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PICTURE: United’s new away kit


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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. babzcorleone says:

    Dont like it and not just because of the huge yellow first aid sign.

    Home kit is good

  2. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Absolutely horrible. I much prefer our black away kits to our whites ones, although the one the season before last with the red trim was nice.

    Roll on Adidas. Nike have yet again produced two ugly shirts for us. Could be worse, could be Liverpool. They consistently produce the ugliest kits in the prem.

  3. Dwayne O Linn says:

    Glad this is the last jersey produced by Nike. Every jersey they have produced has been very basic. I’m looking forward to some stylish Adidas designs.

  4. Graham Walters says:

    Complete piss take by Nike, they must have known they weren’t going to renew the deal to produce this heap of shite, whoever signed it off at OT wants sacking, and that goes for the home kit too.

  5. sir liam matt says:

    pure rubish again from Nike.

  6. Anomander says:

    Guess I am the only who loves this away kit.
    Really like it.

    Will miss Nike.

    True, some of their shirts have been cr*p, but atleast they put in an effort to make our shirt unique every year. Things like stitching BELIEVE on the inside of the badges a few seasons ago, “Youth, Courage, Greatness” on the underside of the colour of this one etc.

    We’ll get the same damn shirts as every other adidas club from next season onwards. Thats going to suck.

  7. Tommy says:

    The return of the white shirt and the most famours moment in white is ….


    Adidas might go all out with the amount they are paying us to produce top quality shirts, hopefully any way.

    Off topic – I was at Southport to see united 21s play tonight, pretty poor game finished 0 0 Wilson, Bebe (Hes still here Opik), Henriquez and Perreira all had 45 mins each as did most of the team, Joyce changed 9 at HT i think, henriquez had the best chance dragged a shot wide, 2 games in for the 21s not scored a goal yet but it was against a conference sides first team so its tough playing against older lads. Their was another game tonight Paul maguinness under 18s beat local side Trafford FC 1 0, Marcus rashford with the goal and their was 2 trialists playing – Oscar Borg (West Ham) and Ogo Obi (Watford), hope the lads impressed, west ham have always had a good academy so I know Borg will have been brought up the correct way, Its 2 in 2 days for me off to Altrincham been theirn many times to see United 21s v Altrincham

  8. Tommy says:

    Ed Woodwards latest comments “There is no budget, there is money. We are in a very strong financial position. We can make big signings. That doesn’t mean we are going to throw money around. Louis is the manager. We have a lot of scouting output through the last 12 months that is flagging various things to us.” – Talk is cheap Woody although buying for buying sake is not good but we need a few more bodies, do the buisness.

    Hernandez’s odds on joining Spurs are lengthening, but Inter Milan have moved to 2/1 favourite. – I think he will leave, id have thought a move to a Valencia or Athletico madrid would do him, Spurs as well, the way Poccettino plays I think he would ghet the best out of Chico to be honest.

    Rudi Garcia is confident highly-rated centre-half Mehdi Benatia will remain at Roma. United have been linked with an apprach as have City, Chelsea and Spurs. – Can see him going to city should the mangala deal fall through.

    Zaha is determined to make his mark on United’s pre-season tour of the US and force his way into LVG plans. “For me, I definitely feel like this is a clean slate. All I’m trying to do is impress the new manager and get into his squad.” – Hes one of the lads in last chance saloon terrotory, hes got the tour to impress LVG or he might be one of those sold before the deadline.

  9. Mav says:

    I feel like our uniforms are always shit to be honest. Sorry not sorry, our uniforms suck

    Nike are horrible.

  10. Marq says:

    Where can I apply to be Nike’s designer? Just a normal white tee with black collar, add all the logos. Job done.

  11. ashtheking says:

    If we win the kit automatically will start to look good. But I preferred last two seasons white kit. It looked more classy. Anyways I hope the third kit is a black one. Sick and tired of inter Milan’s like Jersey.

  12. Don Olakunle Dada says:

    I love this jessy and am looking up to the day that away kit will be yellow, its going to make a lot of senses

  13. kevk24 says:

    The greys look pale.
    @Jose, I too was getting tired of Rooney romance. It is as if the other players are side notes. I am glad Roo is at the back of the pic.

  14. Blacksocks says:

    @ Tommy

    Thanks for the match report on the U21′s and I hope tonight is a bit more entertaining for you.

    Can’t say I’m that bothered by this seasons kit although the chevy logo is a bit big, especially on the home kit. Still Barca now have sponsorship on the sleeves as well so it could be worse. How long before footballers start to resemble F1 drivers?

    On Ed, I wish he would be a bit quieter regarding the media. How many other chief execs are making statements to the press day in day out. I would be far happier if he just got on with his job behind the scenes and left the press bites to LVG.

  15. kevk24 says:

    @Blacksocks hehehe nice one on the F1 divers.

  16. gra mar says:

    Nike shirts suck balls.

  17. Chris says:

    The Chevrolet logo is disgusting, makes all the shirts look like something out of Flash Gordon…

    Crap, showing my age there!

  18. cantona7 says:

    Horrible, what were they thinking? Looks like a golf polo shirt! Thank god Nike are out the door by the end of this season, looking forward to adidas (although the umbro home and away shirts of the 90s were the best, not the grey shirt)


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