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PICTURE: ‘Moyes Out’ plane

Contrary to reports on The Daily Mail and TalkSport, RoM has nothing to do with the plane that is supposedly set to fly over Old Trafford tomorrow with a ‘Moyes Out’ banner.

photo (1)

Pictures of the plane with ‘Wrong One – Moyes Out’ have now appeared on ITV News.

Personally, I think it’s a pretty naff idea, although I do understand where the people behind it are coming from.

Inside the ground, there are no boos, there are no negative chants about Moyes, and this might lead people (the Glazers) to believe that the fans are content with the manager. Stretford End Flags’ insistence on keeping that embarrassing ‘The Chosen One’ banner only further winds people up.

ROM view: Fans inside ground need to vent true feelings – but plane banner not a good idea

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  1. Jon Smith says:

    This is a disgrace. Way to give media and other fans even more ammunition. What are we, Chelsea fans?! FFS. No matter how bad Moyes might be doing, the players are also culpable. We need to be circling the wagons right now until the end of the season.

  2. carsonstanwood says:

    I don’t think the banner would last too long being towed by a jet.

    While we’re at it, this is the lamest “protest” I can imagine. Fans that would do this are the fair-weather shitty ones we should be glad to offload. Sure, I’m frustrated with Moyes and this season, but turning on the team is for crap fans like Chelsea has.

  3. TheAdamSegal says:

    Pathetic. This is bush league stuff.

  4. ziggy says:

    I don’t know how this can push Moyes out,if the fans want to make a statement,stop going to the games,turn off the tv,money speak volumes rather than a childish banner.

  5. Jorge Curioso II says:

    YES, GET IN, LADS! Well done to the real fans willing to spend some of their own coin on a worthy plea. Moyes is absolutely destructive of the club, and should have been sacked long ago.

    As for the fatuous argument that the fans are turning against the club, first, Moyes has been against the club since he waltzed in and sacked Fergie’s staff, and, second, it’s telling that you’re more conserned about Chelsea’s fans than you are about United.


  6. united till i die says:

    Didn’t we mock Chelsea fans when they did something similar with Rafa Benitez. Moyes still thinks he has the fans support so its up to those Inside the ground to show otherwise tomorrow.

  7. reddevil says:

    This has simply crossed the line. I dont want to be derogatory to anyone on this blog or anyplace else but I think most United fans have shown that there is no difference between them and any other fan which they gladly call shitty or scumbags or wanna be. The fact that if some fans can insult the very man who gave them trophy after trophy each year just 8 months into his retirement from the club is really telling. Moyes has not beeen top notch since his arrival but there was a reason management choose him over others. Can anyone here really understand the way united runs in day to day affairs and how ferguson for so long had absolute control over everything??? we are going through a structural shift on and off the field and it will take some time for everyone at the club to get used to the new ways. Telling Sir bobby and alex what to do about the institution they know inside out is like your friend telling you how to deal with your wife. It pains me to see all these scavangers here for whom united only meant as a trophy delivering machine and nothing more, like having a good wife and loving her as long as you got the good sex. I trust Sir alex and the board because I believe that they understand it better than anyone else and of we can even stand for another 6 months to see the results, I believe we dont deserve to support a club as historic as united.

  8. reddevil says:

    @united till i die

    completely agree with you. the painful truth is that our club has as many self esteem deprived hypocritical fans as any other club.

  9. ziggy says:

    This would have worked if it had not been made ​​public, now there is much controversy around and could end up helping the clueless one.

  10. Fletch™ says:

    THIS is getting embarrassing.

    Rumors (spread on talkSport) that the idea was supported by Red Issue have been denied.
    Rumors that they build on match going fans discontent are also false.
    As are rumors that any significant number yelled insults at Sir Alex (no evidence of any really)
    StrettyEnd Flags point on the “ChosenOne” banner is probably sound enough, It would look like a bigger deal IF they took it down.

    The press is winding us up and most seem willing to accept it as fact.

    Just betting the team, and likely Moyes, will get an outstanding round of support from match going fans.

