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PICTURES: David Beckham’s Manchester United Years

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Giles Oakley says:

    I hope Posh realises in time that David looks far better when he’s not in a white shirt.

  2. Colbert says:

    Still the finest crosser of the ball I’ve ever seen. Just a shame the fame thing got to him. But we got his best years anyway.

  3. smartalex says:

    Thank you David Beckham!

    … and thank you Scott the Red.

  4. sergiannatinos says:

    brilliant thanks…makes up for yesterday…Anna

  5. divadalliaa says:

    i actually miss the blue kit…but great collage,

  6. willierednut says:

    The seeds of guilt, have plundered his mindset. Becks for everything.

  7. Keano86 says:


  8. Jig3000 says:


    Was a fantastic crosser of the ball alright, only problem was the opposition discovered it was easy to counter his talents by squeezing him deeper into our half. It forced him to release the ball further back the pitch and nullified his threat from the RW. Unfortunately he hadn’t the skill or pace to beat a man and get in behind the full-back.

    His corners, free-kicks and crossing (until countered) were fantastic though, only Tony V has come close to matching the regularity and precision we’ve missed since he left. Tony has more pace so can get in behind the full-back.

  9. Ash says:


  10. Costas says:


  11. Ulster Red says:

    Thankyou for the dave
    the cockney lad
    that wasnt bad
    believe me

  12. johnd16 says:

    Can we start a campaign off to bring him back on loan for the next three months…Lets face it Becks is still way ahead of Michael Carrick as a player and it would give the club a huge boost!! What do you all think??

  13. Jesnaldo says:


  14. FULLARD says:

    he’s what 35+ now? he’s a red end of story. i mean fuck he’s from london but he holds more spirit of this club in him than nearly every player that has played for this club in the last century. i’m sorry scott but i totally disagree with you and everyone else that says he left this club on his own grounds, that if he was a true red he would have spoken out about the TRUE reason he wore that scarf and applauded the stretford end when we played AC, but i’m sure the only reason he’s taken this soft approach to these probing questions is that he craves to play for this club again. I mean think about what it would mean to him pulling on this shirt again, at his age, after all that has happened. I wouldn’t put it past him to retire after playing for us again. The majority of you cunts are either still too bitter about him leaving or too jealous of his god like status. He deserves every plaudit he gets and his heart is red til he dies. END OF STORY.

  15. bchilds says:

    I really am bored of that cunt Redknapp’s continuous tapping up in the public. Shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it.

  16. GeorgeS says:

    Thanks, Scott. More like it. He worked his ass off for us, and despite all the PR, he was a great player in his way. He’s pretty near the end of his career and so what if he goes off at the end and plays for Spurs or Newcastle? We had his best years.

  17. NicoQB says:

    Blah blah… amazing crosser yes, but people always forget he was much more than that, namely:

    a set pieces threat,
    a threat from distance as much as scholes was if only in a different style,
    amazing stamina – the best in the club, that including Keane,
    good helper in defence – madrid fans were surprised when they saw that,
    excellent through balls – like carrick did in his peak years and very decent ball control.

    It always irks me that people talk *only* about his crossing – as he was clearly much more than that. Sadly, it seems to me history books will also write him down as a crossing machine.

  18. Paul Parker says:

    he was a huge player for us, massive, and his delivery of the ball is still top drawer camparable to the best in the world right now. can’t deny him that. yeah he lacks pace but he’s still got it. Consider WBA, Its just pure speculation but if we had the option to replace Fletcher on the right with a 30 odd year old winger with Becks delivery, we would have posed a bigger threat. If he joins Spurs you KNOW he’ll get on the score sheet and rack up a decent amount of assists before he leaves. Media Personality aside, nobody can deny he’s a professional footballer’s footballer – you don’t get to his age still able to compete if your not. Spurs will get more than shirt sales out of any deal, for certain, they are paying for consistency and experience. Like Owen was for us, its a good bit of business for Arry, only a mug couldn’t see that

  19. Red Devil says:

    I’m a fan too..but calling him a legend and “Sir” david beckham is a bit too much for me…
    He wont ever be a legend in my book…a great player and good servant, but no legend….

