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PICTURE: Park Removed From Tour Ads Ahead Of QPR Move

With rumours rife that Manchester United have accepted a £5m offer from QPR for Park Ji-Sung, the club have removed the player from the tour promo on the website for Oslo and replaced him with Wayne Rooney.

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  1. Butters says:

    I am absolutely gutted, Park was a wonderful player for United. He didn’t have the best season last year, but still managed to score at Anfield despite barely being used.
    His winning goal against Chelsea in the Champions League and the way he dominated them in the title decided to help clinch title 19 must not be forgotten!

    We have lost the ultimate unsung hero :’(

  2. LoneStarRed says:

    Class player. Class teammate. Class person. Fare thee well Ji Sung Park.

    Is Scott Parker can ever finish with either foot, pass, create space off the ball with intelligent movement, tackle, man mark, make his first pass FORWARD instead of backward or run hard a full 90 minutes he MIGHT be half as good as Ji Sung Park.

    He is still my oldest daughter’s favorite.

  3. utd_fc says:

    Cheers Ji for all the good memories. Not gonna compliment him as everyone else has pretty much taken care of that but i will say that financially it does make sense. A player on 70k a week barely even playing needs to go so we can cut our wage bill and invest it in something more useful. Also the place in his squad can be given to a promising youngster. We should always focus on promoting our youth!

  4. Ravi says:

    i’ll be curious to see how they use him at QPR. park was a little pigeonholed at united as a “hardworking”, “energetic” player, which sometimes didn’t give him enough credit for being a technically and tactically proficient player. i always enjoyed watching him play for south korea, where he had a much bigger role, and was the main attacking threat – almost a nedved-type player!

  5. Vivek says:

    So Three Lung Park is leaving. Who is going to score our goals against Arsenal? He was a player always trusted for the big games and QPR do themselves a world of good by adding him to the squad.

    Using him correctly would help them in their bid to stay in the BPL. Fabio seems to be have a buddy already at QPR during his loan period.

    Good Luck Park. Thanks for all the goals and all the hard work performed in the midfield for all these years.

  6. Redhot Concepts says:

    An Asian hero who dares to dream. Salute! Thank you Park! Foreva a Red!

  7. dominick says:

    Will miss this tireless team player, but if he’ll be able to help QPR hold a 2-goal lead with 5 minutes left, I’m all for it.

  8. redallthetime says:

    Park has been a fantastic signing, 4 titles and a champions league in 7 years is brilliant. I am a sad to see him go and hope the Guardians article is wrong as it suggests we are selling for 2 million. I think he is worth more.
    We have been trimming the squad quite considerably so hope we can bring in one or two more as we still have giggs adn scholes who are obviuosly not going to play every week.
    From what I can see a defender is a must now, especially with Fabio on loan and Vidic not certain to fully recover. There has been talk of Baines but dont know how good he is as I nver watch Everton.
    Also, we surely need another central midfielder adn I worry if Valencia/Young or Nani get injured we may be weak there too.

  9. Ash says:

    Thank you park. As an asian I am very proud of his efforts and contribution. Top bloke. Never in a wrong news or in any controversy. I can bet he will be always remembered by every true fan of manchester united.

    On a positive note 5 million is a hard offer to turn down and more than that park wasn’t going to play an important role in coming seasons. I am happy he is going on high.

    And this should mean that we are buying atleast one mid fielder. Maybe two if anderson also leaves.

  10. Ash says:

    Arsenal will be glad that he is leaving. Always seem to score against Wenger XI. Party time for wenger then :lol:

  11. Redroy says:

    This is a win-win situation. Those that didn’t quite like him will be glad to see the back of him. Those who love him will now get to see him every week even if its in a QPR shirt. So there.

  12. Marq says:

    If Park had been in that QPR team instead of Barton, we would be the champions now.

    What now for Evra? His best buddies Tevez & Park gone!

    Anyway, good luck to Park, QPR had better take points off City & Chelsea next season!

  13. jeet says:

    Sad news. Gotta admire the man – united through and through, and put in top performances and brilliant goals. Milan, arse and the chavs. Most recent memory of his scoring that brilliant last gasp goal against wolves. All the best, Ji – wish there were more like you.

  14. Corea says:

    Always loved the player, thanks for the memories Parky. Will always be remembered.

    Hope we sign left-back thou. Now i can’t force myself to being humble on that one.
    Bloody hell.

  15. Neil says:

    Could be worse, could be scouse…

  16. SiRed says:

    Can’t say I’m dissapointed to see the back of park. Sure he gave a lot of effort and was a great professional. But we have a squad full of these characteristics. In reality we are loosing a player whos second touch was always a tackle. I remember my dad being chuffed that he started. against barca in thefinal, sayin that he will win us the ball. But surely when you win the ball its an advantage to keep it.
    No loss in my opinion.

  17. van der Weal says:

    this is my first post after many years reading this blog. i feel that i must share this…

    here’s a Korean variety show featuring the shy, humble and hardworking Park in his native Korea:

    we only miss what we had after they are gone….

