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PICTURE: Was Hernandez Onside?

We were all very pleased to see Javier Hernandez score such a cracking goal on his début but there was a hit of offside. Well, more than a hint really. With the ESPN footage failing to show decent replays, it was assumed that Chicharito must have at least been half a yard off side, given how far behind the back line he was when the ball reached him.

It has been well reported that he was the fastest player at the World Cup, but could he really be that fast? So fast that he looked yards offside but in fact had been onside when the ball was played?

Apparently so…



  1. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Luke Young turned them down, oh my fucking god how the mighty have fallen, lol.

  2. Costas says:

    Didn’t they bring back Steve Staunton a few years ago? I am surprised they didn’t ask him to return one more time, lol.

  3. Costas says:

    The other funny thing is that Aurelio was free to find a club for 2 months and found nothing. How desperate are Liverpool anyway?

  4. willierednut says:

    Who’s next, Heskey, Rush ha ha

  5. United4eva says:


    That Chicharito’s dynamite remix is hysterical.

    He can count his blessings…

    We owe Aurelio one so I’m glad he’s gone back there

  6. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    News just in Gary Abletts chippy isnt doing too well at the mo with the health drive going on, dont ask me its a jamie oliver thing. Essex rent boy and all that. Barry Venisons hair salon is booming in Ibiza but Ive heard hes preparing a come back.

  7. says:

    I think Hyppia will be next to Liverpool:)

  8. willierednut says:

    Calm down calm down, Liverpoo’s in great shape lol.

  9. says:

    Twente beat Ajax 1-0 for the Dutch super cup and guess who was red carded? Luis Suarez…..some people are picking up where they left off in the WC:)

  10. Costas says:

    If Pepe Reina leaves them next season, they will probably try to buy David James from Bristol, lol.

  11. Slim says:

    @ Costas says:
    The other funny thing is that Aurelio was free to find a club for 2 months and found nothing. How desperate are Liverpool anyway?

    Pretty desperate my friend, pretty desperate. Seriously though Roy could do a number on those guys and get them playing. Calamity james back at anfield would be a treat. HA

  12. Dr.hannibal says:

    we should give credit to lines man he is spot on !!! chicha is on side!!

  13. willierednut says:

    Or Ray Clemence lol

  14. says:

    @costas – I think they may try and get Jerzy Dudek from the virus first. Of course they will trade him for Reina:)

    Has RieraMania died down in Greece?

  15. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:


    You could be onto something there mate. Ray Clemence joined Liverpool a month before his 19th birthday meaning he spent his 19th, 20th and 21st year at Liverpool qualifying him for home grown status in the premier leagues new rules. lol

  16. Costas says:

    Oh yes of course. Dudek. I’d love it if they got him back. Things are calm on the Riera front for now. All the fuss was about giving him a big welcome when he arrived in Greece. Even Liverpool fans were taking the piss, lol.

  17. Costas says:

    John Aldridge to replace Torres. :P

  18. Costas says:


    I also have a feeeling that Hodgson will opt for a different approach than the FSW and try to get his players to show hunger and determination. Don’t know how far that will take them though.

  19. willierednut says:

    Fuck it, bring back Rafa.

  20. willierednut says:

    It’s a pity Roy Hodgson is their manager, i like the guy, but i hate Liverpoo with a passion.

  21. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    yeah bring back wafa

    Woy Hodgson as Manager
    Wafa as twainer
    Gewward as captain.
    Weiwa in goal
    With Cawwager and Awelio in an unbweechable defence.

  22. tr says:

    My first reaction was when I was watching the highlights, it is offside.

    You have just made my thought stronger about that…

    That fecking video referee or some kind of technical change has to be made. We all know there are major issues about the referees (even felt on our skins as well) but the World Cup clearly showed us that change is inevitable.

    Anyway, the guy shows great talent, can’t wait to see his partnership with Rooney or Berba.

    Roll on next season!

  23. RojoDiablo says:

    I should have known little Em would have something put together already…you’ve a little superstar there (but you already knew that). Nice work kiddo…

  24. Gudjohnsen says:

    Joe Cole talks about how Liverpool are the biggest club in England, but then Luke Young turns them down. Something doesn’t add up, LOL !!

  25. Ted Perechalli says:

    He was just on side.

  26. says:

    man city losing 2-0 to Inter Milan….still the same Rafa, with his strange hand signals on the sidelines…

  27. says:

    Viera was sent off for an elbow on Materazzi:) The French must be allergic to him or something….

    BTW is it 3-0 Inter now..

  28. sean says:

    even at 1st glance i can tell that he is defo not

  29. Marq says:

    For people still thinking he was offside, please look carefully at the right back’s position in the 2nd picture. The ball is just about to leave the passer’s foot. He was clearly onside.

  30. dutch says:


  31. Dr. Mico says:

    He was onside. Look at the right back’s position. Check the link to the invisible line above also. And the linesman was very well placed. But like others have said previously i also have the feeling we’re gonna get a lot of incorrect offside decisions against us because of Javier’s speed.

  32. Mclovin7 says:

    His pace is going to ruin the lives of the best defenders in the world. The only worry about this is that they can end up with hamstring problems let’s hope that chicharito doesn’t get any problems.

  33. Firestarter says:

    He does not need to run that fast in England.

    Remember Drogba’s goal at old trafford

  34. Rohan says:

    ahahah he is onside Losers ~

  35. King Eric says:

    Did I read someone say he looks “weak”? Is he fuck, he looks a tough little case. This kid is gonna be the bollocks.

  36. King Eric says:

    Have Citeh even won a game yet? Those cunts are gonna fail miserably. This morning Tevez has been saying he has lost all appetite for the coming season. Won’t be in top 5 thats for sure. Fucking clowns. Have the dippers REALLY got Aurelio back? You couldn’t make it up.


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