    My guess is the Glazers will wait till summer to make a call.
    No doubt this season has been a disaster, and it will have financial impact.

  11. Karl Fatty says:

    It’s a very Gud idea cus dis Muda fucker need to go.

  12. reddevil says:


    I respect your judgement fletch. Can anyone from manchester like scott give us a true sense of the scale of changes club has undertaken since last summer. And the positions that have changed. That will give us a more objective idea of the state of things.

  13. ashtheking says:

    Shameful act. So far we have kept our heads high and are proud the way we have conducted ourselves but now we are undoing all the things. Why not focus on supporti our players who play for us. If you don’t want to support moyes then fine but atleast support our players. Imagine how will they feel if they see a stupid plane flying and crowd cheering for that.

    And I will say again this is a time waste. Do young us seriously think sir Alex will sack moyes on. Basis of a plane. Just focus I supporting our players rather than performing stupid stunts like this.

  14. Fletch™ says:

    Far more note worthing is the impact on the players. You can say what you want about them being isolated, but these comments from Rio Ferdinand are really revealing of a massive loss of personal confidence.

    Keep on your feet RIO!!!!! :twisted:–rio-ferdinand-cant-bare-to-show-face-in-public-9220766.html

  15. Fletch™ says:

    *** note worthy ****

  16. Fletch™ says:

    Right, and no response to the Fellaini spit uproar?!

    Team is starting to feel the strain! We need to stop back biting and support these lads!

    To Fellaini’s credit, he completely missed the bloke! :lol:

    Seems United just can’t catch a break

  17. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I think protesting at the end games is more effective than this banner in my opinion.

  18. HenshawGeorge says:

    I’ve been a fond ROM follower for quite some years now but this is the first time I’ve actually felt the need to comment on an article. I’m very disappointed that ROM is appearing to support this ‘protest’ that is just adding on more un-necessary pressure onto the players. Right up until this plane story, I felt proud that united fans had shown their support to Moyes, and that we hadn’t acted like City/Chelsea/Tottenham fans. We need to stick together through this tough period, and at the end of it, we will come out a better team, a better club and with even more passionate fans. Don’t forget that the media and all the ABUs wanted this exact situation – to see us lose our cool and embarass ourselves. They may have been laughing at our teams performances recently but I bet they’ve been surprised at the level of support at OT. And this will not go unnoticed around europe, which will be key when we’re trying to recruit players in the summer!

  19. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Fletch – it was fans on a Red Issue forum that organised it not the fanzine and the fans never claimed the fanzine organised it that’s just where they launched it from on that forum. Nothing embarrassing there just lazy media reporting.

    Ofcourse the ideal is fans expressing themselves, but loyalty to SAF’s commands to back his bitch meant people did not express themselves.

    The plane is actually of anyone is objective a great idea! the money was raised in minutes and it has FINALLY:

    1 – drawn attention to the fact many fans DON’T support Moyes
    2 – that matchgoing fans will use own money to try to get this guy out and protest
    3 – it has pressured SEF to consider a poll to now take down the stupid Chosen One banner
    4 – it has exposed the fact Glazer gestapo ban protests in OT
    5 – it has shown Moyes to be a LIAR when he claims all fans are behind him

    No one should undermine this protest. Who is any fan to tell these fans how to express their opinion, its an opinion of the masses and its about bloody time it was heard. Hopefully this gives a kick up the arse to the prawn sandwhich fans to take a bloody stand and make their view on Moyes clear – he need to go, fan apathy is idiocy and keeping the lying useless weasel in a job.

    Also fans forums all round the world are APPLAUDING this as the international fans can’t do jack they are relieved someone at OT has got off their ass and expressed the fans views rather than this stiff up lip, keep calm and carry on like nothings happening bull.

    MOYES OUT!!!!

  20. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Scot – I think you are totally wrong here and your article is a horrible insult to fans doing something. You say the idea is naff yet you have no better one, Ofcourse its best if fans at matches rebel. but they are sitting quiet – are you doing that – are you signing for Moyes to leave.

