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PICTURE: Liverpool Fan In Monkey Gesture At Evra

Picture from Yolkie



  1. LUFCWhite says:

    “Fair play to smashley & real people for coming on, & the leeds lad, to prove they are the exception to their clubs automated knobhead membership scheme.”

    Heh, well regardless of who plays for what team racism is wrong. Sadly I’ve seen some people defending Suarez because “negrito” is a commonly used term in Uruguay, and therefore it’s a “cultural misunderstanding”.

  2. Gmac says:

    LFC fan here. If this guy has done what is being suggest, he should be going to prison and banned from all football stadiums for life. He does not represent me or the values of LFC.

    Racism is not tollerable in any form…and that includes against scousers/mancunians. There is banter and then there is outright hatred, vitriol and unbridled predjudice…check your own comments above to see if it is you that is the racist!

  3. Fred says:

    Not to mention that he never even said “negrito”. It was “negro, negro, negro…” etc.

  4. Gmac says:

    Quote: Thought this dispells Suarez’s defence–theres-no-doubt-negro-is-racist-6285002.html

    Interesting article…this is the one that the tribunal was asked (by both the FA’s and Liverpool solicitor) not to read in particular so as not to skew their opinion. The head of the tribunal had already read it, but believed he could “put it out of his head” when making judgement.

    It might be this individuals experience/understanding….but it is just that, individual/singular, and not an account backed up by the experts on behalf of both FA and Liverpool or anything else heard by the tribunal.

    Even if this was the consensus, he admitted to one use of the word. The tribunal “proving” 7 counts is peverse by any standards and by the same token, it seems pointless scrutinising the meaning of the word when a tribunal can arrive at 7 counts as “proven” fact when it is clearly impossible to prove what either party said apart from what they admit and is confirmed.

  5. Andrés says:

    Not to mention that Evra said “dont touch me southamerican”. Anyway “negro” is not racist here in Uruguay.

  6. nielsmadsen says:

    that fella is now arrested, merseyside police confirm

  7. Jay says:

    @ John Ting
    Are you retarded? Sir alex ferguson lost the plot? No chance of winning the league? They are only 3 points behind! This must be the first season of football you’ve ever followed because I’ve seen them pull a 12 point gap on my beloved Newcastle and win the league. I’m a nufc fan myself but I had to say something after reading that utter rubbish you posted on here, cheers lfc for that 35 million for avatar! Hehe

  8. Ed Campion says:

    @eric the king
    £18 million on Ashley Young, £30 million on Berbatov. Sanctioned by the gimps. I know, we can all Monday morning QB, but the problem is gone if that £48 million goes on quality young players(a decent snap at Ozil maybe) . Not that Young or Berba are terrible, we just didnt need them as much as we need a Xavi, and a Busquets.

  9. JC says:

    Arrest made:

    An image of a Liverpool fan appearing to make an offensive monkey gesture was circulated on Twitter, prompting Merseyside police to make an arrest.

    Merseyside police said in a statement: “We can confirm that a 59-year-old man from North Wales has been arrested following an alleged incident. The man has been taken to a police station and will be questioned by officers. Merseyside Police would like to thank North Wales Police and Liverpool Football Club for their assistance with this matter.”

  10. wilkymufc says:

    He’s named in the Sun this morning as a 50 year old called Phil Gannon. He’s a member of the ‘Suarez is innocent’ Facebook page, and list his interests as Inter – Continental Rioting!

    Those lovable LFC fans eh????

  11. Keano16 says:

    He looks like John McCririck after a much needed shave. Need i say more about the cunt

  12. King Eric says:

    John Tring – Oh fuck of you cunt. You were exposed weeks ago son.

    Ed Campion – Ha. Yes mate. Like Xavi’s grow on trees. Busquets? No ta. Carrick plays that role without the fucking cheating and diving.

  13. James21 says:

    The guy looks old enough to know better, with all the media attention and cameras everywhere what ever possesed him. I hope he feels ashamed.
    Fair do’s to the LFC fans who have come on and spoken against this fool.

    As for the game what can you say, we played well enough to have won or got the replay. So no problems with the team performance or LFC for winning it . Its time to move on and get them beat in 2 weeks.

  14. miller says:

    I wonder why monkey is related to black people. Is it n’t monkey of white and black race?
    It is ridiculous. I am Asian but always get me amazed.


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