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PICTURES and VIDEO: FC In The 2nd Round

Surely the FA will have to fix this so we get them in the 3rd round, if they make it through? Although if it’s drawn at Old Trafford, we should expect an empty away end…

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  1. musvn says:

    off topic: Ronaldo talks about Mourinho, Sir Alex and himself missing Manchester

    ps: The stats in the end of the clip is stunning: 114 goals/150 games for 2 years each at Man Utd and Madrid.

  2. kosio says:

    Now this was an illegal goal, but I wonder how many of journos will chose to focus on that and how many will go for the emotional story

  3. It's in my blood says:


    “I don’t know how i feel about FC United”

    I sympathise with that statement!
    I mentioned on the previous thread of my sadness that we had lost 2,000 or so of
    our most vociferous supporters, the ones that used to ensure OT rocked come what may.
    The season tickets they gave up were re-allocated to the “corporate hospitality” brigade-
    mostly in the Stretford End- and hence you often have the morgue like atmosphere at OT.
    What i do know is that these guys sing for United (the real one) non stop during their own games
    and the fans form a good chunk of our away support.
    Some of these people have supported United for 50 years.
    I feel that a huge majority of United fans sympathise and retain goodwill to FC United but stop short
    of anything further.
    Hope they do well, their passion leaves the whole country standing.

  4. Costas says:


    Haha! You couldn’t make this up! “This is how it feels to be city”, part 11. :D

  5. markynorbs says:

    Great game, with all the romance of the cup. Live in Sydney these days. Watched it this morning live on Setanta, first time I’ve seen a full FC United game. My brother goes to the odd match at Gigg Lane, he said it’s a great atmosphere with a lot of passionate supporters, from that game I’d have to agree. Well done FC United. Still only ONE LOVE for me….UNITED!!!!

  6. musvn says:

    @Chicharito14: I understand you as a United fan but I think it goes too far now. He is just human and deserves a sympathy.

  7. aiaiyaya says:

    brilliant.. it’s gonna be so weird if they are drawn with manutd. everyone’ll probably sing the same songs. LUHG!

  8. Anderson08 says:

    The fuck is with all this hatred going on here and harsh words exchanged. We all support Manchester United, sure FCUM has different views, but I agree with most of them, now everything is about money and it is ruining the game. I am glad these lads qualified for the 3rd round and would be most happy to clash with them, if possible in 2nd round. We all have the same message, LOVE UNITED HATE GLAZER

  9. Giggsys chest wig says:

    Bunch of Judas scum.
    None of them are ever welcome at One Trafford.
    There’s only one United.

  10. united_greats08 says:

    Great to see them succeed with a not-so-meager budget and HUGE support from the locals. Makes me cry and feel happy for them…hope they’ll face Man Utd in the FA Cup real soon. GGMU! :)

  11. Rai says:

    Giggsys Chest Wig –

    Scum? What the fuck are you talking about?!! Some of us can’t afford to go to Old Trafford anymore, plus most of us who follow FC still watch United and still support them, the only difference is we don’t want to line Glazers pockets then start bitching about how we want Glazer out. If all United supporters followed the example of FC the Glazers would be gone by now. Don’t spin a line about how difficult it is to give up your season ticket at OT because you’re just feeding the Glazers greed further. I’ll still go to United away matches if I can (and yes I’m aware there’s a 3% fee that goes to the bastards) but I’d much rather go to an FC game than OT.

    This is how it feels to be FC
    This is how it feels to be home
    This is how it feels when you don’t sell your arse to a knome, arse to a knome

  12. Mannings says:

    If you don’t go to Old Trafford because you can’t afford it, are you still a United fan? Of course you are, because it’s what counts in your heart, and what you believe in. Many fans simply can’t afford to watch Big United anymore, so what do you do? Support FC,

    Everyone knows the atmosphere at Old Trafford is dying. There’s only Liverpool, City or big european nights that get the crowd going, the real fans who wanna sing and stand get told to sit down. With the majority of fans in the ground sitting on their arse, respectfully applauding the team.

    A few weeks ago, United were 2-0 up to West Brom, but lost the lead to 2-2. With 5 minutes to go, fans had left, nobody was cheering the team on, the game stayed 2-2. Last night at FC, United were 2-0 up, but went to 2-2. The fans stayed until the end, cheering for their team and a winner was scored. There was a time in 1999, when United could never be ruled out, the crowd seemed to give the team a boost when they most needed it.

    There’s some real fans still at Old Trafford, but not many. I don’t care if you go every week if you don’t sing your heart out.

