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PICTURE: Liverpool fans graffiti Busby Babe’s bridge?


Billy Whelan joined the United ranks when he was just a teenager and made his debut for the club when he was 19-years-old. The following week he scored his first goal for the club.

Whelan went on to play 98 games for United and scored an incredible 52 goals. He was on the plane with the team as they returned home from Munich and sadly, aged just 22, he died in the crash.

A bridge in Dublin is dedicated to the former United player and this weekend, when Liverpool fans are commemorating the 25th anniversary of Hillsborough, has been the victim of graffiti with ‘Munich bastard’ scrawled across it.

It’s impossible to know for certain which club the person who did it supported, but as the singing at the official Spirit of Shankly party showed (with an entertainer going on stage and the crowd watching chanting “Munich!”), it is more than likely it was a Liverpool fan.

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  1. BelfastRed says:

    Pathetic and classless. But tbh it doesn’t surprise me from that h8ful shower of shite.

  2. Tommy says:

    You dont expect anything else from those lot do you? Always demanding respect but giving none back is their mantra,

  3. Karl Child says:

    sad basterds…..

  4. Mark Reid says:

    Fucking uneducated thick fucks.Amazing the figured out where the paint comes out of the can.

  5. Tony Barry says:

    It looks like it was a pool fan alright with LFC above the plaque.

    Some class shown the next day so, good to see:

  6. Dela says:

    I’m from Ireland so I know a lot of Liverpool fans, and I can tell you right now that there is a bit of a scummy streak in their support here too. Not all are like that of course, I have some in my extended family who aren’t bad people but even one of those who’d be one of my closest mates admitted it that they have a lot of scumbag fans here.

    I remember when an ex-girlfriend of mine started going to a gym in the mornings here a few years back. She told me that the gym was full of LFC towels, bags, jerseys etc. never a bit of United apparel in sight. I told her “Of course not, we’re all at work in the morning” and she laughed.. I wasn’t joking!

    Also another mate of mine got into a bad fight with a sister’s bf after he beat her and ended up being sent to prison for a while as a result and he told me… everyone.. EVERYONE in the prison was a liverpool fan… that was back around 08/09 when they were last in Europe and he was talking about the noise in there when the champions league was on the TV.

    For whatever reason, Liverpool were the big team among the council estates etc. in Ireland for a long time and it stuck, and so the scummy useless youth grew up into the scummy useless adults depending on the state and supporting Liverpool. Like I said though, of course they aren’t all like that, there are strong ties between London, Liverpool and Manchester and Ireland, due to emigration in the past. A lot of young lads just out of school went to those cities and found football clubs as a way to fit in.

    But ye, even this weekend, a mate of mine (lifelong United fan) showed up at my house with a few beers in him at half time in the liverpool – city game, and told me outright he had to leave the pub, he’d go crazy listening to them otherwise. I know what he means, I remember the 90s when Fergie’s revolution was well in swing and in the pub as a teenager watching the games at the weekend and they’d NEVER give us a fucking inch, a tiny amount of respect. We won because the league was corrupt, the FA were on our side, the referees were paid off etc. they never ever once said we deserved to win a fucking thing… 18 times 18 times 18 times is all I ever heard from them, oh and “4 times” for the european cup since this was before 2005.

    The one cool thing about that pub tho.. every premier league team had representation on the walls / ceiling etc. It was a football pub, and the spot right up beside the big screen was for champions, and if you fucked with that you were barred from the pub. It was so nice to be able to just point up at that when they’d run their fucking mouths. Even in 2011 when we won the 19th title I never said shit to them about it… i figured my silence hurt them more… and in 2013 when we made it 20… i still stayed silent.

    I remember in May 2011 when we lost to barca in the final… loads of them poured into the bar in the dying minutes of the game in the LFC gear…. so ridiculously small minded. Now that they are in a title chase here and we’re not they just can’t shut up about it. It’s their time again now apparently…. and I just smile and shake it off… because to point out to them that the only reason they are up there is because Fergie retired, or that they are top of the league in the worst (by performances) league of the premier league era, would just play into it.

    We’ll come out on top again, I don’t know how long it will take, or who will be at the helm, but these days won’t endure. Let them deface bridges and memorial sites and go into denial when it happens…. at the end of the day it’s only a reflection on them, and the fact that lads came out and cleaned up the bridge and put jerseys on it instead just shows the difference.

  7. m09538061 says:

    Whelan family’s message to Bohs volunteers.Christy Whelan,brother of Liam,has asked us to include the following message from the Whelan family in our programme and on our website:The Whelan family would like to thank the Bohemian supporters for all they’ve done with their work on the Liam Whelan Bridge, cleaning and repairing the damage to the plaque and its surrounds.Their swift response and valuable work is much appreciated by the entire Whelan family.


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