  20. Jig3000 says:

    Paul Parker

    Sorry, but a 35 year-old plying his trade in the US and looking for a 9-week loan spell at a club is absolute nonsense and would prove incredibly disruptive, especially when you consider the baggage that arrives with Beckham. It’s nothing but a PR exercise to keep him in the news, and guess what? He’s been in the news for a week now.

    True, it may shift some shirts and increase Spurs’ brand recall around the world, but I revert to my original point, it’s PR. Harry knows that as much as Beckham and I would imagine that’s why he’s interested in bringing him to WH Lane, not for his right boot.

    If Beckham was so concerned with playing at the top for his entire career why did he jet off to the US at the supposed peak of his career? Ego, long-term career plan and money.

    I wouldn’t bat an eyelid if the lad went to Spurs, but I’m just astonished how many fans are blinkered when it comes to Beckham and his career.

  21. Paul Parker says:

    not even the most ardent anti beckham brigade member can deny

    1) he was a HUGE player for us in his prime, no?
    2) Like Owen was for us, its a good bit of business for Arry, no?

    All the negative hype surrounding what Beckham does with his career sounds like sour grapes, even tho it probably isn’t, and the way Beckhams contributions to the trophy cabinet is disregarded and re-written shows a lack of class too, which I hope isn’t the case. Keane also left under a cloud, and he hasn’t shown half the tact Becks has in describing our club over the years – but does he get the same level of negative press from United fans? Stam left the club under a cloud too, so did Sparky and Ince, are they suddenly all not Great United players too? Some of you lot gotta sort it out, in his prime Beckham was a huge player for us in his prime, end of, and nothing he’s done since can change that. Tevez was a great player for us too, him being a 100% Cunt doesn’t undo his goals and assists does it?

    Rooney being a cunt doesn’t suddenly mean he DIDN’T carry us last year converting Tony and Nani’s delivery into goals, does it? Rooney’s past contributions can’t be denied, its HISTORY, so Becks being called over-rated is a lack of class, bet nobody was saying that in his prime. All this bollocks about where he goes on loan at 35 shouldn’t even be such a big issue anyway, but because its Becks, its blown out of porportion. I expect more from our supporters. Take away his celebrity, reduce him to a Hughes or an Ince or a Stam or any other player who left the Club under a cloud – would he still be such a big talking point in 2011 for his departure to the Facists nearly a DECADE ago? Course not. And thats my point about Becks, people can’t seperate him from the media circus, which is a shame, because alot of supporters are Pragmatically focusing on Rooney ON the pitch and NOT his actions off of it. Thats hypocritical. because Becks doesn’t get the same treatment and he left ages ago. Lets keep the Gossiping to the Glossy mags eh? Lets talk FOOTBALL. AS A PLAYER BECKHAM WAS HUGE FOR US IN HIS PRIME. He deserves more respect than he currently gets from a section of United fans.

  22. willierednut says:

    I heard he might just train with Spurs and not actually play any games.

  23. Jig3000 says:

    not even the most ardent anti beckham brigade member can deny

    1) he was a HUGE player for us in his prime, no?
    2) Like Owen was for us, its a good bit of business for Arry, no?

    . . . . . .

    Hey Paul, I’m denying neither of these points, simply pointing out the real purpose of this move is for PR gain on DB’s behalf and Brand building on Spurs’, to think of it any differently is a nonsense.

    And re: separating Beckham from celebrity, that’s absolutely impossible. Every decision the man has made in the past 10 years revolves around Beckham the brand, football comes second in every decision he makes. I’m a football fan first and foremost, players like Keane, Hughes and Stam epitomize a generation of footballers who I respected hugely, I find it difficult to like the modern-day footballer in the way I adored the heroes of yesteryear. Those guys lived and breathed football and everything they did revolved around the game, you can’t possibly argue the same about DB7.

    I’m not sure why people would get worried about him joining Spurs, it really wouldn’t bother me at all. I’m just sick of media jumping up and down when he pokes his nose into the news, which is constantly. Let him do as he likes, but stop putting the guy on a pedestal; he was a good player for us and I loved the commitment he showed on the field, but lets not pretend his last 6 years have been nothing but glam-pop living, not football my man.

    PS: Wasn’t there a big problem at the WC this year when Beckham was hanging about the camp, hogging attention and all the players wondered what the hell he was doing there? I don’t care if Harry takes him to WHL but I certainly wouldn’t want to upset the applecart if I was in his shoes – if it aint broke . . .


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