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PICTURE: PFA Merit Award – Class of 92

The PFA Merit Award was given to Manchester United’s class of ’92 at Sunday night’s PFA Awards.

Ryan Giggs, Eric Harrison, Sir Alex Ferguson, Paul Scholes, George Switzer, Kevin Pilkington, Phil Neville, Chris Casper, Nicky Butt, John O’Kane and Gary Neville were all present to receive the award.

This group of players won the FA Youth Cup in 1992, with Nicky Butt, David Beckham, Ben Thornley, Simon Davies and Colin McKee scoring over two legs. 15,000 people were in attendance at Old Trafford for the victorious second leg.

“We trialled in Albert Park every night,” Ferguson said. “We were turning top players away and we ended up with this mob! No club in the country is better at producing players than Manchester United.”

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  1. King Eric says:

    Little Che. Good post which makes some interesting points. Level headed and family orientated. QualitiesFFergie loves.

  2. wayne says:

    Yeah the only problem with Bale is the 70 mill price tag when his true value is half that.If Utf are going to splash even close to 70 mill on one player may as well try and get Ronnie back

  3. Costas says:

    @Joffrey Baratheon

    I don’t doubt he could make a difference. He’s the type of player that would take us to the next level (although he’s also a bit overrated as KE says!).

    But the impression I have is that Tottenham would rather sell us a virus. And I think they mean it too. Could they do business with us? Probably. But by the time we’ve reached a deal, he will cost more than Ronaldo did.

  4. In David We Trust says:

    Joffrey Baratheon – I do not think our past history with spurs has anything to do with us not signing bale, I think the RVP signing is the reason why spurs will not sell to us, we saw how much of a game changer RVP was for united this season, no way will spurs put us in the driving seat for the title next season, which made us strong again upfront, if we signed bale, we will get to the levels where we are ripping sides apart on the flanks. Let alone create the space in the middle to open sides up even more

  5. Evra#3 says:

    Levy would rather die than sell bale to us
    having said that i would not care less if rooney leaves
    he is an exceptional talent but i only want players who love the shirt to play for us not some mercinary like shitty chaveski and the other cunts players

  6. Wakey says:


    We aren’t talking about going missing for 10 minutes but rather 70% of the match. Look at Kagawa against West Ham, everyone was raving about him and yes when he was good he was great but he spent way too much time being bullied off the ball so he simply couldn’t be effective outside the couple of moments of magic. All 3 have you mentioned who were new to the league this season were in the same situation, some isolated moments where they showed their potential surrounded by examples of being bullied off the ball. All 3 will be better next year but it may be year 3 or even 4 before they are physically able to hold their own and be as effective and infulence as they can be.

    TV will often focus on these brief moments as they look best but premiership football with his pace, intensity and physicality is probally the toughest physical test of all the European leagues and the physical side is as important as ever. You just have to look at the Da Silvas, in Rafa you have a player who has used his game time to get stronger as well as learning where he need to work and we have Fabio who was stuck in the reserves and you could see the difference in their physicality.

    On the loans, they aren’t going out to learn football philosophies though. By the time they reach being loaned out that should be instilled in them its about learning to deal both physically and mentally with strong players putting themselves about and highlighting to the player where they need to work. If they seem to go backwards its because ultimatly they aren’t United quality. Staying at the club playing the reserves doesn’t help them becaus no amount of training will overcome the disadvantages of not playing actual competitive matches against older and stronger players

  7. Evra#3 says:

    Rooney proved all he cares about is making more money
    he held us for ransom when we were down
    and i know for a fact that sir alex as well as most united fans will never forget that

  8. Evra#3 says:

    i dont see the point in getting ronldo back
    i mean pay 60 mil for a player that is almost 29 and who actually left us to fulfill “his dreams”

  9. medumtum says:

    This might be the last window before the effects of FFP kick in, so the inflated prices such as bale costing around fifty might be par for the course. If we are looking to spend, that is the amount we need to spend to get someone top class. Falcao at fifty is the “normal’ for a marquee player right now. Bale is young, seventy is too much but bring that down to forty to fifty then that is not a bad deal for what he could bring. It would effectively be a long term investment for our wing. Ronnie would be for more immediate dividends such as Van Persie was. A statement of intent for Europe. Sir Alex’s time to get the trophy grows short and Ronnie would give us the edge. If Bale wants to leave then Levy will have to sell. Whether he is willing to sell to us is a different matter. What all these rumors do show is that like last year Sir Alex has money to spend and he is willing to spend big. After years of prudence it can only be a good thing.

  10. wayne says:

    Evra Ronnie just turned 28 and is a freak of nature also fully dedicated he’s got a least another 5 good years barring injury.Yeah he did move for his dream which didn’t pan out too well,if he came back would be be for the right reason

  11. Evra#3 says:

    i will agree with u he is one hell of a player no doubt
    but the thing is paying 60 mill for 5 years with no resale value
    does not make sense
    or at least not fergies way
    now i heard some stories that are sponsers will fund a major part
    if that is true we will get him in a heart beat

  12. wayne says:

    Evra well I guess the money is relative to what’s won.The way I see it if Ronnie left Madrid it would weaken them considerably,its clear Barca are on a downward trend,I don’t buy into the German wank fest.With Ronnie and a quality midfieder Utd would be a force.So if by signing Ronnie Utd ended up with more prem titles and a couple of CL in the next 5 years then it would be 60mill well spent

  13. slim says:


    Wait a minute . A “Big” transfer after bale? Wow, i would’ve thought thought the bale transfer alone would raised skirts. Dreaming aside, getting our transfer business sorted quickly’ll give us a chance to bond as group. No annoying international games or tournaments – i think a few world cup qualifiers.

  14. Andromeda says:

    The wound of champions league knock out has been partially soothed after seeing last night Real Madrid defeat.well, now they have many things to ponder seeing them from that perspective.they passed the oldtrafford storm down to silly referee mistakes, now they got what they deserve.

  15. BerbaGod says:

    So I watched some of highlights from the PFA awards and was mainly focused on this Merit Award – in the video showing all the lads together doing their interviews etc, did anyone else notice Simon Davies was wearing a Citeh jacket ?!

  16. WeAreUnited says:


    The value is not the same but I’ll have it a go.

    We got RVP as 28old and his resale value ain’t gonna go high after he’s 32-33.

    Same with Ronaldo, he’s maybe 28 soon29 but he’s a freak and like @wayne said, if we get 5 years from him and trophies, it would br a60mill well spend.

    Look it’s not All about resale value, yes football is the most part business these days, but when
    You buy “older” players, well you can’t be thinking of the resale value, or to
    Be honest even when we buy younger player we tend
    To buy them and make them legends, if they dont or cant make it, then selling comes next.

  17. Sparkz says:

    If we’re spending £70 mill on anyone…..and I don’t think we are…..Bale makes more sense as he’s 5 years younger. Probably won’t command a salary as huge as Ronaldo. And doesn’t have the attitude/ego that Ronaldo has (YET lol)

  18. Sparkz says:

    Also, I’ve said this before, but bringing back Ronaldo doesn’t send the right message to the new team Fergie’s tryna build IMO.

    In any case, as I said, I can’t see us splashing anything more than £35m on ONE player. What’s our transfer record, £32m? We might break it but nothing crazy like the figures being mentioned for Bale and Ronaldo.

  19. Dazbomber says:

    Slim-I was told there would be a big singing at the end of the season by a different Person than the one who said Bale in and Rooney out , we will just have to wait and see .

  20. Dazbomber says:

    The person who said a big singing is very much in the know and also said Rooney would go.

