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PICTURE: Macheda Unveiled At Stuttgart

Earlier this week Manchester United agreed a deal to loan Federico Macheda to Stuttgart until the end of the season and today was unveiled.

“I’ve come to VfB with great expectations,” he said. “I want to work hard on myself, train hard and prove myself to the coach. I of course want to make use of my chance and play. I would also be happy to stay longer. Who knows what might happen? I also want to learn to speak German as quickly as possible.”

Stuttgart finished 6th in the league last season but are currently 11th.

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  1. rooisthecolor says:

    genuinely hope he does well there

  2. jay says:

    Can’t see him coming back

  3. NYDUDE says:

    Federico- he needs the week in week out playing at a high-level…..

    Hopefully he will get the opportunity.

    Ultimately I don’t think he is United quality but I wish him all the best

  4. markyboy says:

    Hope he carves out a good career for himself.

  5. Adeez says:

    if this guy doesn’t make it it’s going to be a big shame…

  6. Ash says:

    Its very surprising to see almost everyone is writing this boy off. I know we have quality strikers but I still have a feeling this boy will shine. Look at rossi. He was same way written off and once he got regular opportunity to play he shined. I know one thing about Italians players its that they develop late. I want to see how he plays in this 6 months. We already have sent a quality striker in Henriques to wigan. I would be very happy if both of these lad (Henriques and Kiko) have a great loan spell.

  7. Zulu-Utd Malta says:

    Good luck Boy. We will never forget that beautiful goal vs A.Villa when with your goal you virtually gave us the title!

  8. Longsight Red says:

    Hope he gets a good long run in the first team. BTW Which Premier League team away do you think we’re gonna get in the FA cup draw and which low league do you think Citeh will get?

  9. AlphaRS says:

    Bang a few goals in son. Give SAF something to think of.

  10. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Good luck to Kiko!

  11. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Off topic:

    Matt Smith!!!!!!!!! 2-1 Owls. Hahahahaha Liverpool a load of c*nts. Lead by head racist Suarez actually captain on the night.

    Get in Oldham!

  12. Costas says:

    Good luck Kiko. Make the best of it.

  13. wayne says:

    The lad’s had a tough time of it just hasn’t developed at a quick enough level,don’t see him ever making it at Utd to much time has passed,good luck to him whatever happens

  14. WeAreUnited says:

    This guy has so smuch talent in his pocket, he just needs to sort his head up and realise that he’s not reached the superstar level yet, and has a long way to go.

    you can’t write him off when he scored that wonder goal and also immediatelly that flick and another i nthe 2-2 tie against aston villa.

    Good luck and come back stronger!

  15. Pratyush says:

    Good luck Kiko.

    Off Topic Oldham 3-1 ‘Pool.

    Let’s all laugh at Liverpool haha.

  16. andromeda says:

    Tottenham are out in FA cup and obviously Liverpool also are on their way out.hilarious^)

  17. nialler7 says:

    Hope vou stay there l have no interest in you coming back to our club..

  18. DreadedRed says:


    You and I are not part of the same club, because Macheda is welcome back to Old Trafford.

  19. FletchTHEMAN says:

    United v Reading FACup 5th round! OFFICIAL

  20. Daniel88 says:

    just fucking sell him already, jeeez

  21. Aminu says:

    Wish u the very best kiko , hope u have a very gud spell their. Cum bck stronger. Still cant 4get ur title wining goal against wigan

  22. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Italians tend to be late developers and fergie seems to see something in him, don’t think this is necessarily the end of macheda’s career but he seriously needs to grab his chance at stuttgart and hopefully return to kick on.

  23. belfast red. says:

    Good luck kiko. Hope you finally get your shooting boots on and come back with loads of confidence.

  24. Aliyu Na'Abba says:

    Wishing you all the best boy.

  25. denton davey says:

    AlphaRS @ 17:48: “”

    GlazerWonderLand – gold NOT green !

  26. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ Daniel88

    We won’t get much for him now, if he steps up, then we might get a good fee for him.