  13. King Eric says:

    Gotta say fucking enjoyed that game last night and THAT is how OT should be , not just away games. Singing for ninety minutes. Quality. Call me hypocritical but liked that last night. The fucking “I am an FC fan” is quality. and “still sing citys gonna die , TWO UNITED’S BUT THE SOUL IS ONE”

  14. King Eric says:

    Mannings – Much better put. Spot on. Some of the cunts sat around me need to fuck off and do one. One cunt abuses players from start to finish.

  15. King Eric says:

    Also gotta sa their kit is nicer than ours!! Also gotta say the keeper DID have the ball and the FC lad DID push the defender out the way!!

  16. xol says:

    I must say, they’ve put a different light on this week’s usual pre-match build up for me. Plenty to think about and loads of publicity coming their way, no doubt. Lots of people asking questions like ‘what would happen post current owners’, ‘why jump ship’, etc. The daily mirror’s feature dishing out the Rooney weekly wage and average FC gate receipt figures illustrate how much things have changed since the Premier League people invented football. I despise those little History features they have on Sky talking like 1990′s is real history. Then the commentators dish out irrelevant facts that distort the truth and brainwash well meaning newer fans across the globe. It’s all so bloody politically correct when it suits it but for me, you don’t get much more politically INCORRECT than LEGALLY ALLOWING INBRED FINANCE GEEKS WITH NO CARE FOR THE LOCAL COMMUNITY OR HISTORY OF THE CLUB TO BUY THE WHOLE THING WHEN THEY CAN’T AFFORD IT.

  17. Charlton's Comb-over says:

    Well said Rai & Mannings and speaking as a regular at OT, I can honestly say that I’ve not come across many with chestwig’s opinion.

    Good luck to FC in the next round.

  18. xol says:

    Oy, Glazer,
    Look I know you want £80 for this ticket but I’ve only got £15 so here’s what’s going to happen: I’ll give you £15 and borrow the rest. The outstanding £65 will accrue massive interest, which obviously needs to be paid, so I’ll borrow more and happily pay off that interest (slowly because I might want to buy some food and Cigs). If it goes tits up we’ll just forget the whole thing, I’ll walk away having paid £15 for an £80 ticket and all that debt shit will be your responsibility.

  19. Gee says:

    Fair play to the FC lads, for what they are putting together and trying to achieve but for me there is only one club and that will never change. I couldnt just start to support some other team even if they are a branch off of our mighty club. Thats just my opinion tho and I’m not having a pop at those that do follow FC!!

  20. Red Devil says:

    Well done to FC…Just loved the crowd going berserk and celebrating with a passion…How I wish OT could be a cauldron like that everytime.. ..

  21. willierednut says:

    RedScot Ulster Red

    What are yous two waffling about? Be happy in thy self lads.

  22. Corea says:

    simply amazing

  23. bchilds says:

    Congratulations. I know they will forever have United in their hearts.

  24. Marq says:

    My feelings with FC united is mixed like many here, because yes they can say they love United too much to see it bleed in the hands of the Glaizers, but at the same time, it also means they left United to bleed without putting up some fight. Does this imply they are fans who ditch the boat at the first sign of trouble? Subjectively yes. But that is not what I am suggesting here. I still think, the best way out is to seek out help from the authorities, together with a solid and (Non Flame Fanning Group) to put together a reasonable bid to takeover the club.
    Liverpool have been cheering their new takeover, but their owners just put a director on top of their manager without notice. Goes to show they are no different from some owners out there, trying to control the team but taking away the manager’s authority. We won’t want that definitely.

  25. RedScot says:

    @Willie I aint waffling, neither was Ulster red, he just does not follow the blog!
    I have this bastard of any attitude i read what is presented to me, both in the articles and the lads comments.
    @Rai, great post, that was i was talking about. if you read the previous thread, taking the piss out of the Glazer.Its maybe to subtle for most and giving credit to your and the other FC united supporters.
    Good luck in the second round draw of the Fa cup.
    @ Ash mate, I realize a lad tried to explain to you, what I was going on about, on the right hand side of the blog you will see a caption”reclaim our club”. Click on it and read. Cheers.

  26. exiledred says:

    Watching that game was like going back to the 70s when the Stretford End was packed by 1:30 and the ground rocked for hours. Those days are gone forever in the new world of football so I’d just say to FC fans, enjoy it while you can.

    I love everything about the FC United principles but loathe the reasons that led to their creation. However, don’t just link this to the Glazers. Utd’s soul was lost when we floated on the stock market. From that day, we were always been vulnerable to this kind of takeover. With the increasing popularity in (corporate) footie, it was only a matter of time before some wankers saw the profit to be made in Utd.

  27. dannysoya says:

    i don’t know about anyone here but i have chosen to admire and support them and their quest BUT MANCHESTER UNITED remains the club i support and i hope that they never EVER become bigger than united.


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