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PICTURES: City Local Vandalised With Red ’34′

Ahead of the derby tonight, some United fans have been busy at a local pub of many City fans with red paint.

As if tonight’s clash wasn’t going to be heated enough, they’ll be plenty of blues heading to the game tonight with a point to prove after seeing their pub in such a state ahead of kick off.

It has to be said though, red paint or not, what a shit hole!

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. MG says:

    Actually considering city ain’t going to get to the carling cup final because doh they are not in it

    35 is more appropriate


  2. sayyid says:

    When will the ticker turn to 35 yrs?

    I think we may need to go back to that pub soon

  3. kanchelskis says:

    Lol. Brave reds!

    Not sure we should be celebrating vandalism, but as Scott points out, it couldn’t make that place look any worse!


  4. Dave Malaysia says:

    Vandalism no goot!!! just call in a bom threat

  5. MG says:

    I believe since the last trophy they won was the league cup 76 – it’s obvious they are not going to win one before the end of the season of which they still won’t win and then go spend another billion or whatever on players in the summer


    Therefore 35

  6. MG says:

    That’s not vandalism – it’s art – quick let’s call Damien Hurst to do a replica and sell it off to charity and make a trophy and commemorate it to city


  7. Doghouse says:

    Is it me or does Banksy just seem to not make so much effort these days?

  8. Dr.Hannibal says:

    welcome to the shitty :)

  9. Noqnoq48 says:

    @ kanchelskis

    What’s so brave about these vandals?

  10. mancstan says:

    Fuck me, would you drink in there!!!

    Would wipe my feet on the way out!!!!

  11. Chicharito14 says: giggs trained yesterday, passed fit,scholes expected to start, chicharito expected to make way for berbatov who is expected to operate as a lone striker, it is likely nani will start.evra, vidic and rafael also fit after catching the flu.

  12. Swissdevil says:

    wudnt trust…. the site is shite..

  13. Mancuniac says:

    Banksy takes Mancunian Tribalism to new levels, behind enemy lines, expertly done, i think the Blues miss moss-side – i’ve been in that shit hole and just supped my beer and kept quiet. and that was on a saturday night, it was rough as arseholes then, and that was just the women

  14. mancstan says:

    Sorry Scot, but massively off topic, I just wanted to share this with you guys.

    My wife runs her own business, very small, makes a living.

    She told me last night that Manchester United had called her; I asked if they wanted to know her views on Rooney.

    She said they were offering executive hospitality box, £190,000 a year.

    Fuck I said, did you take 2!!!!!

    Shows how desperate the Glazers are. I dont mean them calling the Mrs (!), but hawking round exec boxes like fecking Del Boy.

  15. redpete says:

    agree, has to be said… looks more like a shed to me than a pub

  16. Balders says:

    Fookin Marvelous :D
    BTW, I agree on the site

  17. pypkmsrikanth says:

    City are still in a shout to win the FA Cup & Europa Cup so I suppose the clock will have to wait for a couple of more months or so before it turns over to 35 or have I got i wrong

  18. Unitedrant says:

    Isnt this the shitehole that was showing video of the Munich air crash on a big screen a few years back?

  19. Louis says:

    True in months its nearly 35, but wouldnt it be so much more satisfying if we wait till the end of the season and change it for the whole of next season. If we change it now, then next season citeh fans wont care.

  20. Louis says:

    Its not a failed season till you dont win anything.
    LoL @ mancstan [wiping feet on way out]

  21. aig alex is god says:

    Either it will be a very good night or a very bad one. Lets hope its the former.

    Enjoy the game lads.

  22. derbyday says:

    @united rant,it is also the pub where the dj was laughing at george best dying looking for his pint around the pub city bastards!

  23. Costas says:

    Nice place. If you are planning on taking a shit somewhere. :D

  24. Benitez's fact hunt says:

    Slightly off-topic. I see that Balotelli’s red card has been upheld, and he’ll now serve a three match ban.

    How come the FA didn’t deem that ‘frivolous’ and extend it to four? One rule for United, as ever…

  25. wayne says:

    should’ve painted the whole fucking thing red, no on second thoughts the only thing thats going to improve that place is a bulldozer,i’m guessing anyone with their own teeth does ok with the ladies in that hole

  26. willierednut says:


  27. Big Red M says:

    Just so everyone knows, City’s next chance to win a trophy comes 35 years and 3 months after their last victory. So chant 35 years all you want, it’s going to be a fact in a couple of months!

  28. ajopaul says:

    Its vandalism, and am not to excited to see such things from United fans.

  29. manc_sam says:

    Cant see it on there but it says down the side, FOE CUNTS… too far that!

    But yea the rest looks good to me!

    Got a text about this last night too ha

    1-2 tonight.

  30. wayne says:

    @ajopaul i think it would be hard to consider anything vandalism on that place it looks like a condemned building.the owner should get hold of shiek fuck-head and have him throw in a few quid,the vandals have done the place a favour at least now it’ll see fresh paint.

  31. King Eric says:

    hurr – Where on that picture in the mirror does it mention Foe? Just cannot see it thats all.

  32. hurr says:

    @King Eric

    It’s actually to the left of the “34 years” in Scott’s second picture.

  33. hurr says:

    I mean right. Sorry.

  34. Unitedfanatic says:

    @AIG Alex is God:
    Hi mate. Hope its the former too.

  35. McQueen says:

    Costas – I wouldn’t even take a shit in there mate, you’ll catch gonorrhea

  36. norsered says:

    @Benitez’s fact hunt
    I was wondering about that too. I seem to recall that the FA said before the season that any appeal that didn’t go through would lead to an extra match ban?

  37. Jig3000 says:

    Bad show.

    Making comments about Foe is out of order, just a couple of scumo’s bringing the name of our club into disrepute. We’re all very quick to jump on our high-horse when someone mentions Munich, but the place gets very quiet when the shoe’s on the other foot. We even get our knickers in a twist when someone calls us ManU – even if they have no idea of the significance or mean no offense by using the term.

    Lets keep the banter flowing and cut out the nasty sh*t; let the team talk on behalf of the fans when they play with pride in the shirt. Here’s to a cracker of a game with a 2nd minute injury time winner by Chicharito!!

  38. zino says:

    Stuff on foe… NOT COOL!

  39. bbabyj says:

    What a shithole.

  40. SITS says:

    I agree it is out of order. Nothing should be done to give the bitters something legitimate to moan about. We should be above that kind classless crap…

  41. me says:

    now that is a Real welcome to manchester .

  42. Gasry says:

    That’s a pub?! Hardly the most welcoming looking place. The place should be condemned, it looks like a stiff breeze would blow it down.

  43. shabadu84 says:

    Not necessary, let the football do the talking. And if the tables were turned, and that was blue paint, proclaiming Munich Cunts we’d be (rightly) up in arms

  44. bchilds says:


    Haha, nice one!

  45. United1990 says:

    Red paint or not, it’s a fact

    Whether we win or not, what’s in red paint is a fact

    Glory Glory MAN UNITED!!

  46. RedScot says:

    Ohhh YOU Cheeky Cheeky boys.
    That boozer looks like a palace to me.
    “MARY D”s is it, corrugated iron has an appeal.
    Dont you know there is money in metal. Its the Chinese influence in the world economy.


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