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PICTURE: Zaha has a pop at Moyes on Instagram


Perfect timing Wilf Zaha. The day after United drop points at home to Fulham, with fans beginning to turn on the manager and opposition players claiming we play like a Conference side, Zaha decides to pop up on social media with a dig at David Moyes.

The winger may feel hard done by after barely featuring in Moyes’ line-ups this season, particularly when you consider how badly most of the players in his position have played, but he has shown such poor judgement in taking to social media to vent his frustration.

Zaha has since deleted the caption, which was having a dig at Moyes’ lack of belief in him. Zaha was a Ferguson purchase and reports suggest that Moyes doubted the player’s attitude. We don’t see him day in day out on the training ground, so we’re in no position to judge, but even if Zaha is the real deal, what does he think he will achieve with embarrassingly petty remarks like this?

Just yesterday, Chicharito was guilty of a similar stunt, hinting at his unhappiness at the club.

Who do these players thinks they are? If they think they are going to get the fans on side by putting more unneeded pressure on the club, putting us in the spotlight unnecessarily, then they’re kidding themselves. No one player is bigger than this club, so put up, or shut up.


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  1. KwesiOwusuJnr says:

    Chicha and Zaha can write whatever they want.
    WeAreUnitedd – agree with you totally concerning Cleverley. I like the kid, gives his all, got quick feet. It’s our tactics from the latter part of Fergie’s time that’s stifling him. Our CMs are asked to play it safe. We are so bent on wingplay that tactics and evolution in the centre of the pitch is atrophied. No wonder Fergie and now Moyes dont see a pressing need to add quality to the midfield. Carrick is a brilliant player but has been so limited due to his role. Who sits back and seldom move in a 2-man midfield? Cleverley used to be adventurous but has been stripped of any little confidence remaining. He’s good enough to be part of our squad. His strengths will really standout in a 4-3-3 formation. Good lad.

  2. Tommy says:


    “Chicha and Zaha can write whatever they want.” Disagree, Chico should not play for the club again, trying to undermine the manager, who the fuck does he think he is, In any other job they would have both been sacked on the spot, disgraceful their supposed to be adults, my step daughter is better behaved, jesus christ get a grip mate

  3. Chris says:

    @Tommy: any other job Moyes would be out on his arse too, we are in the middle of a giant cluster fuck which isn’t being helped by the players comments or the Moyes PR machine which I think must be betamax… ;)

    Its that laugh or cry time again gentlemen!

  4. Mark Haslam says:

    Its not good publicity from Chicha and Zaha, and they should certainly have to explain themselves. I can understand Zaha may have been frustrated by not playing but his comments are something to explain. Its not professional of him He should be concentrating on his performances for Cardiff and proving to Moyes that he really is a worthy United player. Now it looks like he has locked himself out. As for Chicha again he needs to explain his comments. I would have expected him to know better. He has the chances to prove his worth on that pitch and has had plenty of game time this season. He needs to assess his own performances.

  5. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    I cannot understand some of our fans. Are you just fucking blind or daft? How can ANYONE be happy with that result yesterday? In what way does that help our cause? We were hanging on to a top 4 hope by a hair’s breath and we decide to play for a draw and some of us are satisfied with that? Now the hope is completely vanished and 5th is almost gone too. Arsenal were there for the taking, we could have picked them off if our manager and our players weren’t so fucking negative all the time. The part of the game that pissed me off the most was at a point in the 90th minute that carrick picked up the ball with space in front of him, instead of trying to attack and get a goal, he literally stops, turns back and passes it back to cleverley who then proceeds to pass it back to smalling. FFS. Do these players know the position that we are currently in? Do they know that Southampton is only 2 points behind us? Why can’t we go for a goal? What is wrong in attacking?

    And everyone keeps acting like this is week 1. Oh it will come good, don’t worry, we’ve found our confidence. We’ve been finding our confidence since week 1. The same bullshit after losses to West Brom, Newcastle, Everton, Spurs, Stoke. WAKE THE FUCK UP. There’s 12 games left and IT’S NOT COMING GOOD. It’s getting worse and worse. What is the point of spending all this money on players if this is the brand of football that we will keep playing? You think 40 million pound players want to come to cold Manchester to defend for 90 minutes? Is this the kind of football that we are settling for these days? FFS. NOTHING infuriates me more than fans who are simply too fucking blind and daft to see what is in front of them.

  6. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    And what does the club do? Oh yeah it rewards the players for such a fantastic season with a mid-season holiday to Dubai for around of golf and some light warm weather training. Oh Joy.


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