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PICTURE: New banner for Moyes

the chosen one

For United’s first home game of the season, a banner for David Moyes has been created by Stretford End Flags. Painfully scouse if you ask me.

the chosen one2

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  1. keegan4england says:

    Not sure about this…..

  2. gingerprince18 says:

    I think it’s awesome! Right back at Moo’s face.

  3. Ricky147Redman says:

    Thats two fingers at Mourinho….

  4. gingerprince18 says:

    Moyes will be disgruntled and make “angry” and “confuse” substitution.

  5. MJ says:

    i think the banner refers to the special/happy/ethitcal/grown 10 years older inside 3 seasons at madrid one. you know, the chosen one, chosen by fergie instead of maureen?! no??

  6. Rukky says:

    Rotflmao Now the ignored one can eat that. Get behind the lad guy, ggmu!!!

  7. Rukky says:


  8. says:

    Love it!! In ya face Maureen!! Moyes is the chosen one and the one that will retain our crown!! Oh Manchester United I love u

  9. Andromeda says:

    Methinks that is perfect.the right answer to all ridiculous mind games.BTW this is not only a name or a banner, its the truth.Moyes is really the matrix”the chosen one”

  10. Kev says:

    I think this banners shows more strength in unity towards our new gaffa than it does put one up to morihno. After all this is utd, who cares what Chelsea do.

    This banner to me says “get behind him”, as he was chosen by SAF. It says we as utd have made our choice, and tells the press et al to get off his back.

    Moyes needs a banner. Just like each new player needs to hear thier name in the terraces. Short of saying “in moyes we trust”, which personally I’m not ready to do in the same way as with SAF, I think it’s a fitting tribute to our new manager.

    Moyes, may utd’s spirit and energy flow through you and under you. Utd till I die.

  11. gaillord says:

    Moyes for success in old traford

  12. Nigerian says:

    Ooohhh….. I love it!!

  13. mich says:

    That good tho, he has to prove he’s the choosen one, he has to concentrate in winning all his games probably…todays match will ditermine it

  14. Boston says:

    Made in Mauritius Glory Glory Man United

  15. KRYX says:

    “THE CHOSEN ONE”…….not the self-proclaimed special one……..from a legendary coach to a more stability-minded DAVID MOYES……..i dream moyes will b later called SIR DAVID MOYES……..just like—SIR MATT BUSBY — SIR ALEX FERGUSON…….in your face mourinho and maureen……”UNITED–ME LOVE”

  16. Babanine says:

    Special One, Happy One or the Chosen One I don’t care, what care about now is United carrying the day. Hmm may be I AM THE ANXIOUS ONE!

  17. Habeebex says:

    He is the real choosen 1.

  18. DreadedRed says:

    Moyes was chosen by Manchester United, anointed by our Lord Alex Ferguson.
    Whereas Mourinho anointed himself as ‘special one’

    My initial reaction was very positive, laughing out loud and loving the cleverness.
    The name will apply whether Moyes surpasses SAF’s trophy haul, or never wins a pot.

    Worst case scenario, Moyes is not successful, and fingers are pointed at Fergie.
    So what? Water off a ducks back.

  19. rio_stesso says:

    the fans are not wrong saying he iz the choose because he worth it and he was selected among every other coach.

  20. Sheb Sheka says:

    We’a bhnd u Moyes,let mov on!!,we mst retain our crown,

  21. aaronDS says:

    nice touch

  22. GENTLEKEZ says:

    Just want to use this medium say thank you to all the fans that were at OT yesterday. Your support was immense both to the utd players and moyes by continuous singing of his name.
    For maureen to come out and say that he thinks wayne will stay because of the fantastic fans said it all. God bless us GGMU

  23. Jay says:

    Absolutely love it and I hope Mourinho saw it too.

  24. samkle15 says:

    moyes is chosen by united n manager without any court signature but d so call special one arogantly name himself with all source of name in moyes we trust he is d chosen one by all united till i speak no more up reds

  25. tiger says:

    Welcome moyes! Pls give us fellani

  26. Wisdom says:

    I tink we need winnin’ and nt jst playin here in english home bt i’m mre concern abt UEFA.I LUV UNITed

  27. gerald4utd4life says:

    Haters go behind Moyes, his awesome for the position and he was fortified by all time most successful manager in the history of football. utd4life

  28. charles chikafa says:

    why not the chosen one,following the shoes of sir .

  29. bobby82 says:

    That was a tremendous performance u did their Moyes am delighted about the tactics,but we don`t need to be looking for a creative midfielder when we have someone like kagawa and hernandez pls MOMO reconsider the circumstances by keeping them on the bench pls i beg of U.

  30. Godwin says:

    Fuck d self special one.

  31. ceasarkoc says:

    he deserved it i mean as called the chosen one after all experience but in fact He s The Chosen One ! :)

  32. SalfordRed99 says:

    Hmmm does moyes deserve a banner so soon?

  33. Tom says:

  34. instinct022 says:

    Statistics are in decline, players are mad on how they are treated. No minutes, chicharito said: “HEY I”M HERE I SCORE GOALS BUT THEY DON”T LET ME PLAY” Moyes Said PLAYERS ARE GETTING OLD. so why don’t we play with other younger players more..example chicharito..THIS DUDE is contradicting himself..We would love to bring sir Alex back from retirement and i bet he might take a chance, and he can prove Moyes wrong..MU has a great team/squad not good managing material..MAYBE…!!!!!!!!!THE CHOSEN ONE (MOYES) TO BANKRUPTCY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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