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PICTURE: New banner for Fletcher


The chant that has become popular since Darren Fletcher made his first appearance in almost a year away to Asont Villa has now made its way on to a banner.

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  1. RepeatOf99 says:

    Brilliant to have him back! especially at a time like this when we are in desperate need for him in midfield.

    But regardless, well done to the lad for making it back and long may his health hold up!

  2. wayne barker says:

    What can you say about Fletch top quality lad and before his illness was a massive player for us,personifies what being a Utd player is all about.If his fitness holds up is a massive plus

  3. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Pls, Moyes don’t play cleverley in that chelsea’s game..he needs to be loaned out to learn football properly. Cos his backwards and side passes is not helping

  4. united till i die says:

    Fletcher could very well be the difference against Chelsea in Sunday. He can easily maintain possession of the ball but he can also put himself about breaking up the play in the midfield. I’d love to see us play a 4-5-1 on Sunday with a central midfield of Carrick – Fletcher – Cleverly all putting pressure on the rent boys midfielders. We can’t sit off theses cunts and just let them pass it about wherever the like we need to engage up the pitch and force them into mistakes and counter quickly. Wellbeck is strong and quick enough to hold the ball up until the support arrives. While 3 points would be nice taking a point knowing your rivals still need to go to Chelsea wouldn’t be the worst thing In The world.

  5. Tommy says:

    Great lad, Great player (No matter what some fools on here say), Great attitude, Usually plays great against the rent boys, He must start on sunday

  6. Fletch™ says:

    Loving the Fletcher bandwagon of late,

    New chant, posted yesterday, is brilliant as well. Get in Darren.

    While it is doubtful anyone would be so stupid as to get on the pitch, all bets are off if Fletch scores a 94th minute winner at the Bridge on Sunday! ;)

    Up the reds!

  7. Rukky E. Atebefia says:

    This guy is acts like a shape shifter he can be what ever player the team wants just at the the right time. Right back , left back, midfield enforcer just name it and he’s been there. Great guy for us right now and for the future especially with paddy and ferdi on the way out

  8. KwesiOwusuJnr says:

    there was a season I wouldnt have swapped Fletcher for any CM in the world. Glad to get 70% of that Fletcher back. All we ask of our CMs are desire, activity and purpose. The guy is a warrior and winner …considering all he has been through and overcomed. Cheers to a returning hero.

  9. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    I don’t think anyone is happier than me about Fletch’s return. This man is a United player to the fullest. Plays with all his heart and has the composure and drive to match it too. He HAS to start on Sunday if we are to stand any chance at getting anything from the bridge.

  10. wayne barker says:

    Another exclusive must be the worst site ever

  11. united till i die says:

    @ wayne

    When it comes to shit websites is second only to both are absolute garbage.

  12. Anyaka Chizoba says:

    united till i die

  13. Tommy says:


    Total rubbish, Hes as shy as a16 year old going on his first date, does he seem the type to storm out of the managers office?

  14. wayne barker says:

    united till I die I know mate never have direct quotes always sources,if Zaha has done that then he’s a idiot
    Just have to say how Rom has changed,yesterday a Rent Boy fan came on the Evra thread pretending to be a Red but putting Utd down while bigging Chelsea up so I go after him. in the old days would’ve been a dozen posters running him off. Yesterday though I had all these plastic Muppets who claim to be Utd fans and are to stupid to realize he was a Rent Boy coming after me,couldn’t make the shit up

  15. Dela says:

    Ye Wayne buddy, PREACH IT! is fucking garbage, and there’s many more shit rags I could mention on top of it who do nothing but put up provocative headlines to get clicks, then you read the article and its nowhere near related to the headline. And ye, I’m sure most of them just make shit up.

    On the banner… fucking sweet! Darren Fletcher is another “personified Manchester United” in the flesh… never give up, never say die, understand your role and understand your privilege… stay humble and modest with success and hopeful and positive without it. Football needs more people like him, and Giggsy, and Scholes, and Carrick.

    Fucking can’t wait for the Chelsea game. RVP and Rooney out, OK, fine, we’re underdogs due to injury I can accept that, all I want from the boys is whatever the result may be, make sure when Chelsea go into the dressing room after they know they played Champions. All I ask!

    Til we die my friends!

  16. wayne barker says:

    Dela hi mate hope you’re well,yeah mate pretty sad state of affairs when a Rent Boy on a wind up get’s backed.Just don’t understand why half these cunts call themselves supporters don’t support the club in anyway,let cunts come on here and insult our club and players with no reprimand.Rom used to have a group of decent Reds hardly any let

  17. Mark Reid says:

    I would love,love ,love for Fletcher to get a winner on Sunday it’d be fucking brilliant.

  18. Dela says:

    @wayne, ye man its sad. For me things started to change around when Ronaldo left, and all the abuse hurled toward Berbatov got amplified. That’s when I noticed a lot more weird messages on here. But you’re right, most of the boo boys got put down quickly by the old regulars. Then Berba came good the start of the next season and abuse was hurled toward other players. But still, it was always put down. But yes, the old regulars have given up I think on this place, because its too full of people trolling and actual united fans doing nothing but posting negative shit ALL the time. I don’t even bother anymore to visit daily like I used to, cause I’ll end up wasting my time responding to some stupid fucking message that next to nobody will read anyway.

    Fuck it. I don’t get to OT often.. last time I had a chance was the Everton game, but I take a lot of hope from the old trafford crowd! “Every single one of us, will stand by David Moyes”… I’d take 1 of them over 1,000 knee-jerk tweets…

  19. Dela says:

    @Mark Reid –> It’s not that far off a possibility mate… Fletcher can be a beast from a cross/corner and he has a fairly powerful shot on him too, and he seems to be stepping up right now so it could happen. Like you, my head will probably explode from joy if he does score!

  20. Tommy says:

    “Thank you Manchester United for all you gave to me. It was a pleasure and a proud to be part of this tremendous club. I will never forget my great colleagues and friends, all the amazing people that work in the club and obviously the fantastic supporters, always on my side. Love you all and you always be in my heart. Wish you all the best because we always be together United family! Now I have to leave because I really need to play.” – Anderson.

    Nice words from Ando

  21. N1SHAN says:

    Yes Great to have Fletcher back ,his composure,desire and passion is what we need in midfield.
    Also best of luck to Ando, may u fulfill your true potential.Cheers.

    And speaking about the garbage’s of football website i think “caught offside” will be up there :-D

  22. scholes18 says:

    fletch has been immense for united and has just taken 4 games to be at 80 % of what he was before injury.

    i would like to go at bridge with the formation






    ATM this is our best team and i am always in favour of playing best players in big matches.
    kagawa needs to play because he needs continuity and confidence. i am not a kagawa fan boy (he is utterly waste of space on left) but any player needs to get in opportunity if he has perform well in previous match (same goes for welbeck)

  23. KwesiOwusuJnr says:

    Spot-on Scholes. Its quite unfortunate each player has a different fortitude mentally. And its especially tough for foreigners. Kags just needs to get that amount of the manager’s trust to gain that level of confidence to be able to take-off. He hardly drives forward cos his confidence is shot. Didnt like it when Moyes didnt mention him in his post-game comments, but his teammates i.e Welbeck and co did which was really shrewd. Hope he’s played there tomorrow from the start. With Roo and Van out we’ll surely need him less anxious and comfortable out there.


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