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PICTURE: Paul Scholes’ Career

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. What Fucking What says:

    Legendary Legend

  2. dannysoya says:

    OMG. i heard the story yesterday but refused to believe it. Really really sad.I really thought he’d give us just one more year. I guess all good things come to an end. We have just lost one of the greatest midfielders Manchester United and the world has ever seen. GOODBYE GINGER PRINCE. WE WILL MISS YOU DEARLY. ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS. LEGEND!!!!!

  3. hesselbom says:

    If other players are considered legends then Paul Scholes is legender!

  4. Mannings says:

    Never be a guy like him. Total genius on the pitch. Total role model off it.

    You only have to look at the players who’ve praised him, Iniesta, Xavi, Zidane, Davids and Vieira to realise how highly he was regarded by rival players and teams.


  5. jellybean says:

    oh but Scott you left out this 1-

    hehe, you’re welcome everyone. what a sad day for football. 2/3′s of the Holy Trinity gone :’( well the 1 for our generation at least. If those 3 don’t get a statue, I’m going to be pissed!

  6. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Oh, jellybean – Turning ROM horny one pic at a time. ;)

    He is the Legend of all Legends.

    Five Barcelona players vying for one jersey. Should say everything you need to know about Paul Scholes really.

    Saw a couple of compilation vids and shed tears of joy and sadness at the same time. What a distinguished career he’s had?

    BTW, we should have a poll regarding what Scholesy’s greatest goal is?

  7. Costas says:

    No amount of pics can do his illustrious career justice.

    On another note, he’s had the same hairstyle since he came out of the womb. Brilliant. :)

  8. dannysoya says:

    I think one of scholesy’s greatest goals was the city winner. I was so happy i nearly tore my shirt. ABSOLUTE LEGEND. STATUE FOR SCHOLESY!!!

  9. dannysoya says:

    @ GHTT. LMAO one of many Scholesy Specials. All strikers who played in a midfield run by Scholes should go and throw him a send off party now that he’s retired. They were exxtremely lucky. What i would give to play with Scholesy.

  10. Colbert says:

    Unique player. I’ll always have fond memories of Paul Scholes. Thanks for everything.

  11. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    I think there will be a time when Old Trafford will be surrounded by statues. 8)

    We’ve already got The Original Holy Trinity and Sir Matt.

    This will soon be followed by Sir Alex Ferguson. I’d except at least Giggsy to get a statue if we’re going to be picky from the current generation, although all three definitely deserve it.

  12. stpercival says:

    A true red devil !!! Pun intended

  13. willierednut says:

    That picture of Scholes and Keane illustrates the problem United have. Replacing top players is gonna be one tough job for Fergie. Legend.

  14. FULLARD says:

    Just when i was getting over the Wembley defeat THIS happens.
    I genuinely believed he would play one more season but I suppose we can’t really be anything other than grateful for 17 years of orgasmic football from the wee Ginger Genius.
    God I hope we get some decent signings to cheer me up over the next 10 weeks of hell.

  15. RedLife says:

    What a player.

    You can sum the English game up with one thing. All you have to do is think back to the day some moron decided to put over-rated Fat Frank in the middle of the English national team midfield and shove the best English midfielder in 20 years onto the left wing.

    England, those who run the game know fuck all about what is a top class player. Scholes never got the recognition deserved. How can anyone else think fat frank or stevie g were anywhere near as good as Scholes??? At least Capello got it and asked scholes to return. Too late tho.

  16. De_Roiste says:

    I love that man..

    It’s been my pleasure to watch his career at Utd.

  17. RedLife says:

    p.s Being English is a curse. I refuse to be associated with clowns who think being plucky second is good and losing on penalties is bad luck and especially those who have Frank Lampard as their midfielder with John Terry as it’s captain. From now on I’m scottish. Least they know they are shit.

  18. redcrab says:

    I feel for any players in the red shirt who are having a bad game at OT and look into the stands and see Paul and Gary glaring back at them!

  19. Fred says:

    Look at Ronaldo’s body language in that picture from the 2005 FA Cup Final after Scholes has missed the penalty and Arsenal have won. He really is a prick, isn’t he?

  20. johntan101 says:

    Simply the most assured, skillful and humble midfielder of my generation.

