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PICTURE: United At The White House

Ahead of our game against Barcelona in Washington, Manchester United players visited the White House.

The Republik of Mancunia has brought out a brilliant downloadable World Cup preview. It contains 20 articles written by football experts on the countries our players will be representing in Brazil. There is also exclusive content from this country's top football journalists, such as Sid Lowe, Martin Lipton, Sam Wallace and Dominic Fifield. All profit is going to charity. More info on the RoM World Cup preview can be found here.

Minimum price is £4. Enter your e-mail address to receive the download and the price you would like to pay.



  1. kelvinchanpw says:

    fuck me berba.

  2. StatesideAussie says:

    Neil … great minds think alike — beat you to the punch on the Dos Equis thing, a few days ago here:

    Look for my name at 0:30. Right at the end, I suggested The Berb might be The Most Interesting Man’s son. Cheers mate!

  3. Costas says:

    Berbacool as you like. ;)

  4. berba1 zegenious says:


  5. RedAfrique says:

    Berb should be in the next Mafia movie. Anyone know what those shoes he’s wearing are? I like the look of them

  6. King Eric says:

    Jack Barmby is a top little player. He has scored some right goals in this milk cup. Matts Dahli looks a talent too. Fuck me we have some serious talent in the youth teams. Serious talent.

  7. youCANTbuyTHISfeeling says:

    dont know if youz all saw this –
    Great footballers but rapidly becoming arrogant twats. i love the look on their faces as they’re huddled back onto the bus :)


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