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PICTURE: What have our players been up to?

What have our players been doing since the season ended?

Ryan Giggs was in Shanghai to help launch the partnership with Chevrolet

David de Gea arrived in Switzerland with the Spain squad ahead of Euro 2012.

Rafael da Silva trains ahead of his start for Brazil in their friendly against Argentina.

Patrice Evra has a laugh with Samir Nasri in the training session following France’s 1-1 draw with England.

Jonny Evans captained United in Harry Gregg’s testimonial against Irish League XI in Belfast.

Rio Ferdinand played a charity match in the Asian Dream Cup in Bangkok. Park Ji-Sung, the founder of the JS Fountation and Asia’s football stars played the charity match with All Star Thai league team to raised fund for the JS Fountation.

Phil Jones visited the Schlinder Factory with his England team mates ahead of their opening Euro 2012 game against France.

Anderson enjoyed himself at United’s end of season awards.

Dimitar Berbatov played in Harry Gregg’s testimonial.

Wayne Rooney visits Auschwitz with the England squad ahead of his two game suspension in Euro 2012.

Javier Hernandez scored against Guyana in World Cup qualifying and in a friendly against Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Nani at training with Miguel Veloso near Poznan following first game defeat against Germany.

Ashley Young was at a press conference with England ahead of their opening game draw against France.

Antonio Valencia celebrates with his team mates Cristian Noboa and Fricson Erazo following Ecuador’s 1-0 win over Brazil in World Cup qualifying.

Paul Scholes went to York races.

Danny Welbeck at training with Jermaine Defoe before starting England’s first game against France.

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  1. Costas says:


  2. MUFCJord says:

    Bebe is sat on street corners asking people for money :(

  3. rd54 says:

    and then go to night club

  4. 0161-Jon says:

    Was at The Stone Roses gig in Amsterdam last night, which was top by the way even though instead of the I Am The Resurrection encore we had Ian Brown return to the stage saying Reni had gone home and he’s a cunt! Anyway, when This Is The One started, Mani flipped his bass to reveal a hacienda style striped decal with Man Utd across it!

    Get in Mani :)

  5. MG says:

    MG did his back in but plans are afoot for global domination


  6. 0161-Jon says:

    Oh and Reni looked to be wearing a Brasil shirt and a do rag with fake dreads. He looked like Anderson, maybe that’s why he went home before encore, must have injured himself in the main set!!

  7. Harish says:

    How ironical it would be if bebe becomes a good player and plays regularly for us. :lol:

  8. kk says:

    yes Harish,that is what am hoping for together with Kiko

  9. Costas says:


    Hi mate. Been away for a while. Hope your back is better. For what it’s worth, I did in my left knee and my right shoulder while on vacation. :lol: Still enjoyed my kebabs though. :D

  10. Harish says:

    Eventhough I hate comparisons bugot I don’t how many of you have seed Drogba play in his early 20′s. Honestly he was shit. Only when he joined marseille he became a good player. Bebe is very Raw , he is not shit. I felt his loan spell at besiktas could have been great but unfortunately his injury spoiled evrything. I heard he will be again sent on loan which is a great thing as I still feel he can be good.

    As far as macheda goes he should be sent on loan to a proper premier league club where he plays regularly. He is 20 only and you don’t write off players so early.

  11. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    A decent analysis of who Kagawa is, what he did for Dortmund and what fans can expect him to do for us.

    Most importantly, he says that Arsenal, Chelsea and even Real Madrid poked their head in late for his talents. But he made it pretty clear early on in his dealings that he was interested in only one club. Still, some people would prefer self-whoring Hazard and Benzema than someone Sir Alex wants and someone who wants to play for the Red of United.

  12. Ajo Paul says:

    MUFCJord, you are a funnylord.

  13. Chicharitop from nigeria says:

    Pls manager help man u 2 land modric in our that we can cope wit our team.dis also land lawadoski to inpose our attarck.

  14. Chicharitop from nigeria says:

    To land modric an lawadoski.

  15. MG says:



    Mate at least you got to your holiday – the nearest I got to my holiday was about to pay for it before just waiting a night to see if my back was just a strain and nothing worse…


    So between us we have one back gone one knee gone one shoulder ;)

    I wonder if Cedars is ok up in the mountain


  16. CedarsDevil says:

    Afternoon you miserable fuckers!

    I am back in the real world after an excellent break…..Seems I missed a lot on here, fuck me if I am reading back all those posts! So what have I missed???

  17. MG says:


    I was 5 minutes away from booking a holiday to Dubai week ago on Friday but waited a night because I had a back strain – ended up being a pull – lay on the floor for 8 days – went out for the first time on Sunday – had an ice cream called going for gold – and as a metaphor for my miserable work it fell out of my hands and on the floor

    Wretched luck

    Just went for a walk – it was tough but it was the first one for 13 days.

    And we signed Nick Powell as Pogba is going to have a dream in Juventus.