  18. Kings says:

    All the very best Park. If anyone deserves acknowlegdement and appreciation for contributions made , it’s definitely you. Thanks for everything Ji.

  19. King Eric says:

    elhair – passing poor, never created and scored? Yeah ok pal.

  20. Vilhelm28 says:

    Park and Anderson out, Kagawa and ? in. Not really an upgrade other than age and hopefully injury wise. I understand Baines will go through. To me it seems like our season hinges on TC and Petrucci actually contributing and being players. It has happened before.

  21. 0161-Jon says:

    Very sad to see him leave if it’s true

  22. . says:

    love Park

  23. King Eric says:

    Vilhem – Kagawa will be a big upgrade on Anderson pal. I have a feeling sadly Ando won’t be sold. Surely he has had enough time now.

  24. ManUforeva says:

    Love Park & sad to see him go. He’s like a first cousin, always around at family gigs and got a job so we see him only twice a year.

  25. mancdub says:

    Is the 1st picture Gary Birtles?

  26. Scan 74 says:

    mancdub did u see him score

    i love seeing the shit some of our current boys get when you think Mr Birtles went 30?? games without bagging

    fuck a duck they would have something to moan about

    my favourite was terry Gibson!!!

  27. stretfordend ole says:

    shame to see Ji Sung go, been a fantastic player for Utd, I can only hope that Kagawa is as successful at Utd.

    Does the loss of Park and Fryers now mean that we can expect 2 more new players before the start of the season, another midfielder and a LB?

  28. King Eric says:

    Ha. Gary Birtles. It does doesn’t it.

  29. denton davey says:

    Stretfordend ole @ 12:59: “Does the loss of Park and Fryers now mean that we can expect 2 more new players before the start of the season, another midfielder and a LB?”

    That would be an entirely reasonable inference – and when taken together with SAF’s statement the other day (about “one or two things”) then I’d think that whatever is in the works is just about completed so it will be announced soon.

  30. Fred says:

    Baines and Moutinho. YHIHF.

  31. stretfordend ole says:

    @ Fred @ Denton Davey,

    Baines and Mountinho coupled with the return of Tom Cleverly and hopefully Anderson getting a full no injured season who give Utd a decent midfield. Lets hope these deals are close to being finalised.

  32. Fred says:

    I think Anderson has used up all his chances now. He’s had 5 seasons to prove himself and has failed to do so. Time to cash in, preferably as a makeweight in the Moutinho deal 8). They still love him at Porto, so I’m told.

  33. zhukov43 says:

    Thanks to Park, played his socks off for United, wish him well in the future…..

  34. Fred says:

    LOL I hope QPR give him reinforced socks. :)

  35. mancdub says:

    Scan 74
    Terry Gibson was only 3 foot tall 
    I saw Alan Brazil score a hat trick once.
    It was a friendly away at Bradford in about 84.
    Uncle Fester stuck 3 in.

  36. denton davey says:

    Fred @ 13:30: “Baines and Moutinho. YHIHF.”

    Maybe – not so sure about Moutinho, though.

    My guess/hope (!) is that the guy at Benfica that would come back to UTD would be Axel Witsel, a Fletcherinho-type of box-to-box snarler. NoFletch/NoWin.

    For LB, it sure seems that all the signs are pointing towards Baines – not many left-footed, LB options.

  37. Brendan says:

    Hopefully giggs and scholes go now along with anderson and wellbeck ..

  38. Fred says:

    I have to say, my gut feeling is that there will be no more arrivals this summer.

  39. CedarsDevil says:


    You scouse bin dipping fuck………..You fool no one here

  40. devilz11 says:

    park park were ever u may be we will all love u at mufc

  41. Busby babes says:

    ideally i’d like to see may be 2 more centre midfields and left back added to the squad

  42. Scan 74 says:

    mancdub ha ha yeah thats right a little fucking ompa loompa lot of shite if memory serves

    cannae believe u saw brazil bag 3 if i remember he didnt fare 2 well at ours either

    ahh big ron those were the days no of this title winning bullshit and champions league finals

    stormin norman beauty 2 win the cup was the highlight back then buddy!

  43. NBI Red Onion says:

    Three lung crying here :( (( – Park I will miss you, thank you thank you thank you, you will be loved and remembered a true United player

  44. ashwinred says:

    Lets see who comes in to replace Park ???

    Hope Fergie doesn’t give us bullshit abt no value in txfer market to get a utility player.

  45. johnbosco obiora says:

    i am nut happy that you left us but no problem if man die woman born another we wish you goodluck at QPR be happy we love you with kagawa we are ok

  46. Chardo says:

    Great article on the Park song from ex season ticket holder:

    All you wannabe fans, who spout your bin dipper bile as if it makes you more of a fan, should especially take note!

  47. inhouser says:

    Park Park….wherever you be….RED!!!

  48. peterindaegu says:

    Park leaves, so do I. Bye Manchester United FC.

  49. Red_Devil_Forever says:

    It is confirmed. QPR reveiling Park now.


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