    You slate and publicly criticise fans doing something yet its only after they have done this that you write highlighting the need for protest and stating one more year of Moyes is not enough.

    Why could you just say – this plan protest is a start that has kicked off an internal debate in fans and made fans realise that something needs to be done, I personally am going to protest at OT and hope others join me but I respect those who spent time and money organising the plane protest and making all fans take a look at themselves. It is time to no longer get behind the manager because a legend told us to, but to get behind the Club because United needs and the fans must rise as one voice to get Moyes Out. I will be signing for Moyes to go, I hope other fans join me so together we can save our Club further humiliation.

  21. ashtheking says:

    Ohh my god I hope this wrong. It says we are after lenon and will give Nani + cash. Seriously this is a joke news but I can’t trust moyes. It was said he was after Townsend , imagine after being linked with Kroos, carvallo , reus we buy a Lennon. Seriously it could happen.

  22. Mirainashe says:

    I think good idea or bad it’s going to be effective in publicity. Look,if fans at OT are irresponsible enough to just sit quietly like a bunch of zombies then desperate measures are needed. I say to the people behind this BRAVO. You are heroes. Way braver than the flaccid response of the Stretford |End. I live tens of thousands of miles away from OT and may very well never see a match live in there,so the privileged folk who can attend matches it’s not all about you and tiny UK. There are close to half a billion other supporters who tear an arm out just to be in there. If th plane idea is not a good idea,then what bloody hell is?

    Finally. Screw all you Stretford |End Flags delusional and selfish hypocrites. You can never sell the soul of Manchester United

  23. Fletch™ says:

    This says it all. Match going fans now undermined by the world fan base which couldn’t even tell you that Mark Bosnich is a coked out has been with zero inside information about united or Paul Scholes and that Ian Ladyman isn’t now, never was, and never will be a United fan.

    Later peeps.

  24. NBI Red 21 says:

    Moyes given money and time to sell and buy players will be an absolute disaster. Rodgers budget has been massively cut by the spending of Hodgson and crazy £100mn spending of Daglish. Moyes needs to go before the transfer season so we can get someone with a brain in who understands United to buy ans sell players, he cannot be trusted with our players or our money, he is mad.

    Yeah – Lenon may be a target of his – and we got Fellani.

    All you superior people sitting there sniffing at the plane protest instead of backing them and getting on side, you are the people who will be crying when this man buys shit and we lose quality players and you will be to blame because you think that people who protest should be ridiculed not supported!

  25. AndyKong says:

    This is embarrassing. We really should be above this kind of yhing. This season has been a disaster, but not only because of Moyes. Poor performance in the summer transfer window, individual errors and below standars performances from the players, rigid tactics and playing Ashley Young. All factors in whats gone wrong.

    This is just another way to chip away at the confidence of everyone and will make us look like a laughing stock in the media.

  26. midfield-man says:

    “I’ve heard of it [the plane stunt] and what they’re saying about it,” said the United boss.
    “People can do that. They are entitled to do that. It’s a long journey here and this is just the start of the journey.”

    To me this could get embarrassing if the crowd at OT sings even louder then ever, especially if they sing any of the Moyes songs – this will look idiotic then.

    I don’t get it, do most people opposing Moyes not even go to OT?

  27. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Fletch – as a fan who goes to some matches, I can assure you United fans make up their own minds and the biggest problem with them is the lack of noise and passion and people whine in pubs but sit quietly at matches. We rarely have any passion and OT is often dead silent. And who is to say the international fan base are wrong, what makes them lesser fans.

  28. Fletch™ says:


    Blame the Glazers, They are the ones who couldn’t be bothered to do the proper research, build the team and hire a proper manager.