    Even if he recovers form I can’t see him making it back unless he sets the league on fire, we are good on striker Henriques looks a player. Macaeda used to be ahead of Welbeck, he was more clinical, can he show that again, possible but likely too little too late, the loan to Italy killed his career with us.

  27. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ Denton – if the Club is valued at $3bn you can bet Glazers will be taking home 2.99 billion and 99 cents.

  28. Malik abiodun says:

    Gud luck macheda hop u find ya form n cum bak stronga dan b4

  29. denton davey says:

    NBI @ 22:41: ” if the Club is valued at $3bn you can bet Glazers will be taking home 2.99 billion and 99 cents.”

    Nah, they have to pay off “the debt” so they’ll only get to pocket 2.65 billion.

  30. weeeedrinkadrinkadrinl says:

    slightly off topic but funny..

  31. Jay says:

    I don’t buy that comment that Italians are late developers, look at El Shaarawy and a few of the old Italian legends who developed quite young. However I do think Macheda has had some bad luck, I really hope he does well, this boy burst onto the scene when Ronaldo was here that’s how long ago it has been. I do feel for players when they reach around the 18 – 22 age group because it is make or break for them to really carve out their career. One minute you’re the next big thing with everybody wanting to know you then all of a sudden no one wants to know.

  32. domunited says:

    I will always fondly remember: “Giggs to Macheeedaaaaaaaaa…” Wish you the best whether it’s with MUFC or without – just not against :)

  33. wiuru says:

    Bit of german discipline and work ethic will help him .

  34. Little Red Ant says:

    I hope he makes it and does come back stronger, confident and prolific – still only 21 and strikers need to play each week which he can’t get at OT. Hope he is better suited to germany than Italy

  35. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Looks like it’s started:

    Adam Marshall ( is reporting that Real Madrid have asked to move Barcellona game (Mar 3) forward 24 hrs, with a view to the Man United game 2 days later on Mar 5. Original story is from Marca but I couldn’t find it on quick inspection.

    I thought this would happen. It is a good sign that Real want to put out strongest teams for both matches.

  36. Adesijiemmanuel says:

    He gat xo many talent 2 prove…..i wish him the best of luck in germany

  37. Iceman says:

    I wish him all the best but honestly I think United are mainly trying to get him to play a few games, get noticed if he does well enough and then cash him in. He’s got some potential but I don’t think he’s United quality.

  38. gazzer says:

    First club worth 3 billion?
    Time for a little I-told-you-so to all those people that kept banging on about the debt as if it would cripple the club, bleed it dry, lead to inevitable mediocrity, starve us in the transfer market, etc.
    The club is now worth much more than when the Glazers took it over!!!
    That is good news and not bad news.
    If you think it is better to not be worth so much, take a look at Leeds and Portsmouth.
    Debt is only bad if you will have trouble paying it off.

    I hope we don’t have to talk about this subject again!

  39. lordrt says:

    good luck to the lad, but he’s just not quality enough to play for united, and i believe united must sell him and get a midfielder instead, we have 4 strikers already

  40. WilliamAR says:

    Hope we put the lad out of his misery and just sell him. He simply isn’t good enough to wear the united shirt. people are talking about confidence but to have that many loan spells and no sign of improvement isn’t a coincidence.

  41. Wakey says:


    His loans spells haven’t really been his fault. He signed for one manager at Sampdoria who had faith in him and intended to play him alongside Pazzini but Sampdoria then took the suicidal decision to sell Pazzini (after their bust up with Cassano in December which saw them get rid of him this was crazy). It isn’t a situation you want for a young player to develop under. Then the manager was sacked and the new one had no faith in him. Then QPR the manager who signed him was asked and Hughes seemed to get spiteful (after all United supposedly asked QPR to terminate the loan and he refused until Kiko got a season sending injury in training)

    We need to remember he looked a better prospect than Welbeck, the difference is Welbeck gt a good loan where he got game time and developed the skills you can only get by playing first team games at a good level . It may now be too late for Kiko to fulfil his potential but he can still do well at a decent level.


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