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PICTURE: Thiago Wearing A United Shirt

In this interview with Thiago’s father, Mazinho, a picture of Thiago wearing a United shirt can be seen on the wall at 8 mins 52 secs. He’s wearing our 1998-2000 shirt which would make him between 7-9 years old.

Mazinho was in Manchester last week to discuss the transfer of his son to United.

Spotted by James Brady

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  1. Evra#3 says:

    Thiago in a three man midfield with kags and m16 is mouth watering
    having said that i firmly believe we need strootman since he can operate in all midfield slots and can even carry a 2 man midfield with m16

  2. Marq says:

    The Cavani rumors are bs, I believe their agent threw our name into the mix so that Chelsea pay the money. 50m? Hah, not in a million years

  3. Bobby Charlton's Combover says:

    The news here (Spain) is that Thiago is going to OT.

    In other news Rooney is going to Madrid in a swap for Ronaldo +70e which will pay the way for Bale and Cavani.

    Believe what you like.

  4. Evra#3 says:

    Screw cavani and screw the fat turd(rooney)
    if we go with a 2 man attack chica is our man beside rvp
    he has earned it
    top player and a class act

  5. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Cavani is no where near world class and yes, I have seen him for napoli

  6. Dave Malaysia says:

    Seriously, some of the chatter from Manutd fans are nuts! Theyre talking about having tissues ready

    and dicks in hand , yogurt explosions…….

    All this cos of Mr.ciderman . Man he is going to be roasted if we dont sign the 3 gentlemen today.

    Is is 3hours to 11 am?

    Well for me, as long as we sign them this week ,I will be happy.

  7. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The key really is the meeting between thiago and barca, the cunning bastards will do all they can to stall and complicate things in order to change his mind and that’s exactly how they play football as wel. Key here is thiago and mazinho having a strong stance that he wants to leave, barca will do everything to keep him.

  8. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Who plays with a 2 man attack these days? Central midfield has to be controlled.

  9. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Dave malaysia – you’ve painted a terrible image of all that, bloody heck!

  10. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Ronaldo is looking for a ridiculous last pay hike and perez has bowed to those demands, he won’t join united until he’s gone downhill and wants a return. Fuck off and retire with the handkercheifs. Cavani is not worth 50 mill, he just doesn’t do it for me, i’m certain that’s an agent trying to use united to get his client the best offer.

  11. Diego says:

    Regarding Thiago’s playing position, had him as part of the 2 in a 4-2-3-1 formation in their Euro U-21 XI. That should be some indication on where he plays, or indeed, could be playing.

  12. AntiScouser says:

    Barcelona wouldn’t sell us a virus.

  13. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Morning reds!

    Bobby CCO. Cheers son.
    FYI. The Rooney Ronny swap deal is a fabrication. Even the first report said that it was complete speculation based on fact United couldn’t afford Ronaldo any other way. Tasty as it is, forget that one mate.

    As for Thiago deal, It’s all in the wind at the moment.
    Best source seems to be Graham Hunter, who is just a very chatty journalist who happens to be on chatty terms with Thiago’s dad.
    All proper reporting is down to sources and instincts. If the sources have an alternative agenda? It won’t ever go well for the journalists, and more so for the fans soaking it up like gravy.

    Same journalist, Hunter, has been saying all week Isco was going to City. Even yesterday.
    How did that turn out then for City fans? Ha!!
    Easy enough to laugh at city, but it’s hard to big up Hunter for one story where he is getting loads of undercover info, and not wonder about what went wrong with the Isco rumors.

    “Buyer be ware” is your only man. Just staying.

    For me
    Rooney swap with Ronaldo 100% fabrication
    Garary to United 90% fabrication (we may have been interested 2 yrs ago)
    Cavani to United for 50M? [steadies himself] 100% fabrication

    Thiago to United, appears 100% real on current evidence.
    BUT could still turn south if Barca match our offer.
    Still could be a ruse to get a better deal out of Barca.

    Yesterday I thought 20% chance.
    Today, I am much more optimistic. I’ll give it a 30% chance :cool:

  14. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fletch – 30%, ha you hallmark of optimism.. It could go either way, sceptic in me says we will all land on our faces but just a tiny hope still lies underneath

  15. United till I die says:

    Thiago would be a great signing but I wouldn’t stop there when it comes to our midfield. Carrick will be 32 by the time the season starts and Cleverly is facing a make or break season IMO. Anderson is shit and can’t stay fit and Powell isn’t close to being ready to run a midfield at the top level.

    Personally I’m a fan of having a bit of steel in the center of the pitch to compliment the skill players. I disagree with SAF and his thinking that you don’t need ball winners anymore. While Alcantara will help us when it comes to retaining possession I’d like to see someone sit right beside him who can break up the play and get the ball to our creative players. Too many times last season we simply got out muscled in the middle of the pitch and it needs fixing.

  16. samuel - united WE stand says:

    UnitedTillIDie – united got out played, not muscled out. You don’t get central midfielders diving into tackles amymore, they simply have to be tactically aware, good positioning, reading the game and intercepting danger,central Midfielders need to have far more. All these hype around wanyama, I see a powerful player who is limited. An imposing midfielder with good technique, good fortune to finding them

  17. GENTLEKEZ says:

    Another transfer rumour is that AV no7 jersey has not been printed in the united mega store.