  29. Mirainashe says:

    Also those calling these guys fakes and plastic,you are the idiots. Anyone willing to spend THEIR OWN BLOODY money to protest is not a fake. A fake is people like you just sitting on your delusional asses watching the club being ruined right before our eyes. SO what if people think United fans are glory hunters. They still do and they will keep saying it regardless of your ridiculous “classy” passivity to all this. If there is a platform for contributing money to these guys I’ll be happy to participate. This is not the time for classy and “sophisticated” bourgeois nonsense from some of your elitist so called fans. Are you masochists of some sort who love to feel pain and invite more pain every weekend. It’s no longer an issue of proving Moyes is rubbish. Since New Year that has been universally clear and so people should just sit back and buy season tickets even if we know we have a muppet running the show? Nonsense and exceeding great rubbish. MUFC is a world class super powerhouse with an unmatched history and it’s high time it’s treated as such. Ferguson is not MUFC. He is simply a former manager who happens to have been it’s most successful. That’s all. If he makes a catastrophic decision like appoint an incompetent manager then we must not just worship him and delude ourselves. I didn’t care if we were not going to win a single trophy this season or even in successive seasons. What I wanted was to see a world class club making a world class decision of being run by a world class manager. I wanted to see that the club I love is left in hands that can be trusted to continue raising the standards. And this is not what is happening. The exact opposite is what is happening. The club is being taken backwards and we can all see it. Yet people are saying the guys who planned this banner thing are fakes and it’s a bad idea. Bad idea for who? The question is what are you MUFC fan doing about it? Answer. ZERO. SO STFU and choke on the prawn

  30. Gary Mitrovic says:

    I don’t go to many mactches these days, I’ve only been up twice this season, but if I was going I certainly wouldn’t be singing any David Moyes songs, but I also wouldn’t booing or getting on the players and mangers back during the game. I personally see nothing wrong with booing at the end of matches though if you are genuinely unhappy with what you are seeing.

  31. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ midfield-man – United is expensive to go to and many of the less affluent die hard fans just can’t afford to pay for tickets. The main singing for Moyes comes from the Stretford End. But that has been quiet.

    If fans undermine the plane protest by signing for Moyes then it shows how stupid we are and that we deserve the loser who leads us. The fans at OT are hypocrites. I know some who sit in the Stretty who slate Moyes off in pubs before and after the game but they keep their mouth shut during.

    If fan sing for Moyes to undermine the legitimate protest of other fans it shows we are shit hypocritical two faced fans who deserve Moyes, round and lumsden.

    If you are not for protest and Moyes out you are against us.

    However, I think the SEF will run a poll and votes will be to take it down (unless fans from other clubs vote) so one way or another this plane protest has started something.

  32. midfield-man says:

    One thing is for sure, had SAF not said those words at the end of the season, the situation would look a lot different right now – guaranteed.

  33. samuel - united WE stand says:

    It seems some are more bothered about upholding a good public face than the realistic situation united are currently in.. Trying to be moral sweethearts rather than acknowledge that the united ship is being sailed towards a gigantic rock of decline by a delusional man.. Revolution has to happen if progress is to be found. Do people honestly think monumental changes in hisrory would have occured if people sat, clapped and dance to the rhythm of nonesense?. Something has to be done, moves have to be made to quicken the inevitable end of this deluded man.

  34. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ samuel – the same people complaining on the tackiness of the plane protest – and lets not forget the significance of planes to our history – will be the ones tearing down SAF’s statute like Sadaam Hussein’s once Moyes has reduced this Club to ashes. You know that saying – “too posh to push”. It is people like that Moyes is counting on to keep him in a job, the ones attacking fans protesting whatever way they can rather than joining in to get the man destroying United out.

    All protest for the right cause is good protest. Get behind your Club and get behind fans fighting for United.

