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PICTURE: What did Guardiola want Rooney to do?

Rooney Bayern

With just minutes to go in in last night’s 1-1 draw against Bayern Munich, Bastian Schweinsteiger was sent off for a second yellow card for a foul on Wayne Rooney.

Pep Guardiola immediately made a ‘diving’ gesture on the touchlines but this didn’t stop the referee from sending off the German’s goalscorer.

There’s no denying that Rooney jumped in the air when Schweinsteiger slid in, and he probably did so more dramatically than he needed to, but that doesn’t change the fact that if he didn’t jump out of the way, he could have been badly hurt.

The German midfielder had his foot in the air, studs showing, and Rooney had to get out of the way. Maybe Guardiola would have been happy if Rooney stayed where he was, Schweinsteiger snapped him in half, and their goalscorer was given a straight red card instead?

Guardiola dive

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  1. WeAreUnitedd says:


    I get that mate, but try to understadn that Pep took deco henry ronaldingo eto marquez slowly off and promoted those players

    Messi did not even liek Pep at the beginning did you know that? but he slowly geleld those GOLDEN players into one and created something different the tiki-taka. like I said to play that magic football where you teased the opposition and penetrated when you wanted, it needs players that come once in a lifetime

    so agree you there, but I BEG to differ, when people bash beautiful football that makes you ther best, cause if Unietd played that way, we would be defending it til lthe end knowing it’ the best football in the world

    Who would you take as a manager Pep or Moyes? ……. you get the idea.

    hopefully Moyes starts realising something now and starts producing, we’ll see, could be too little too late, but maybe not. Idon’t know. I restored some faith yesterday but, it’s still far from great.


  2. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Why people always assume an influx of players will suddenly transform united? This is not subuteo, you can’t just go around shopping for fantasy players and think job’s done.

    A manager has to actually have the ability to spot quality players, players with potential to push on and become world class.. United possess a manager that could have scoured the footballing universe for those players but yet somehow went to his former stomping ground to purchase a player who clearly is not up to the required level and for an inflated fee too, that in essence shows moyes incapability of spotting the quality required. Oh, what did I hear there? Some people screaming out juan mata.. Well, an obvious signing, that does not require extra-ordinary to spot such a talent.. Can moyes spot quality that are not obvious?

    2. does he possess the tactical knowledge and philosophy to get the best out of these players? He has struggled to understand the characteristics of his players let alone understand how best to use them.

    3. Does moyes have the right mentality that great players can feed off? We know moyes hasn’t got the credenntials to have ever been considered for as big a job as united.. Some managers that cannot provide that showcase potential to go to the top with their intellect, demeanour and tactical initiative added with boldness.. Moyes looks a feeble apologetic man lacking the nous.. Perhaps better and more advanced top coaches could help but is moyes type of man to accept his deficiencies and get help? Judging by how he’s stuck to what brought him mid-table mediocrity at united, that isn’t changing anytime soon.

    I think united have bigger issues than just personnel of players.. Getting some more quality in helps to an extent but some are living in a bubble if they think it will be the end of united’s troubles. The manager in place is equally an important component of a football club.. drawing conclusion from clear evidence, united do not possess the right leading man and for those doubts to erase, it will take a lot more than some players shopping spree.

  3. wayne barker says:

    Just not true the ave fan thinks tiki taki Football is like watching paint dry

  4. wayne barker says:

    Fuck all beautiful about doing triangular passing drills till the opponent gets bored into making a mistake

  5. Tommy says:

    @Wayne is correct, Its not knocking Barca ability or Bayerns to say their tika taka football is pretty dull to watch, thats just the way it is, like a heavyweight boxer jabbing for 12 rounds, effective but not pretty, Theirs ways to beat these teams, as Inter and Chelsea have showed in recent years, if you defend well then you can beat those teams, they are looking for you to commit yourselves but if you can stay compact as a team and with pep liking his defenders to be high up the pitch you can nick one on the counter with quick breaks

  6. WeAreUnitedd says:


    wayne you are one funny lad, gotta admit, you have nothibg else to respond, HA

    triangular passing, yeah sure that’s it, till the opponent gets bored yeah that’s it

    I think you’re trolling really and taking a piss, it is obvious you have nothing else to say HA
    laughing my ass off. your argument is only based on your emotions so it says it all.

    BTW just to be serious agains,

    When that paint dry’s, the result is beautiful and unique. AND YOU CAN QUOTE THAT!!!!

    go watch some rugby, there you have people who plays with huffing and puffing. no reason arguing with you, when clearly you just don’t get it.


  7. Ezzerguru says:

    @Wayne Barker

    The teams that generally play tiki taka football play it so well and are so good that opposition unaccustomed to it often have to go on the defensive (park the bus as Mourinho would say) and stifle the game. I watch quite a bit of German and Spanish football and teams over there tend not to park the bus… not even the lower placed clubs: so you really do see some great games. The recent El Classico being a perfect example. It was played as quickly as any premiership game but with class and skill all over the park.

    Tika Taka is really just a supremely confident way of playing football and it frightens ‘some’ opposition so much that they ‘park the bus’ so you end up with a spectacle akin to, as you put it ‘watching paint dry’. But who’s fault is that?

  8. WeAreUnitedd says:


    no surprise here that you are with wayne. but you put betetr arguments so for you, I agree to disagree.

    because, you’d rather play the way we played yesterday rather controlling the game and win it with a football philosophy?

    cmon you can do it betetr, anyway, tired of arguing when I have said everything,
    just go and look at the goals they scored against every team and how they murdered us and come again and tell me you did not want to dominate Barca? ……..yeah that’s what I thought.

    now I’m off peace.

  9. Tommy says:


    Ive already said its an exceptional skillful way off playing and better than what we play, but its not always pretty, I find the fast counter attacking style of a Dortmund or a United side with Kanchelkis and Giggs in the 94 season, just my opinion, a lot of fans are getting bored of the tika taka, trying to pass it into the net

  10. wayne barker says:

    I’m sorry that’s just the way I see even Spain at the World Cup won lots of games 1-0 I find it boring,constant movement and short triangular passing patterns is the main theory behind the system,looking for teams to bite and come out of their shape.The true skill is finding the holes Barca was a one off because of the personnel
    I’m being dead serious Utd kept shape and let Bayern pass in front of them didn’t chase,Bayern pretty well going around in circles and overall looked toothless
    Unless a team has super quick defenders playing a high line leaves a lot of space behind them for forwards to run onto or leaves a defender isolated 1 on 1 with the stricker which leaves the defense very suspect to long quick balls or fast counter attacks
    That’s just the way I see it

  11. WeAreUnitedd says:


    thank you, now you did not take the piss, now we can agree to disagree cause many times you come trollish and now you put something to discuss

    and I get where you’re coming from so I am not 100% against you on rhis matter, but to come here and bash one of the greates teams ever from whom we should really be aspired in the sense of possession cleverness and technique

    cause belueve me or not, I would like us to play possession but more in the dortmundd style of play , tikitaka in stereoids

    and yes, bayern did nothing for me neither, we did not play pretty but the plan worked

    the only tthing tht I am trying to imply is, why should Manchster United make tactics for Barca and not the other way around ,that’s why I and A LOT OF others keep raving about evloving and football philosopy, we need to build something tghat oppositins gets scared off

    anyway, peace


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