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PICTURE: Preparations for tomorrow’s singing section


A new banner will be seen inside Old Trafford tomorrow night as we launch the singing section for the game against Real Sociedad.

The plan, which has been backed by Reclaim United and Stretford End Flags, will see up to 1,400 fans grouped together in the south-east quadrant of the stadium, where the away fans are normally housed. And the aim is simple; to improve the atmosphere. This area was chosen as the acoustics in Old Trafford’s ‘away end’ are much better.

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  1. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Scholes – fergie releases his book and whether you like it or not, his achievements are powerful to overwhelm most, there was no right time to release it and moyes would be a weak manager to let it affect him

  2. dragon_beast_false prophet (PROONEY) says:

    Let the lads give the fans some real good stuff and we sure won’t need no singing section. OT is dying for some of the magic we once enjoyed. That’s the only thing that can get OT jumping.

  3. Marq says:

    Quote from somewhere

    “Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that Vidic told him he was going to leave United to fight in a war back in 2009….

    An extract from Ferguson’s book read: ”Vidic was a dour, uncompromising sod. He was a proud Serb. In 2009, he came to see me to say he might be getting called up. “What do you mean, called up?’ I said, alarmed. ‘Kosovo. I am going,’ he said. ‘It’s my duty.’”

    The 32-year-old was willing to give up the life of a professional footballer in order to protect his home country. What a man.”

  4. Little Red Ant says:

    God I used to love standing in there singing that “we are the scoreboard, the scoreboard paddock”
    Can you hear the Stretford sing nooo nooo, Can you hear the Stretford sing nooo nooo etc
    – happy memories.

  5. WeAreUnited says:


    If that is true about vida then he will have a problem with Januzaj who’s family have fought against serbs ina kosovan liberty army and also are proud kosovos, Januzaj is also like that

    But lets hope it does not come to that, jut another observation for your comment

  6. WeAreUnited says:

    @The truth



    Piece of a worm, trying to put United and Moyes down, now you really are a fool, GOT OWNED, burned!!

    Piece of crap.

  7. mjcRED says:

    A team consisting of the following would be very much welcome. Time to look to the future, the past ain’t working Moyes.

    ————————————De Gea

    There is enough energy at the centre of this defensive duo to shore up and reduce the workload of Carrick if Kagawa sortie’s forward in more advanced areas, with the fullbacks also narrowing to swallow up any spaces left.

    The key tonight for whoever is to start and maintain play on the front foot. No one should be static and caught flat footed, easily picked off by the opposition who will inevitably press high.

    Fellaini can take on the newly created role of choir master. Mr Moyes is more shrewd than many give him credit for, for this will be the lad’s best suited position at the club.

  8. Redlert20599 says:

    Why don’t they just kick the coporates out and give us our Stretford End back?

  9. Diego says:

    @Jesper Ohlsen:
    I really hope that comment wasn’t aimed at me. I simply commented on the fact that Simeone has been doing a great job recently and that A. Madrid has been playing great football. How on earth can you interpret that as a dig on Moyes?!? A. Madrid play a game yesterday, I watched it, they played some good stuff and I commented on it. Seriously, it’s hard being a top red these days. Interpreting everything as a dig at Moyes.

  10. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Interesting that Vida was going to go and fight to stop Kosovo uprising as a Serb and Januzaj’s family were Kosovo freedom fighter! Our Captain and our youngest player on opposite sides of a civil war! That’s United, bringing the world together.

  11. The Truth says:

    @WeAreUnited & Jesper Olsen

    He took over a team who were around 11th in the league. What kind of results do you expect him to get? Moyes took over the Champions and proceeded to lose a bunch of games that we’d won the previous season, taking us down to 8th place! You poor deluded fucks can’t see the downward trajectory we’re on, it’s sad really. Let’s judge Moyes at the end of the season and see how he compares with Simeone or any other good manager.

  12. Chris says:

    The whole sodding ground is meant to be a singing section! It did work last night but you could tell that it was just a small section of support singing along with the Stretford End. Bring back standing and watch the atmosphere improve.

    I have to say that one thing I am jealous of the scousers over is that they have an anthem which the whole ground can get involved in, first time visitor or seasoned regular. The closest we have had in recent years is probably ‘Always look on the bright side of life’ and we could do with something similar now.


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