  35. Mirainashe says:


    Now my posts have been frantic and I wanna assure you they are not directed at the #MOYESIN folk like you. They are directed at #MOYES OUT fans who are saying this is a bad idea and these guys are ruining things. People like you will stand by Moyes in League Two for whatever reasons you have for doing so,therefore in this specific issue,don’t see how you could take it personally. The fans who want to see Moyes gone yesterday but are sitting on their bums doing jackshit and still complaining about other fans taking matters into their own hands are my problem. If you want Moyes out,then stop complaining about others taking a stand. And they are there even in OT,though very very few. The guy who called the emergency line is a hero. The guy who tried to “have a word” with Moyes on Tuesday is a hero. They are all very passionate about the club and are expressing their feelings V for Vendetta style as others are just lamely watching things unfold. I’m geographically disadvantaged to get near there as hundreds of millions of fans around the world but we all wish there was something we could do about it. It’s funny. No one complained about people protesting the Glazer takeover and the Green and Gold campaign. All these acts are thought noble even today. I didn’t agree with that personally but it was important for fans to voice their opinions and frustrations. If we conduct a poll of how many people want that CHOSEN ONE banner burned down,I’m guessing numbers north of 60% will even offer to do it themselves. But guess what,you can’t. And you won’t. So some fans are not too pleased about this kind of dictatorship and are taking action. Kudos to them. If you are anti-Moyes and you feel it’s a bad idea and it’s moronic and blah blah blah,please tell us WTF you are doing instead that is so Einstein

  36. NBI Red 21 says:

    If we are all on the same side, Moyes out, why are we fighting over the foot we score with or the size of a collar, everyone just get in line and try to score! We need unity not unanimity. OK off to catch the train to Oxford for dinner, samuel & co hold the fort! It is critical fans debate internally and there is a movement to a unified protest and action or we will be screwed by SAF’s bitch. Let me quote “It is not enough to hear opportunity knock, you have to go to the door and welcome it in” – This is our one chance to get rid of Moyes before the damage is catastrophic, do not lose it all hands to deck!

  37. Mark Reid says:

    Don’t agree with it it’s becoming to big a story.Dont agreed with chosen one banner either it’s all taken on a life of its own now oh dear.

  38. Fletch™ says:

    Mirainashe Cheers mate! Don’t worry son, I never take offense and welcome fanatic support from any place on the globe. Gods know I have walked on a good percentage of this planet and don’t hold anyones opinion excessively above or below my own.

    Support the lads.

    We have a game to win! Beat Villa!

  39. Mirainashe says:

    @NBI Red 21

    At least there are some United fans that are not extras on The Walking Dead. You know I realised there is absolutely nothing you can do about MOYES IN fanatics if they haven’t changed their mind today. I used to think “trolls”,but I now realise there are actually people out there who genuinely believe Moyes is what United actually need to progress. Reality won’t change their minds so who am I. I just wonder though if the situated had been different somewhat. Say Ferguson had suggested Mourinho or Pep and it turned out the Glazers had set those suggestions aside and instead hired Moyes. I’m telling a state of emergency would have been sanctioned for city of Manchester before Christmas with mass rioting and arson. But because Ferguson commanded his sheep to support the new manager,United would be relegated and still some people will be singing Moyes songs.

    Nothing you can do about those kinds of people. But it’s the ones that can see clearly that Moyes is rubbish that are the most vocal about putting down fans who actually choose to do all they can to save this club. Some people have decided to adopt an “Moyes may not go but I’ll be damned if I don’t try anything and everything to save my beloved club” approach. How some people can shoot this down and offer zero more effective alternatives is beyond me. Can we actually trust Ferguson and Charlton who are the big dogs in charge of this club in it’s entirety,to set aside their pride and world class arrogance and sanction the sacking of Moyes? No ways. In fact,they have shown massive support for Moyes. So the question is,if you want Moyes gone,how exactly do you see that one happening,minus EXPRESS and EXPLICIT disapproval of fans?

  40. adam leszczak says:

    Say Ferguson had suggested Mourinho or Pep and it turned out the Glazers had set those suggestions aside and instead hired Moyes. I’m telling a state of emergency would have been sanctioned for city of Manchester before Christmas with mass rioting and arson. But because Ferguson commanded his sheep to support the new manager,United would be relegated and still some people will be singing Moyes songs.

    Very good point.

  41. wrexham25 says:

    Just to bring a little bit of calm to the current situation…….we were shite before and well into SAF incredible reign…..and we’ve been shite since Ronaldo departed!!! David Moyes has to be given the opportunity to build his own empire….the plane stunt is a joke…….I also hear there is going to be another plane taking to the sky’s after the ‘wrong one’ passes over OT…..anybody know what that one is going to say?


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