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PICTURE: Lindegaard In Wrong Shirt On Sky Sports

Spotted by @kenzieian

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  1. RedScot says:

    Thats Sly Sports for you. Inaccurate and nonesense.Alledgedly. lol

  2. mladen040 says:

    many things are wrong at united..

  3. bruce thomas says:

    That’s OK — most of the players are in the wrong position :)

  4. ash11 says:

    unite are wrong altogether players like carrick are having to play in defence sir alex needs to sort things out really

  5. gora says:

    Bollocks. We are concentrating on the wrong things. Guys has anyone noticed that fergie has sort of lost passion. What is all ths bullshit(we will bounce back, we have the experience blah blah blah). Spend some fucking mnney fergie please. Carrick is the only anchorman i know who won’t put a tackle in. We are fucked if we are meant to put up with this shit

  6. TimTheRed says:

    Gora… Are you a new fan? Fergie’s lost passion? I know we’ve got problems and he’s so far refusing to go out and buy, but to question his passion?
    We can doubt the commitment of some of our players, but never Fergie. He makes the odd bad judgement, but far less than any other manager in world football. There’s a reason he’s been our manager for 25 years.
    We need some changes, some new faces, some players to return, Fergie knows that.
    In the meantime, if you think that buying players solves everything and wins you trophies then feel free to support City.

  7. Maestro Malik says:

    Lethargic display last night. We would be alright upfront and at the back once we overcome our injuries but its the mid that worries me. We need a world class trio in the mid or atleast 2 mid fielders. Current crop, even with no injuries is just not good enough. Cleverly may be good but to be fair to him its too early to rely on him. Sir Alex must get busy with the transfer market.

  8. sham says:

    Feel sorry for Lindergaard, he shouldn’t have lost his clean sheets record yesterday. He literally couldn’t have done anything about any of the goals, top quality goals from Demba Ba and Cabaye. As for united i hope Fergie stuffs a fiery rod up all the players arses to get them literally fired up for sunday’s game!

  9. mokmin says:

    To all reader

    don’t dream for manutd to buy any players.reason the owner glazer to much problem to sattle
    and they don’t give a fucked.Sir Alex have to give a lot of excuse not to buy a players.Due to manutd have no
    money to buy players that’s all.

  10. wiuru says:

    Albert will not be happy !

  11. Owers_9 says:

    should we maybe not try get cahill for 7 million? solve our defensive problems and at least allow our midfield players to play in midfield

  12. Lebomanc says:

    Get Gary Cahill on loan, dint buy him. The injured players will eventually recover and b back and we only need him(Cahill) and a midfielder cheep so we can afford him and on loan only


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