23. Mexxie says:

    I’m in agreement with you gazzer!

  24. ilamb22 says:

    The fact of the matter is that Gary Neville is probably the biggest United fan in the world.

  25. Treble 99 says:

    Your constant slagging of Rooney is pathetic, he maybe having a poor season by his high standards but Fergie plays him in all the big games especially Europe where your favourite Berbatov hasn’t scored for 2 and half years!!
    I would have Rooney over Berbatov any day of the week and i hate scousers!! So if as you claim you are a United fan keep your biased opinions about Rooney and your hero Berbatov to yourself

  26. kel says:

    I must admit, when i first seen it on television, i was so shock. He was at the stand with the fans and his reaction is so funny. He seems like a real fans and he is so cute. OMG! I cant believe i say that. lol

  27. Rosser says:

    @ King Eric

    Spot on when you said “He (Rooney) should but better still he should have squared it to hernandez who was eight yard out unmarked”

    He should have squared it but he has absolutely no left foot so that was never going to happen.

    It’s sad that we pay a player between 150 and 180k per week and he cannot dribble, pass or cross on his left peg. He uses it as a swinger. Hit and hope. You’d think he’d stay back after training to work on things like this in the same way Eric and the young players did years ago.

    Bobby Charlton worked so hard on both feet that i still honestly don’t know whether he was left or right footed.

    Had he passed to Hernandez i think we would have held on for the win.

  28. YorYor says:

    Why doesn’t anyone look at Fletcher and wonder why he didn’t commit himself to get forward that couple of yards more? Had it been Nani or Valencia… who knows we might have scored there.

    Anyway, Gary Neville’s passion for the club is immense. He is United through and through and through and through. Right down to his toe hairs.

  29. tolunited says:

    First timer…enuf of this and lets get ready for sunday 4 every step back lets take 2 forward dat is win at anfield and against gunaz at old trafford

  30. Sir Ryan Giggs says:

    I wish I was the lad next to him. Damn can you imagine the lucky chap who was next to him!!
    Top Red.

  31. wayne says:



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