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PICTURE: Mosaic For Tomorrow’s Game vs Schalke

Stretford End Flags have organised the mosaic above for tomorrow’s game against Schalke, showing our three European Cups on a red, black and white scarf.

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  1. shakshamboo says:

    Nice flag. Will look great tomorrow.

    Off topic. Barca’s play classy football but their diving, cheating and conning is unbelievable and every ref falls for it.

    The ref it seems was instructed to not give a red card because of mourinho’s comments because real madrid could have had 2 or 3 players sent off.

    Lassana diarra was absolutely class. we need the same kind of commitment from all our players if we are going to beat barca. Real madrid are not a team but a bunch of overpaid and overhyped individuals. I think Ronnie knows that too.

  2. Kings says:

    bigred85 – The referee will get a bollocking from Platini tomorrow after he booked one of his bastard children (a great call from Cedars by the way, that will be his trademark comment from now on!) in Pedro. Ever since they have emblazened ‘Unicef’ across their shirts they have been given all the breaks by UEFA.

  3. CedarsDevil says:


    Mascherano is way beyond mention buddy. The prick is so fucked up he needs medication…..

  4. aimanunited says:

    Let say we went into CL final, could we bring back the BELIEVE banner at Wembley?
    I think it is the best one I’ve seen, it suits UNITED very well.

  5. Collina's dad says:

    Barca played a beautiful football…no doubt… but now, plus with disgusting diving…

  6. kennymufc says:

    Still like the Believe one better, this is still top though

  7. MUFCOK says:

    Doubt Believe will be done again, the supporters who organise the mosaic’s all agree its been used too many times. Always good to keep things orginal.

  8. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Interesting to note that Ronaldo’s dream move to the virus has not worked out very well in terms of trophies. Since leaving United he has won exactly zero league titles and been to exactly zero champions league finals. On the other hand, since we have been without his services we have been to one additional final and will qualify for a second if we take care of business home to Schalke. We are also looking good for a second PL title, with one in the bag. We get 70M in the bank and are still pretty much competitive on several fronts. Just saying.

  9. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ FletchTheMan. You’re right not really worked out for Ronaldo but we didn’t make the final last year and he was with us in 09 when we did win the league and make the final. Lets not piss on what he did do too much eh, it wasn’t that long ago to get the dates mixed up.

  10. united_greats08 says:

    I’d still prefer the BELIEVE slogan, as it will inspire the lads instead of giving them hints of pressure. Nice mosaic design though. Hope Man Utd will see off them German miners out in style without underestimating them!!! :)

  11. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    That design looks fucking awesome. If we win the European Cup how long before the glazers market that in the megastore with scarves etc. Hopefully I can see it from the heavens that is North Stand Tier 3. I was going to take my flag but now I’ve realised I’m back row little point. Oh well at least I can stand!

  12. HutchUnited says:

    Getting chills thinking about it – what a sight it will be!!!

  13. dannysoya says:

    whatever we do we MUST NOT underestimate Schalke. Hopefully we win this game and advance. COME ON UNITED!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

  14. jayrannasaurus says:


  15. dancol says:

    is there still any “BELIEVE” ???

  16. giggs11gerrard0 says:

    Fair play Tufty and crew that is a great design and will look class.


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