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PICTURE: Hargreaves Returns

Owen Hargreaves played 45 minutes of football for the Reserves tonight against Burnley Reserves in a 2-0 win for United.

Febian Brandy put United ahead after 22 minutes before Corry Evans sealed the win ten minutes in to the second half.

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  1. Costas says:


    Hi mate. I hope not, but you never know. The truth is that we haven’t played against Bayern in 8 years, so we don’t have a clear idea how we measure up against them now. We beat Wolfsburg twice, but Bayern are a different animal.

    In the C.L. against Bayern, we have 1 win (The famous one), 2 draws (in group matches in 01-02) and 2 losses (in the quarters of 00-01).

    Also, Fergie and Van Gaal haven’t faced each other in 12 years. Since those two epic United-Barca 3-3 draws.

  2. aig alex is god says:


    Hi mate.

    Good point you mention Van Gaal. He is an excellent manager, one of the best exponents of young talents as the progress of Muller and Badstuber suggests

  3. Costas says:


    Wasn’t it me? :D It was both of us then!

    Thanks about the news. Our first team squad has a better shape now.


    Yeah he is. And it’s interesting seeing him against Fergie after all these years.

    In other news, well said Fergie:

  4. maci says:

    MUFC 4 LIFE!!!

  5. King Eric says:

    aig – Bloody hell mate. Those “slices of luck” were nowt to do with being champions they were down to fucking inept refereeing, nothing more.

  6. Rooney22United says:

    agree Costas, United are the best playing at home in the second leg.. much more reassuring.

  7. Rooney22United says:

    umm… weren’t United against Bayern in the Audi cup (preseason) even though it wasn’t a real competitive match.?

  8. Corea says:

    So very interesting. The article is about somebody else, no ?
    The best day of the year so far for me. So glad Hargo is back.

  9. Giles Oakley says:

    I’m with AIG on all this. It’s not a matter of being scared of anyone, but of reining in all this triumphalism, which almost always ends in tears. Think back to 2001 and all the assumptions being made that we’d beat Bayern then. I bet what AIG was saying before the AC Milan matches was EXACTLY what Fergie was saying to the players. And he won’t thank fans now for swaggering around thinking it’s in the bag before anyone has even got on the pitch. Bayern are a good side with top players, and having seen us lose to teams such as Burnley, Leeds , Everton already this season, not to mention Liverpool, nothing can be taken for granted. Why would it matter what fans say on a site like this, you might ask, well these days what’s being said in places like this swiftly gets fed into the national media, and it’ll all be about how united fans are saying they are already in the Final in Madrid Bernebeu. We really don’t want United players thinking like that, or to have Bayern players licking their lips that United and their fans are stupidly complacent, and therefore ripe for the taking, just like 9 years ago. It’s all very well saying Bayern should be scared of United, but they won’t if they get even a hint that anyone’s taking anything for granted. That’s why Fletcher is already saying loud and clear, Bayern are going to be tough to beat. That’s the message I want to hear from each and every player and every fan. Anything else is daft, so don’t be bullied into silence AIG!

  10. willierednut says:

    @giles Oakley

    I wasn’t confident the last time we played Bayern in the quarters, if you remember that season our form in Europe was patchy at best. I think we’re a far better team now and more experienced to get through 2 legged ties and while i think we should repect Bayern, there’s no need to fear them.

  11. Joe_mufc says:

    anyone notice in hargreaves interview he said i have to do whats right for manchester united before we talk about england!

    club before country :D

  12. King Eric says:

    Giles – hello mate. I notice you agree with aig but it isn’t fans getting cocky or arrogant its just being positive. Something he should try perhaps once in a while. We don’t need or want to know how super and great Robben and Ribery as we all know what they are like. All I heard pre Milan game was how Pato and Boriello were the dogs nuts. They were anonymous.

  13. King Eric says:

    Furthermore who is “bullying him”?

  14. Jandsdad says:

    Nice one Owen, glad to see you back

  15. Giles Oakley says:

    Hi King Eric, good to see your posts on a regular basis. I mainly agree with you on things, and always respect what you say, but here I’m not convinced. More generally I thought there was a consensus building up against AIG, not any one in particular. It bothers me to see too much bragging, which is not the same as being positive. Me, I’m one for the old saying, ‘Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will’. While it’s true there were people saying Pato etc would be a danger, and he wasn’t, it’s worth pointing out that Fergie was one of those issuing the warnings. Then if you take Liverpool ( and I hope we DO take ‘em), exactly the same things were being said on this site before each of the last 3 matches. What people were saying in a way was right, that United were – and are – a better team, as shown by the trophies , but that didn’t stop the dippers from winning three times over. After each one everyone said how ‘the lessons have been learned, it won’t happen again’, and yet that’s’ exactly what happened, we lost. Again. It happened a lot in the early 2000s too, just when we should have pushed on after the Treble of ’99, we actually went backwards in Europe, with Keano one of those criticising the mental approach of players who thought they just had to turn up. It’s always dangerous when supporters are over-confident, as happened in the Final last year, I believe, as when things go wrong they get fretful and anxious rather than getting behind the team. We have a succession of very tough matches coming up, all in a row, Liverpool, Chelsea, City, Spurs, plus all the Champs Lge ones, if we get through. It’d going to be bloody difficult to win them all and the fans have a massive part to play in that. When the players are knackered, getting sloppy, that’s when we need the volume to go up, not for the annoyance to show through when there’s a mis-placed pass. It’s potentially one of the greatest seasons in our history, or another huge let down. The fans will play a big part in how it all pans out, believe me. That means being very hard-headed and focussed.

  16. jeet says:

    @Giles: Couldn’t agree with you more! Personally, I am all for cautious optimism, and hate counting the chickens before they hatch. Here in India, its a popular superstition not to let anyone know about a good thing, till its done and the ink is dried. For instance, if you win the lottery, you don’t talk about it till the cheque is cashed and the money hits the bank. You buy baby clothes only on the day the baby is born. It might sound really superstitious, but I guess it helps to build some perspective and caution as one goes about life. Same for football – lets not start saying “its a piece of cake”….teams like Bayern, MIlan, etc. are capable of beating any team on their day, so we got to take each match as it comes.

  17. redscot says:

    Slowly Canuck/ Engurlander Next season,WE NEED YOU as Kitchener said.Just get fit mate and the battle of the Somme is yet to be on our horizon’s both on field and financially
    A shame though you could have done one on Cska in the final.
    Thro a sickie ffs for SA, remember who pays yer wages!.

  18. Simon says:

    He never returned did he!


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