  21. Man_4_Ever says:

    good bye

    u are the player eveeeer
    i hope best live for u
    i can’t enplane my feeling about quiting

  22. leaxan says:

    at the bottom there’s a picture of scholes in a barca jersey standing besides rafael or fabio…
    when did that happen..somebody’s testimonial??

  23. Red Dave says:

    Without doubt Paul Scholes is one of the greatest players there has ever been, universally acclaimed by United fans everywhere and by top professionals the world over. He is irreplaceable. A true Red.

    For me, like so many of you, what I really also admired about Paul is he didn’t bother with an agent, never sought a pay rise, never scuttled off to the press, never whinged and complained, never criticised the club or manager, never blamed other players, never promoted himself, never boasted about how good he was, never tried to cultivate the press/media and never let down the club with lamentable personal behaviour. He only wanted to do his best for United and the fans.

    To me, an absolute legend and a model of how professional footballers playing for our club should always be.

    Thank you Paul for all you’ve done for us and I’m so pleased you’ll be staying with the club.

  24. Fred says:

    Ummm, it happened on Saturday night.

  25. leaxan says:

    ok it was after the CL match..i switched off the tv after the final whistle..apparently 5 barca players were after his jersey but iniesta beat em to it

  26. udemsky says:

    my greatest red devil ‘ll be sorely missed ginger prince.

  27. T4M says:

    Stop it scott!i might soon cry

  28. Balaji says:

    Scholesy!! My favourite player at United! I think they should retire is shirt coz there is no one in football who can replace him. And now i cry.

  29. scan74 says:

    fantastic player one of the best ive seen since ive followed the boys

    massive thanks for all you’ve helped achive in your 17 years

    a true legend

    so glad he will be passing on that knowledge as a coach

    all the best ginger prince

  30. Ritesh says:

    A great player, hope we find someone suitable to replace him soon thou

  31. Six studs in Bosquets calf, formerly known as T. says:

    I thought that if I just tried to beleive, this day would never come. United will be a lesser entity without the ginger wizard. If I was playing in the other team Scholes would be the man for me.

    This is a sad day and and a sad start on a very hard summer without any championships or olympics.

    Scholes has been the engine and the heart that everything has evolved around for 17 marvelous years.

    Thanks for the memories and hope to see u next to Ferguson on the bench in the future.

  32. denzilovski is red says:

    Well this is it.. The day which i was affraid of … damn it. My mate is gooner and he has Ginger picture on his profile… We are drinking and watching Gingers clips … No c2h5oh can help us … Paul- thank you for everything.

  33. TonyBee says:

    Thanks Ginger Prince for all you have done for Manchester United,

    if you can now pass on any wisdom to the younger lads ………

  34. Notey90 says:

    Paul Scholes is my favourite player. He epitomises the spirit of Manchester United and everything that is good about football. SBC.

  35. mattos says:

    im actually gutted.. neville, van der sar now scholes.

    scholes, you represented our club with dignity and you will always be remembered as a manchester united great. thankyou for the service you have given to manchester united

    glory glory

  36. Twisted Fatboy says:

    What a fucking player.

  37. HSN_666 says:

    Legend. Irreplacebale. Thanks for the memories Scholes :(

  38. Yorke, Cole, Sheri, Solks says:

    Scholes a.ka. “Satnav” – Thank you!

  39. Stpercival, The Former John Ferry says:

    fukc this hurts. whoever comes to united to play in the midfield will never have an ounce of the loyalty that Scholes has for this club. quiet the emotional week for reds.

  40. Taek says:

    A modest bow before on of the greatest!

  41. exiledred says:

    Red Life – 2 top posts mate. England should have built their team around Ginge for a decade and decided to stick him on the left-wing. Knobs. Scholesy you’re an absolute legend – I’m even going to miss those tackles :-) Now get working with that Youth team and find us the next Paul Scholes…

    Fave goals – well, Barca at home in the Champs League and that last-second winner at citeh – although watching him snog Nev wasn’t that great!!

  42. The Truth And Nothing But The Truth says:

    I love you scholesy we will never forget what you did for us .
    Thankyou for staying with us all your career.

    I am glad you are taking a coaching role, all the best.


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