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PICTURE: Van Persie posts picture to celebrate win

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 20.41.10

Following United’s 2-0 win over Crystal Palace, Robin van Persie posted a picture of him celebrating with Juan Mata.

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  1. Dela says:

    He has been back for 5 games and scored 4.

  2. Mark Reid says:

    Who is that in your rearview mirror?its Manchester United.

  3. wayne barker says:

    I’ve no idea why people keep banging on about him leaving guess people always need something to be negative about

  4. Mav says:

    I was positively surprised by his reaction after scoring the goal. Havent seen that much emotion from him this season.

    Good job

  5. Redfrog says:

    @Mav…he had the same reaction when he equalized the game before. His injuries problems and the results this years won’t make him happy when he is a competitor.
    It is all journalistic paranoia surrounding football this day. Look at the daily mail : you lose a match and next day there is a story because RVP or Rooney didn’t smile while driving their cars, and it is a sign they want to leave. Only deluded people can read some truth in this journalistic manipulation shit. Players are humans, they don’t smile every fucking second. But it is a big story after a loss.

  6. RedOne says:

    Finally we got it done…really pleased to see us win=)

    Overall performance was good, saw the changes in the final third which is a positive thing to see Moyes trying adapt to new styles. We still lack sharpness, but much much better approach.

    Fellaini also played well tonight no matter what some smurfs say. He kept things calm, closed down the opposition and came to the opposition penalty box and waited for the balls which i assume is another Moyes` attempt. He should have scored that left footer, but will be better next time. Apart from that I think he did the job well done. He is slow ofc, but in tonights tactics this wasnt disadvantage.

    Vida was sloppy tonight but fortunately that didnt cost us. Great penalty from RVP who kept it cool under pressure. Rooney`s goal was a stunner, but he could show little emotion tho, especially after signing a fortune. Also sth to cheer about Pat….finally.

    De Gea also did his job done tonight. No mistakes, no concentration faliure….great as usual…

    I think if we keep playing this lineup, maybe with couple of tweeks at the back, we have great chances to win our upcoming games. Also think if the opposition didnt defend like that, we would have torn them apart. Only against fast teams we would struggle tonight as our 2 centerhalves and 2 cent mids are all slow.

    Anyway, pleased of result and approach tonight and also the players performance.

    Also on topic, think it`s a load of crap….RVP going nowhere….

  7. Tommy says:

    Hopefully you will upload 3 more pics from a hattrick you score in Greece on tuesday haha, Oh Robin Van Persieeee!

  8. Trafford_Lord says:

    He has made the difference today by tucking away that penalty….

  9. wayne barker says:

    Well lads our season starts Tuesday we have one cup to play for so I expect the lads to be fully focused and pumped.Even the lads moving on should be fully motivated to win this
    I’ve got a good feeling we could go all the way

  10. WeAreUnitedd says:

    ooooooooooooh robin van persieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    this guy is the best, did you saw how he did not celebrate his goal? sight, HE DID, morons. stop being paranoid.

    THIS GAME, I am not happy just because we won, of course it was expected against Crystal Palace,

    BUT hold on,

    TODAY, the football philosophu was up there, it was beautiful, a new system and players moving around like it is the new year, BRILLIANT display from Manchester United, it has been while for this kind of performance, brilliant brilliant,

    for those saying we did not do this well,, just remembere this, I think this was the first game where Moyes tried this system, so remember this being our first game with this kind of philosophy, IT WILL Improve, but I loved it!

    66% possession, only 15 crosses, I think something of 460 passes, tells us that we dominated and moved the ball around like Barcelona, now that this system has been incerted, players will improve and will show more authority and guts, because today we saw that IT WILL WORK.

    BRILLIANT!!!!!!! for the moaners, stop whining, this is the way we wanted, and we got what we asked, it was a matter of time, and that’s the key word, TIME.

    With THESE players, we only need to get Gundogan (Dortmund ain’t doing well) and maybe another midfielder, bring Powell and Pereira in, get Young off and bring Lingard and we WILL BE ON FIRE.

    I SAAW glimpses today for the football we want and will go for,

    GUYS, this is the beginning, but if we continue like this, trust me, we will be a dominating force, !

    IT WAS NOT only about the win, BUT THE WAY WE DID AND PLAYED


  11. UTDtillidie says:

    he also posted one with rooney on his instagram!

  12. TywinnLannister says:

    No no no..
    We only need messi and ronaldo up front.. sell RVP, Young, Valencia, Rooney, Feillani, Vidic, Ferdinand, Smailing, Jones, Justin Bieber, Hernandez, Kagawa and Phil Neville.
    Now get Kroos, and the whole German’s squad, it will be golden guys!

    I’ll be back, am firing up Football Manager right now. Going to test this idea out, if it’s legit, we should go with this guys. I have a strong feeling about this. I will let you know.

  13. Andrew.MUNZ says:

    I know I’m gonna get hate for this but when I saw how happy Fellaini and Mata were winning this game and the smiles and the passion it just gave me fucking chills man.

    this team might not have much but they do have fucking character within the squad.

    more of the same.

  14. ashtheking says:

    Quite satisfying performance. Defensively we were very much composed and even in midfield there was no panic. Great work by our boys. This was a typical champions stuff victory and this is what we have been missing. Even the commentators said that United were never that bad in the last few games also its just that we have been conceding some silly goals and were not sharp up front. RVP should have scored against Arsenal and against Fulham we conceded a stupid late goal. I hope this is a new beginning but we shouldn’t go that much ahead of ourselves , Each game at a time.

    I think the Dubai break has helped the players. All of them had a nice trip and Moyes got to know better about them. And I feel this was the first time Moyes got a chance to spend time with his players without other commitments like worrying about transfer. Even Mata is looking settled. Loved how he linked with Rooney, RVP and Fellaini.

