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PICTURE: Rio And Anderson On Coach Back From Midlands

Rio Ferdinand has kept himself entertained on the journey back from West Brom by Twittering.

Anderson wanted to pass a message along to the supporters via Rio: “Nice one and Happy New Year to you all” thumbs up for the result!

Rio also reflected on the game and the penalty he gave away, which fortunately was put wide by Odemwingie.

“3 points. Nice way to start New Year! Ugly win but 3 points are on the board! Disappointed to give away a penalty but we drove on from there.”

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  1. Raizzen says:

    Exactly Rio. Ugly win but a win we’ll take any day. Thanks for the hard work!

  2. smartalex says:

    Double trouble!

  3. berbatunday says:

    l hope vidic is not suspended for the next game…was there amnesty on the 31st of Dec?

  4. hammons says:

    even though he committed the foul, the penalty was not his fault … my post-match analysis finds the culprit.

    New Year, Same Problems For United

  5. Hammed abiola f says:

    Poor game by utd standard. Poor play by Rio in particular. Gary should never play again, forever.

  6. Costas says:

    Thumbs up Ando!

  7. richard says:

    Great victory!

  8. Doghouse says:

    No game we win away from home is a poor game. The Premiership is an extremely competitive league and there is no team in it that owes us three points on their own turf. Titles are won and lost in these grubby brawls and today the boys done good, particularly given the injury situation, the busy yet fragmented schedule and the conditions of the pitch.

  9. hammons says:

    yes, berbatunday, vidic will not miss the Stoke match – thank God! … We need him against Kenwyne Jones.

  10. berbatunday says:

    thx Hammons, phew! we definitely need him

  11. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Happy with the win, delighted actually. Not a nice performance to watch, especially from the nearly nonexistent midfield.

  12. legal questions answered says:

    Thought WBA were very unlucky but will take the win anyway it comes….makes up for being robbed at Brum..

  13. anon says:

    we were so lucky today, soon as i seen who was in goals and neville playing i thought it was up hill. neville did not prove me wrong. roy keane had the decency to leave before he got to that state. fergie please tell gary to hang up his boots. unlike scholes or giggs he cant play at this level any more.

    on the plus side think we got the next solskjaer :D

  14. RedScot says:

    No thumbs up to you lads and a happy new year to you.
    Within the picture is that Micheal Carrick with those Bose cans on, jaysus they cost a small fortune, the only time I am likely to get ma hands on a pair(Cans) like that if they are off gaurd at the Dixons electrical store. :)

  15. lidija says:

    ugly win- but thanks for the NY gift, vs Stoke I expect another one and more goals

  16. redpig says:

    midfield looked awful and while we won, we are making such hard work of every away match. there are problems in midfield in particular, Carrick and Gibson not good enough by a long chalk, ditto Obertan. Bebe…ridiculous. and having 4 central midfielders on at once today was desperate stuff

  17. bruce thomas says:

    Fletcher’s going backwards too @ redpig

  18. nani4ever says:

    This article sums us up and the state of our situation perfectly

  19. hopez says:

    yeah we nid vidic agnst stoke.we also nid nani.thanks 2 my nigerian broda odewingie 4 misin d penalty.i felt 4 him but i was hapy 4 man u.thanks 2 hernandex,i tink saf shud play him more

  20. Paul Parker says:


    well done lads, this time of the year is a pain in the arse anyway, 3 points was the mission and we’ve achieved it, end of. Nobody should be looking for our best performance of the season on jan 1 anyway. Rio’s come through 3 games in 6 days and will probably start again next week. Him and Vidic have been solid during the run in.. Ando hasn’t stopped running since impressively coming back from injury and his match fitness has been brilliant. Really happy with Obi and Gibson getting more playing time today as well, its the only way they’ll step up to United standards. As for the negatives from the game, i’ll leave the bollocking to Alec! C’MON YOU REDS!

  21. steamdigit says:

    fletch was not fit – dont blame hime

    we had so many central midfielders, no width

    chicharito looks to be a great finisher

    defence did not cope well with the runs and speed of wba players

    i will take the 3 pts tho

    arsenal looked really good at birmingham, the same team we should have trashed midweek – maybe we softened them up for gooners :)

    happy new year everyone!

  22. willierednut says:

    Thumbs up if you hate the dippers.

  23. Devil310 says:

    I’m worried about Oberan-Kenobe…not really looking like he’s gonna become a solid player for us :S

  24. maba723 says:

    Is that Hernandez’s head behind them? :P

  25. Always Be Closing says:

    @Devil310 – let me take that worry from you: from what I saw, he is show great development, really strong, his pace is incredible at times (although did look a little lethargic, will hopefully get fitter with time), was incredibly disappointed when he came off as his wing-play was very promising and his quick jinks and trickery gave space when two players took him on down the left and set super Pat up for the cross for Roo’s opener. Great for the future, next season he’ll come into his own and hopefully be there taking on Nani for the left-wing, rotating those two and Valencia to give us strength on the sides as well as Ando and hopefully Gibson down the middle, that’s if Gibbo finds his way.

  26. Gudjohnsen says:

    “Ugly” win is alway better than a “pretty” draw. Can’t wait for the Stoke game at home…


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