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PICTURES: Erm, O’Shea Got Married?

It looks as though Will Young will be a very disappointed man, if rumours for the past decade are to be believed, with John O’Shea tying the knot with his long term girlfriend, Yvonne Manning.

O’Shea’s sexuality has become an obsession for some rival fans, particularly Manchester City, who seem to sing about him every time we play.

“It’s ridiculous,” O’Shea said of the rumours a couple of years ago.“It’s just a bit of banter really. I just brush it off. It doesn’t annoy me. I’m always ready for the sing-song when we play City.”

Yvonne apparently caught the bouquet at the Rooney wedding and has been dating John for years.


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  1. ZuluMalta says:


  2. WHITE PELE says:

    congrats oshe

  3. Mancunian says:

    Nice One Johnny And Mrs….Time For Another Kop End Winner 10-11 Season…….

  4. RedScot says:

    @Dom, do you seriously think calling me names over the tinternet bothers me, get a fucking life.
    Its water of a ducks back to me, meaningless.
    I did think though with a name like Dom, its a wee bit gay. Ohhhh you hurt my feelings.
    Big soft twat. Forever the Sub. lmao

  5. willierednut says:

    RedScot – I’ll have a chicken tikka sub please, heavy on the miricle whip harry.

  6. RedScot says:

    @Willie, you see me mate you get my humour, and me yours, no whip Harry, we dont want Dom and other stand up comedians getting all excited.
    As I said to him /her it was a bit of fun.
    Jaysus some people are so tetchy, its no a fucking dating agency is it.
    Its a Manchester United blog as far as I can recall

  7. Antonio says:

    Congratulations Mr. & Mrs Oshea. I wish you well in a happy n prosperous marriage.

  8. Red Devil says:

    @ Redscot

    We all get you mate….. Only some choose not to!! :P

  9. brett1985 says:

    In the end the man nutmegged Figo. I’d shag him.

  10. Costas says:


    Ha, one of the highlights of the 2002-2003 season.

  11. Dawit says:


  12. ZooTV says:

    The day he sold his soul.

  13. Dom says:


    You’ve obviously taken my advice as the speling and grammar is generally a lot better. Good lad. I’m up for a bit of banter but I just hate mindless comments being made. I don’t want United fans coming across as total wankers. We often deride Liverpool or City fans for ‘Munich’ chants but I think we are pretty shameful with our chants at Wenger over the years, for one. And without wanting to be petty, you were the one who took the piss out of me after my original comment so don’t get all defensive about me calling you names.

  14. brett1985 says:

    “as the speling and grammar is generally a lot better”


  15. Dom says:

    Classic! Definitely meant that one…er, yeah. Thanks Brett.


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