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PICTURE: Last Night’s Ref Follows Ronaldo And Real Madrid

The referee from last night’s game, Cuneyt Cakir, follows 38 people on Twitter. The vast majority of Turkish football teams and TV stations which is fair enough. But he also follows Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid and their biased newspaper, Marca. Biased? Paid off? There’s got to be some explanation for that bent decision to send off Nani last night…

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  1. Wakey says:


    If Nani had been making a challenge for the ball I might have agreed with you but he wasn’t he was trying to pluck the ball out of the air and Arbeloa then collided into him. Nothing malicious from Nani, it was just a collision between 2 players that happen many times a game.

    As others have said Arbeloa’s challenge on Evra was worse, he could see Evra and dived in catching him high up the leg. That carrys much more danger as he was diving in at pace at a player also gong forward.

    And if we are talking about danger to the players then the worst offender was Lopez. He missed the ball and punched Vidic in the head. Seeing as it doesn’t actually take much impact to kill someone if you land a blow at the right part of the head then if Nani was a red then that was a red and penalty.

    Also not sure how Ramos stayed on the pitch. There was a point where when a Freekicks was given against RvP whe he walked up to him and pushed him to the ground. Then the blatant foul n Evra in the box near the end

  2. Proverb says:

    We all know England and the EPL is HATED by UEFA and FIFA.. But they could at least try and not be too obvious about it..

    For example..

    2008 : UCL Final Man United – Chelsea [Platini says is not good for European football that two teams of same country go to the final because it means that European football is losing its beauty.]

    2012 : Barcelona and R.Madrid go to semi-finals. [Platini says he would love to see both teams in the final. None of them makes it.]

    World Best XI all from La Liga, when UCL was won by an EPL team and none of those players made it to the final. There was a few Chelsea players who should have got into the World XI at least.. And Bayern Players tbh..

    Even a few City players for winning the league (it hurts admitting this as I’m a United fan) but the likes of Agüero, Kompany and Yaya should have been there.. The likes of Piqúe was out injured for months and still got in?

  3. united indonesia says:

    is there any possibility that UEFA referee commitee will realease any official statement about last night?
    bad night for us,but united will always grow stronger!
    love from indonesia to all fellow reds..all the regulars in here!
    sorry for my bad english btw

  4. mission26 says:

    I really loved that reaction from RIO. I was gutted that the other didnt follow suit.

  5. kevin says:

    @mashd acthally the rules describe dangerous play as using excessive force so within that intent does have a part to play. Studs up is excessive if it is a challenge to a player – which Nani wasn’t doing. In the same game the keeper punched Vidic in the head – he didn’t touch the ball. Nani touched the ball first and was always first to the ball so Armband might actually have been fouling Nani. Roy Keane clearly wasn’t talking about the game he is just bitter – even Lee Dixon – who suggested that Rafael should start the game by kicking Ronaldo said it wasn’t a red card. Funny how Adrian Chiles read most of the rule out but not everything.

  6. JohnnyTheFox says:

    Over the tie,
    Real Madrid put the ball in the net 4 times !
    Man Utd put the ball in the net once !

    Forget the excuses, face it,
    United were second best !

  7. dew says:

    Are some people clueless. If the ref follows the Spanish league which bloody team would he want to give the benefit. There were multiple biased decisions in both legs and sorry to say I really think we should have had all our subs up once the red came. For those who don’t think supporting a league or team means anything think back to the ref in a united shirt in a pub a week before a game he was supposed to officiate for us, he got dropped for that match as soon as the info came out and the record against mourinho to fergie needs to be adjusted mourinhio is a good manager but to many bad decisions drogbas offside goal for the title still gives me nightmares and this will too. Something needs to be done this truly felt like our year despite the challenges ahead. UCL is going to bundesliga now unless these clown refs mess it up

  8. belfast red. says:

    Dont know if any1 has mentioned it on here. But talksport did this morning. If nanis was deemed a Red card then surely the 2 fisted punch frm the keeper on vid the first half was dangerous too. Plus he could see vid. Every professional i have listened to has deemed it a yellow at least except that ref and ROY FUCKING KEANE.. Ive lost all respect for that man. Just comes across a bitter man. Totally gutted bout that travesty.. dont know what else to say.

