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PICTURE: Moyes at Serie A game today


David Moyes has been spotted today at the Cagliari vs Juventus game. Astori and Vidal are both playing and could be the players he is looking out for. Some papers have linked us with a move for Paul Pogba this morning too, although that’s probably a little far-fetched.

Phil Neville was also abroad today and was at the 11am kick-off between Rayo Vallecano and Getafe 1-0. There have been some reports that we are keen on signing the 19-year-old attacking midfielder Saul Niguez, who is currently on loan from Atletico Madrid.

Picture from Tancredi Palmeri

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  1. Ross Kelly says:


    Yesterday there was a change……… glimpse of the united we love! the hunger was there in the 2nd half and I believe will be there and we will beat Chelsea. We will be unbeaten till the end of the season which will see us come 2nd. Fletcher we deliver and drive us forward……..I am very pissed but i have to believe

  2. wayne barker says:

    most managers when going to games sit in the good seats Moyes just blending in with the regular crowd

  3. wayne barker says:

    watching the City game Newcastle had a perfectly good disallowed what a joke City make me sick

  4. Natalie Tyson says:

    And on the seventh day, Moyes proceded to build a team the like of which the world has yet to see


  5. Mark Everson says:

    Get Pogba back!!

  6. Natalie Tyson says:

    this team was built in the image of years gone by from Sir Matt to Sir Alex and the team was blessed, as from heaven trophies rained down on a new glorious era for the chosen one…Peace

  7. UnitedFaithful says:

    No way Pogba will get another chance,tosser burnt his bridges with Sir Alex,don’t want him anywhere near United

  8. Mark Reid says:

    Anyone know anything about these lads Moyes is watching?

  9. m09538061 says:

    Got what i wanted yesterday – a win and their #21 (Jose Canas) crocked, though not badly enough !

  10. Mark Everson says:

    Because he didn’t want to sit on the bench every week?
    I know he left under a cloud, but this player WILL win the Ballon d’or by 2020
    He’s worth it!

  11. Natalie Tyson says:

    Hope Marchisio is the man were after, would rock the midfield attacking line!

  12. UnitedFaithful says:

    Yeah,playing in a piss poor league,huge gulf between the top 2 and the other teams

  13. UnitedFaithful says:

    Decent player,questionable attitude

  14. UnitedFaithful says:

    Pool’s away kit hahaha

  15. Only 1 Utd says:

    Looks like Anderson,Fabio,Zaha and Nani are leaving. Too bad we can’t say the same for Valencia,Young and Cleverley.

  16. m09538061 says:

    Moyes will be eating pizza now….
    Juventus won 4-1.

  17. Tommy says:

    Marcasio a neat and tidy player tht knows his role in the team, hes an experienced pro as well I think he would bea good signing but will players want to leave a title winning team mid season plus hes Juventus through and through which is another stumbling block

  18. Marko Maric says:

    Moyes realized how big was mistake to leave Pogba so he came to game, to ask for forgiveness :) and pleased him to come back for 40 millions hahahaa
    What a mistake was to leave that boy…

  19. Gazzer says:

    I’d like to see young and cleverly go too.
    I think valencia deserves the chance to play himself back in. The recent signs have been good and I love his attitude.

  20. Mark Haslam says:

    Juventus are walking the league is Serie A this season. Its gonna be hard to persuade any player to leave there in January as its a cert that they will win the league and any player will want to be a part of that. It would take a massive bid to lure someone away. Also what do we actually know of the players mentioned in the media? Are they actually that good? To me Serie A isn’t as strong a league as the English, Spanish, German or even French. From previous experiences players from Serie A haven’t really made it in the Premiership as its a much faster and physical league. I think Mr Moyes needs to be a little careful with this one. The last think we need is him signing a player for 20-30 million and him being a complete flop. he needs someone proven at this stage. I know Galatasaray have an experienced high profile midfielder in there team in Wesley Sneijder. I know hes getting on a bit but I think he could do a good job at United. 15million plus Ando and hes ours.


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