    Speaking of Fellaini, I feel this could be his break through in United shirt. He was really good apart from that one miss. He will score goals also once he starts to stamp his authority. Its always nice to see all our players returning from Injury and are motivated just at the right moment . After the Olymipacos game we will get another 9 day break so Moyes will have majority players fit. He needs to make a plan of how he is going to play in Champions league and what are his strategies in the League.

    Well Played boys.

    Hardly any comments, If he had lost the negativity will be pouring in here. Glad we won.

  15. IsmailNZ says:

    He’s back and he scores! We could still fighting for title had he stay free from injuries this season. Super player RvP!

  16. Musema Musa says:

    waoo thanks Van persie Wayine the rest of the players and moyes 4 that win top 4 is in your hands i wish u could suprise our heaters

  17. shaan says:

    Good win for the lads. Yes it was against Crystal Palace but we needed it. The team morale and confidence has been low for a while and this win will definitely help. Just one thing that I noticed (not being negative), is Adnan getting trained by Ashley Young? I could see the Stop, Start and move in techniques.
    Cheers. Peace

  18. scholes18 says:

    van persie’s stories about rumored discontent are coming very constantly and he is answering them in best possible manner. i hope it is all a white wash as united needs fit and firing RVP next season.

    shaan: i have also noticed yesterday than adnan was not keen on to take on defenders.

    he is intelligent enough to know about importance of not losing the ball but still no body would mind occasional loss of possession if he creates one good enough chance per match. one thing for sure, adnan did not send those hopeful crosses in. sometimes it is better to be patient when opposition parks the bus (Trademarked by chelsea FC)

    do not talk about that guy young. i am not his hater but i seriously doubt that guy’s personality because in last game (which he played) he chickened out when two defenders came close to him. he punted the ball forward looking frightened and unsure. i do not mind having less talent and skills but i certainly hate lack of character and fight.

  19. tallestreD says:

    Well, well, well. Negativity never stops on ROM. We drew Fulham abuses were all over the place, claiming we couldn’t beat the worst team. We drew at Arsenal, omg DM was very negative, couldn’t be bothered to win blah blah blah. Now we beat Palace and still you still see something to complain about. *sighs* quite astonishing really.

    It was a good win, much needed win. We just need to be a bit quicker and improve the decision making. Onwards and upwards then.

  20. shaan says:

    @tellestreD. Well mate I dont know who you are referring to but need to be a bit quicker and improve are also not positive words.

    We are just talking about something that we noticed. Not saying he played bad infact his pass to Evra was absolute class and he was marked by two defenders just stating that he wasnt making those deadly forwards runs that we know he can make.

  21. ashtheking says:


    I get what you are saying regarding Januzaj. I thought he was very cautious with his game and you know what I liked that. He was waiting for his chances to get on the ball and when he got he did quite well. Young is totally a different personality, he wants to hide his weakness so he dives but Januzaj is different. He loved playing one touch with Mata. Its just matter of time before these two (Mata and Januzaj) start to read each other game much better. And the stop start thing Januzaj does is more effective than what Young or valencia do. Januzaj more often than not clears the first man which Young and Valencia hardly do. I was pleased the way he defended yesterday and helped evra. Thats what we need.

    Also one thing I feel when Mata plays as an attacking midfielder its better to play Fellaini in central role as it gives Mata more freedom. There were many instances when Mata lost possession but fellaini was there to win the ball back. For player like Mata to work you need a strong midfielder and I feel Jones or Fellaini are good as they can tackle the opposite players which Carrick or Cleverly fail to do.

  22. Jan Vana says:

    rvp didn’t win shit in 8 seasons at arseanal… why would he leave united after one slump season?

  23. tallestreD says:

    Shaan I was talking about the whole team. They weren’t quick enough. Giving Palace the chance to regroup and all. We couldn’t even get a counter-attack. Yep but its all good.

  24. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The positives – the fact moyes is starting to realise he can play rooney, mata, januzaj, van persie effectively in the right system. I don’t think it’s anything to shout about until these consistent positive changes can be seen and moyes does not somehow revert to the predictable young or valencia.. United punted less obvious crosses in and more link up play was on show. In the four attackers, moyes has intelligent crafty players with flair and imagination, they along with kagawa are capable of more than the basic flat displays shown for the entire season so far and here’s hoping moyes is starting to realise and adapt to new progressive methods.

    The central mid is still an issue in terms of generating tempo and controlling games.. Despite fellaini improving slightly, still don’t think he is the answer.. he is not the calibre of player needed in that central area.. I think when powell returns, maybe one or two step up from the youth and a couple of quality central mids are also bought then you start building a powerful team. Fellaini will likely be a squad man.

    I think another positives is the fact rooney can slot in with these players and yet enable mata or whoever marked down as natural playmakers to also get knitting things. Movement is key in football and if there is more rotational positional movement and flexibility then these players can blend in, I think it’s all about the tactical system and instruction passed on.. Maybe moyes is starting to change in his approach, too early to say yet.

    Good result as palace are improving and a tough side at home. Now against olympiakos and with mata out due to being cup-tied, it would be time to bring kagawa back in along with januzaj and rooney playing behind the forward, that flexibility continues.

  25. shaan says:

    I am really sad that Kagawa is not getting games. Was disappointed to see Giggs come on instead of Kagawa. The lad needs more games to up his confidence and show us what he is capable of.

  26. Stuart Stow says:

    Moyes picked a really good team apart from Smalling as FB as he can’t cross to save his life but Moyes left all the deadwood out so i was feeling more upbeat and positive thinking he’s figured out who’s not good enough and then read Fletcher to be offered a new contract


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