  9. mission26 says:

    Well JohnnyTheFox, I think you must have watch some other tie and assumed that it was the Man Utd Real Tie. From where I saw it, It was all United before the Ref fucked himself.

  10. einsi01 says:

    @Johnny theFox.

    I’m betting football isn’t your thing.

  11. blah says:

    Giving a 3rd-world ref a game like that. Pffffff.

  12. Ante Perkovic says:

    is this true: Ref deleted twitter acc?

  13. joegrind says:

    United played their hearts out last night. Was Cristiano even on the pitch for the first 60 minutes? Sir Alex got it right by putting Nani on the left….he saw that weakness in the first leg. Also correct in not starting Rooney. He did nothing in the first leg.
    Some are saying it was a dangerous tackle. It wasn’t a tackle…..he was trying to control the ball. So no anyone who does a bicycle kick will be red-carded?
    I do believe we need to work on our strategy for when we do go a man down. We were in shock for the 10 minutes after…. reminiscent of that “day we will never mention”
    Their keeper was outstanding in the last 10 minutes.

  14. Jay says:

    I thought we would of brought Javier Hernandez on instead of Valencia and Young, we had quite a few chances after going down to ten men, some of those chances were tailor made for Hernandez especially the one where Robin van Persie had a shot and the keeper pushed it out in the path of Rooney who skied it. Ferguson’s team selection was spot on as we were on top. Modric may not be playing well in La Liga but he sure found his feet yesterday, he was Real Madrid’s best player, he changed the game. After Ronaldo scored I was really expecting to see Hernandez, he is faster than any of the Real Madrid defence and would of caused them problems. Yes the referee changed the game but let’s not do a Chelsea where we hound him out of a job.

  15. M40RED says:


    you sir are a cunt.

  16. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fletch – you keep banging on about chances missed. If every shot on target went in,football will become cricket. United scored and were controlling the game, 11 men and united could still score again, the red card made a massive impact.

  17. Red Devil Canuck says:

    Diego – thanks for the laugh. I’ve got a friend from Arsenal who keeps saying that it was a deserved red card. The picture of Bergkamp’s statue will shut him up.

  18. RVP says:

    All of us in the whole world watched, that infront of cakir fucking eyes handball happened in the penalty box, 2 fucking times and he did nothing. what the hell!
    hei cakir you are not suit to be referee you are suit to be a male bitch

  19. Swifters says:

    I wonder who’s going to be cunt of the month for march then..

  20. Chas says:

    Seem to remember Rio tweeting when van Persie got sent off against barca that the ref (busaca)was one of the best around, how does the injustice feel now hypocrite, and as for the bergkamp statue, I don’t see an opposing players chest near his boot do you ?

  21. Brisbanefan says:

    There might be some history behind this.

    Its a well known fact that Turks don’t like English people – the stabbing of 2 Leeds fans some years ago proves this. Every English team that plays in Istanbul is subject to the most violent hatred that other foreign teams don’t see.

    This hatred might be because the UK press supported the Greeks against the Turks during the trouble in the 50s in Cyprus.

    It may also be because UK people know that the Turks have a record of being the cruellest people in European history and they won’t let the Turks forget it.

  22. Marq says:

    I suggest those who are trying to argue that intention is irrelevant in a challenge go see the incident first, otherwise you will look like a complete fool. It wasnt even a challenge at all. The foul on Evra is what you call a bad challenge and that is what you call studs up, with the studs facing your opponent.

  23. Ozred says:

    As gutted as I am at what was a shocking decision that effectively killed off the tie, I think we’re clutching at straws to say the ref was paid off. I could 100% understand it if he had a shocking game but really it was one (really) bad decision he made. It’s an awful way to go out but credit to the lads for sticking it to them until the death. We were really close to getting the 2 goals we needed. Chelsea will feel the backlash this weekend and there’s no way the lads will lose focus in the league. Onwards and upwards to finish off a cracking season : )

  24. gaiussile says:

    Real m will not get to the final if the ref did that in favor of his interest team.

  25. Abdu says:

    Crazy UEFA, if refs are not to be blamed for their wrong decision why do they make them wrong you are even the bodies ruining football, if presidents can be blamed why not a mere ref,


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