  18. Red4ever says:

    If we fail to sign him we will have a difficult season ,,,,, but this deal is done than I am sure mr.moyes will have a season to remember as we will win lots of trophies ,,,, so I will be sitting crossing my fingers until its done GGMU !!!!!!!

  19. AlphaRS says:

    @United till I die
    United have been outmuscled a few times last season and not only against the better teams. Some would point at winning the League last season at a canter as a denial that we have any such issues.
    I think we can all agree though that if we are serious in taking on Europe then we need a better midfield.
    The Renties have a very good 3 that play behind the main striker in Mata, Hazard, and Oscar.

  20. Bobby Charlton's Combover says:

    @Fletch – it’s total bollocks. The system is simple…players names are thrown in one hat and team names are thrown into another. They draw out 3 or 4 names and teams every morning and then try and justify the transfer by tenous links, veiled comments, sources close to the player etc etc I have a strong dislike for transfer speculation and I tend to avoid press and websites as much as possible at this time of year to avoid excessive eye rolling that could cause permanent damage.

    The idea was Madrid wanted Rooney + Bale + Cavani = Ronaldo to United + 70m
    Tomorrow it’ll be another permutation.

    The only serious deal as far as United are concerned is Thiago. The rest is monkeys with typewriters.

  21. soccerisfootbal says:

    hunter’s not the only source saying we are on the verge of signing thiago

    this guys is a well known author, pundit, journalist on barca matter and he’s a bit of a la liga specialist for skysports. his tweets echo hunter’s in that we are really serious on thiago, and thiago seems to have us as his first choice if he does decide to leave barcelona.

  22. mara says:

    If we get Thiago for 18 millions…that will be the best and cheapset player we maybe ever bought, accept Ronaldo…i hope we gonna get him. And i would start looking for another Carrick, he is almost 32. He is still good, but younger player that can learn with him.

  23. Andromeda says:

    Thiago would be great and I can’t wait to see this happening.

    And I agree Fletch mate, the story of Edinson Cavani is 100% fabrication.

    As for Rooney-Ronaldo Swap , all bollocks.

  24. soccerisfootbal says:

    also im pretty sure craig norwood wouldn’t be making stuff up, though it’s a bit strange he’s tweeting this since he’s a utd employee.

  25. soccerisfootbal says:

    or is norwood just a freelance photographer?? either way i don’t think he’s lying.

  26. The One says:

    Thiago, super value for money….what an irony this might turn out to be now that Fergie’s no longer manager…oh, how he’d have loved to get his hands on this guy then.

  27. King Eric says:

    Mara. Best cheapest transfer? No. Eric, Ole , Vida and Paddy are just four that spring to mind.

  28. WeAreUnited says:

    Look, Thiago is coming, it all depends, if he don’t listen t oBarca managers, then he’s coming, mark my words.

    It was such a good thing, that the U-21 was held, David De Gea did his job brilliantly. Do you really think DDG has not said anything about United and our facilities? I bet DDG was the last man who changed Thiagos mind. we’ll see.

    if this deal is to be sealed, we will have a god future with spanish players, because these 2 will only talk good about United. CMON THIAGO, don’t blow your chances!

    We are Manchester United!

  29. Sparkz says:

    @King Eric – Not to mention Pete and Irwin either when it comes to value

  30. mara says:

    @ King Eric…spot on and Thiago have to show that on the field. But he will be one of the best for sure.

  31. Markowire says:

    Although I like Thiago and would be a a great addition, I think United should turn there attention to Fellaini. He would be a perfect fit at Old Trafford. He does however have a bit of a temper but I like that in players sometimes. Just look at Keano. He is a major part to why Everton have been successful in the last few seasons and us United fan seen what he did to us.
    Come the 1st July it will be interesting to see what Moyes does. But he needs to get his grips on the Belgian star and it wont take much convincing him to sign for us.

  32. frank says:

    our concern right now is thiago to come

  33. WilliamAR says:


    No disrespect but fellaini is only a good player in an average squad and not even their best player. Fellaini doesn’t stand out as a world class player otherwise one of the big money teams like city, real madrid, barcelona, chelsea, psg or monaco would be after him. Thiago on the other hand was player of the u21 world cup who already plays for one of the big money teams with barcelona desperate to keep hold of him for obvious reasons. Fellaini isn’t even in the same league as thiago and he certainly isn’t good enough to play for one of the worlds finest football teams in man united. Fellaini is a backward step whilst thiago is a step forward for us.

  34. Jesmonta (Malta) says:

    I see the Thiago Alcantara saga , the same as that of Lucas Muora last season. Most probably , another team will table an offer and take him from under our noses. Only time will tell.

  35. Traffordium says:

    Tbh,am taking all the transfer rumours with a pinch of salt.Without a doubt Thiago and Strootman would make tremendous additions to the squad.All am hoping is that this is not another sneidjer moment.Fuck the press!!


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