  18. Jeet says:

    Cedars! Welcome back!

  19. CedarsDevil says:


    I did hear about your back problems mate, great to know you’re getting better… So is Dubai still on?

    Heard about Powell as well, not seen him in action but nonetheless welcome aboard to him.


    Cheers mate, I had a blast

  20. ji sung says:

    looks like valencia is having a lovely time with his teammates. just have a look at his facebook profile…claro antonio valencia

  21. MG says:

    Oh no Cedars Dubai is off ;)

    No holiday now at the moment – full steam ahead opening up Planet Kidology :D

  22. dannysoya LOVES SIAN MASSEY says:

    Hey everyone. It’s been a while since i been on here. Very happy with our two new signings. Still holding out for that true central midfielder though. Once we get that midfielder then we are set for the new season. I personally don’t think we need a striker badly. Welbeck, Rooney and Hernandez are fine to me.

  23. gaurav12931 says:

    This is great,a nice way to keep track of what our players have been upto during the off season.Keep em coming :)

  24. Costas says:


    Wow mate. Quite an ordeal you went through. Sounds like you trusted United’s medical team to treat you. :)

    I hope you have a full recovery soon and you get to go on a trip for a while. My aches and pains aren’t anything serious. It’s just that at times I forget I am 29 and not 19 anymore…

  25. Redbilly says:

    Cedars- welcome back. In your absence we signed heskey . The while team will be built around him next season.

  26. CedarsDevil says:


    Cheers mate, dream signing. I am chuffed!!

  27. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    I hope and pray we don’t have any injuries next season. Because if we do, I cannot imagine the wrath our medical team will face from our Greek Kebab Lover. We’ll see Costas being transformed into The Hulk. :lol:

    Cedars, Welcome Back!

  28. PeteyRedRed says:

    South African pre-season then!

  29. Cyril Sneer says:

    You missed this one Scott:

    Rio catching up on the latest Kagawa news…

  30. MG says:


    Likewise I’m sure the Greek arm of the United medical team treated you just as well Costas


    Ah Costas we are getting older – should be wiser ;)

  31. CedarsDevil says:

    Read on another thread a bit of a debate about supporting England……..Cannot really fault people from England supporting their national team regardless of which club they follow…. Heck even I got a bit excited about Lebanon’s WC qualification campaign (Mind you round 4 started like shit!!) Cannot really fault those from England that do not give a flying fuck either…..

    In my opinion its a debate that should be between Englishmen themselves…..No use me saying fuck off England or fuck off Germany when neither mean anything to me nor am I from either country

    At the end of the day we are all United supporters and anyone wanting to support their respective national side should be respected

  32. Costas says:


    Wiser? :lol: Grumpier probably, but certainly not wiser. :)

  33. CedarsDevil says:


    Pity about your holiday mate, there’s always next year and there’s always Bora Bora!!

  34. Fred says:

    Rooney – cultivating his new Vanilla Ice meets that freak from The Goonies hairstyle:

  35. MG says:


    It will come :D


    Why not what a triffic idea ;)

    After the treble then we’re on :D

  36. Mikekelly12 says:

    Afternoon ball bags
    Im hoping Powell has the opportunity to push for a place in the first team, Dario Gradi reckons he has the same match winning attributes as Cantona!! However, I hope our first choice midfield are that amazing next season that anyone will struggle getting in!!
    Cedars me old mucker, last I heard Linda had left you tied naked to a tree in a drunken stupor ?! Welcome back fella.

  37. CedarsDevil says:


    Ha ha ha….Not far from the truth mate….Had my hopes up after the first day but then it was down hill from there….I am at peace with my self though, its something I will never win!!


    Thanks mate

  38. Yesred says:

    MG, Costas hope you both get well soon. Both my knees are battered,hoping for some sun in September possibly Roda oon the island of Corfu.

  39. King Eric says:

    Fred – Hello mate. Is that picture of Rooney a mock up? It has to be. NOBODY can have hair THAT bad. Fuck me.

  40. heatchez says:

    horrible seeing Evra and that shark faced ugly cunt Nasri sharing a joke together. I hate Nasri so fucking much, just looking at him makes my blood boil, wud love to knee cap the cunt, Keano stylee

    horrible little rat

  41. redcrab says:

    @ Balaji, totally unrelated to United or football, but I note from your blog that you are from Chennai.
    I thought I would therefore let you know that I am extremely fond of vadas, pongal, idly dosa and above all sambar!

    Believe it or not there are some reasonable South Indian restaurants in East London, and I regularly indulge in a Tamil breakfast!

  42. . says:

    @heatchez, agreed

    probably the most slappable face in football,the cunt

  43. rueda says:

    The picture of Valencia is from the match between Ecuador and Colombia (1-0). Brazil is not playing the qualifiers because they are the host country.

  44. Fred says:

    Epic fail. :oops:

  45. OHH AHH Cantona says:

    Paul Scholes…. Stayed at home


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