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PICTURES: A Day With United Players

Jack Marshall is a 5-year-old lad who is battling with cancer and a brain tumour. Rio Ferdinand invited him and his family to spend the day at Carrington today.

Wayne said “Hi Jack”. Jack said “I’d like to kiss you?” Wayne obliged.

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  1. YorYor says:

    So the first thing that is most likely within our reach is the FA Cup. I hope we go on to win it and let young Jack have a chance to touch the trophy. Tell the team to win it for him!
    My heart goes out to him, I wouldn’t wish young kids to ever have to go through things like that. Plenty of buggers out there who deserve the pain and suffering many times more than young Jack does.
    Really wish he continues to fight the good fight and hopefully last until a real cure is suddenly found.

  2. RedAlert260599 says:

    Words are hard to come by for me now. Bless your heart Jack.

  3. utdforever says:

    Get better soon Jack!

    Good on Rio and the lads

  4. dannysoya says:

    Speaking of role models. What is this nonsense i am hearing about people trying to frame king ryan giggs for cheating with one slut you guys call imogen? Tell me it isn’t true. i’m worried.

  5. willierednut says:

    Imogen out of big brother? Shes with Defoe. Haven’t heard anything about It.

  6. naszjunior says:

    hey get well jack and may GOD help u thru wat u goin in ….bless n good wishes 2 man utd…

  7. jcogsy says:

    Great pix saw them on Rio’s twitter page. Keep fighting Jack thousands of Man Utd fans are with you x

  8. TheRedzz says:

    Best wishes to you Jack, get well soon!

  9. smartalex says:

    A message from Jack’s dad.
    ‘Thank you to everyone involved for making such a special day happen and thank you to all at MUFC. 1 in 2,500 children will be diagnosed with a brain tumour of some sort. Not all will be cancerous, but they can all be very problematic. Be brain tumour aware.’

  10. smartalex says:

    We are all Red, a fellowship. We support, and are United.

  11. Kings says:

    Giles Oakley – Great post sir. Hope you are keeping ok, all things considered? I had cancer when I was a very young lad and survived the ordeal, so this is something that is very much close to my heart, so when I see pictures of this lad given some hope in his battle, judging by his lovely smile, it is great to see and when something such as this kind gesture from Rio and especially Rooney can have a positive impact then it’s absolutely fantastic. I acutally find that goodwill gestures from people that you don’t know of usually have a greater impact, strange as it may sound but it is true. I sincerely hope both you and this little lad made a speedy recovery.

  12. McQueen says:

    Beautiful, great to see. What a cute kid I pray that he pulls through.

    p.s is that Fletcher?? looks weird, much fuller in the face. looks better in fact, but don’t know what it means for his fitness, hope he hasn’t been on the battered mars bars

  13. misterq says:

    It breaks my heart


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