  21. mancdub says:

    Bale’s a very good player who’s progress over the last 2 seasons has been remarkable.
    He’s a player that rarely goes missing in games and would definatly improve our team.
    We should of signed him as a 17 year old from Southampton when it was being reported as a done deal.
    Also being a Welshman means he gets every summer off.

  22. Dazbomber says:

    SAF said United tried to buy him at Southampton but they would not sell him to us.

  23. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Very interesting if Rooney goes. I wonder if it is partly down to this new rework of FIFA articles that the Mirror was on about.

    Suggesting that players could buy themselves out of the last year of a contract. In Rooney’s case, this means that he could leave for ₤12m

    I have often wondered why don’t we hear about quarter-and half-million ₤ buyout clauses in UK player contracts. They seem common enough in other leagues. Seems it would simplify interactions between clubs as they could simply point to the fee for the player. More importantly perhaps, it could help with this Article 17 issue.

    Do any of you lads have enough contract law to know why buyout clauses are not talked about in the UK?

  24. Evra#3 says:

    i and most if not all united fans would take ronnie over bale anyday of the week
    i mean while bale is great cr7 is of another planet

  25. Wakey says:

    Ronaldo would be a much better signing than Bale. Sure he is older than Bale but he is by far the better player at the point and we know without doubt he has the right mentality to perform at a top club which with Bale may not be the case.

    Mind you I wouldn’t mind sacrificing Rooney and a Winger to get both. Bale Left, Kagawa Central and Ronaldo Right would be immense as on both sides we would have players who can goto the line and cross but who are just as good cutting inside from the wing.

  26. Wakey says:


    Isn’t that just the ‘Webster Ruling’ where the mechanism has been in place since 2001 with Webster being the first to employ it in 2005?

    The Webster ruling basically states that any player under 28 who signs a contract can buy themselves out of their contract after 3 years of their contact have been competed. Players who sign a contract when they are over 28 this is reduced to 2 years. The player has to pay compensation decided by CAS which is usually 1 years wages but can include some compensation as well to cover training costs and the likes. Not sure CAS would give United much more than just the £12mill as it could be argued we didn’t have much to do with his development (If he had come through our youth setup or it was a situation such as Rafael where it was a risk on a young player not playing in a top European league would have had a better case)

    It doesn’t often get used because it makes the payer look bad and can take 18months for it to be resolved which isn’t good for any side so it if it gets mentioned it will often get clubs willing to talk. There was a lot of talk that RvP may have threatened it when it looked like Arsenal may have got stubborn and made him see out his final year so they would have still lost him and got less money and I expect it may have been why United didn’t try and exercise the additional year in Pogbas deal as he could have bought himself out of his contract for less than the peanuts we got for training when he left via a Bosman

  27. RedIndian says:

    I was hoping that Rooney wouldnt leave…. if he is dropped to midfield next season, i think he can be a revelation…. Plus i wanted to see Rooney, RvP and Ronaldo play together :)

  28. slim says:


    thanks, as you say, we’ll just have to wait and see

  29. jigpig says:

    So out of the two of them, Ronaldo and Bale, which ever one we get you can be sure $hitty would try and get the other. So the question is which scenario would we be happy with, Ronaldo with us and Bale with them or the other way round?

  30. Dazbomber says:

    In the in its all up to the player where he wants to play

  31. NBI Red Onion says:

    Nani and Young plus £10mn for Bale.

  32. NBI Red Onion says:

    Robben on free transfer, Bale and Lewandowski.

  33. NBI Red Onion says:

    Levy, like Wenger selling us Robin, does what’s best for his Club, he is entitled to get the best fee he can, that won’t deter United in the slightest from making an approach. We are a professional Club, SAF said he would never do business with the Virus but he did, if its in the interests of United to try to buy a player, they will try, this is a mature Club with switched on management, not handbags at dawn who refuse to deal with Clubs that have personnel who are difficult, no way our Club is run on such weak personal clashes.

    @ dazbomber – mate, you tend to call it right – any news tips on who is out, other than Rooney?


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