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PICTURES: Fabio and Zaha at Cardiff



Fabio da Silva and Wilf Zaha have posted pictures of themselves in Cardiff training gear this week.

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  1. tallestreD says:

    @sir matt, it takes a block head to one. You need to upgrade your comprehension skills man…well I wouldn’t expect much from you as all you do is paste someone else’s opinion. Get a mind of your own before its too late.

    Now Ashley and Valencia gets game ahead of Zaha and people say Zaha has not impressed in the chances he was given. I call BS. My reason is, at every game I see Ashley and Valencia, I just think how Zaha can be worse. Buttner over Fabio? Hmm, ok let’s say he isn’t left footed, then why not RB deputy instead of Smalling or Jones. And why isn’t Varela back yet?

  2. Rukky E. Atebefia says:

    I can understand loaning out zaha but if reports about nani are true then something’s is seriously wrong up there . I just can’t imagine been stuck with Antonio and young in every completion this season ; we won’t play Cardiff every week just incase anyone’s carried away

  3. tallestreD says:

    @Rukky, I still don’t get it. Well rumors they are and it should stay that way.

  4. tallestreD says:

    @sir Matt, oh! I didn’t know your level was this low so I’ll say it in plain words so you understand. I did not say Fabio and Zaha had fair chances you lemming. Was that clear enough for you, dimly-lit clown!

    Oh and for the black monkey thing, its a shame that a black monkey struck a nerve of the “supposed” super human.

  5. Jackie Spain says:

    @sir matt: ” becos i think England has other bristish managers who is clearly better than him. tecnically and otherwise” – as the saying goes, name them.

  6. Blacksocks says:

    Just a quick update on the transfer rumour mill. It is being reported that any Kroos deal is dead in the water till the summer at least. No great surprise there to be honest. Also it is being reported that Inter want Nani on loan – again I think this is very unlikely, why loan Zaha out and Nani, it would leave United with little cover on the flanks. Also Nani is currently injured I believe so very unlikely he will move to another club today.

    On the other hand, Ryan Tunnicliffe on a deal to Fulham looks possible, he has impressed on a loan spell at Ipswich this season.

  7. ND7910 says:

    @The One: Januzaj was just a world-class player from the first time he stepped on the field. I mean he outshines every player in the squad in that position in terms of skills, consistency, and mental strength. I have no idea how you can have those attributes in that age. Now for Zaha, he’s not the finished article like Januzaj, he needs the guidance of the manager and so far it looks like Moyes and his staff are not able to bring Zaha to the next level. So for me it’s not clear if it’s only Zahas inability or is he not well enough nurtured. We will see what it is after the loan spell to Cardiff.

  8. Tommy says:


    Tunnicliffe and Larnel Cole are due at Fulham training ground this morning to complete their medicals, both permanent deal.

    A strange transfer rumour this mornings been Townsend from Spurs, Everyone knows it takes about 2 hours to complete a deal with Levy so their is very little chance of that happening


    Your a racist bastard no need to say things like that, Scott needs to ban you from this site!

  9. WeAreUnitedd says:

    FIRSTLy the most important thing @sir matt, piss off you racist, we don’t need people like you here spreading hate and racism.

    now to the football:

    Zaha was not our best performer in the pre-season tour, Lingard was the best and Januzaj second with Zaha.

    You can look Zaha’s situation this way, he’s 21 and has championship experience and almost singlehandeldy helped CP promote.
    Januzaj is an 18 year-old kid from belgium with no first-team experience.

    both played a very good pre-season. When the season started, who was at the starting eleven? yes you guessed it right, Zaha, did he impress? NO, showed glimpses, but complicated things too much. Then came Januzaj as a subsitute and did more than Zaha.

    After that Januzaj got the break and impressed everyone, meanwhile Zaha sits on the stands, plays for the reserves and does not impress, There has to be more than that.

    I am not undermining Zaha, because I believe in his hype, he’s very talented, but at the age of 21, you got to be more mature, and Januzaj has lifted the standards to do that, so whoever wants to impress Moyes, needs to raise his game to the level Januzaj is at.

    Imagine Januzaj at the age of 21, then go figure out what’s happening. HOPEFULLY though, Zaha gets on at Cardiff, comes back strong and becomes THAT player, because he has all the attributes to become great, but for now, he has shown bar to nothign for, not in th4e games, no matter is it 10minutes or 30 minutes or at the reserves, he’s shown nothing and that’s why he is getting loaned.


  10. sir matt martin says:

    @jakie spain
    I will tell u this After Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, David Moyes is the third longest serving manager in the Premier League, his Everton tenure stretching out to 11 seasons. apart from the one time he got everton to finish 4th, can u tell me what he has achieved since then? and look at the achievment of Harry Redknapp and other bristish manager like Gordon Stracha. come back here and let me knw.. And also can u tell me the diffrence between David moyes and Martin o’Neil. can u?

  11. tallestreD says:

    Well good luck to Zaha, Anderson and the rest on loan. Hope they come back revitalised.

  12. KwesiOwusuJnr says:

    WeAreUnited – Wait. You seriously saw Zaha in the first 11 when the season started? Which United have you been watching. Lol. Anyway, that aside I still dont get why he didnt get enough chances considering how poor our other options have been.
    Hernanes off to Inter. Still holding my breath on a CM signing.

  13. Myk7top says:

    See no reason ManU wud want 2 sign Andre Santos, however true it is. Etienne Capoue wud be a fairly gud signing as a defensive midfielder sinx we desperately need 2 cover dat position. Tottenham want 12mil 4 him.

  14. Tommy says:


    I heard someone say Zaha is very imature and has close relationships with brother and his brothers mates who are all gangsters so maybe theyve distracted him somewhat, could be a reason for Zahas lack of game time

  15. tallestreD says:

    @Owusu, he only made four appearances for United. Community Shield, CoC, Aston Villa and Newcastle in the league.

    WeAreUnited, 4 appearances isn’t enough to judge from.

  16. Chris says:

    @Tommy: Too right mate, there is no place for racism and Sir Twat should be banned.

  17. KwesiOwusuJnr says:

    Tommy – Yeah, he actually is likely to be immature, like Nani sort of, but I expect the staff to handle those things a lil better. Impressed with Rene and Ole’s January business. It’s clear they have a plan of how they want to see their teams play. Darn! Meulensteen has got links! Even if he doesnt get the results at least he’s making himself accountable when he fails, likewise Ole, and that I respect.

  18. KwesiOwusuJnr says:

    Tallestred – thanks mate. Exactly

  19. WeAreUnitedd says:

    @tallestreD and Kwesi

    I was comparing him with Januzaj, and NO 4 games are not enough to impress, but have you though exactly why he has made only 4 appeararances and Januzaj has already 3 goals and many more games?

    Did you understand my statement, he started the community shield because he performed at the pre-season very well, SO he got his chance, and blew it to Januzaj who impressed more.

    How come a 18-year-old kkid gets more games than an Championship experienced 21-old boy? this is what I am trying to say.

    People make it as Zaha would have changed everything, Januzaj and Zaha would have never had the chances at the same time, when we were and are struggling, that’s why the one who has impressed more is getting chances and getting better when the other is in the stands and at loan,

    don’t get me wrong I rate Zaha highly, but at the age of 21 Ronaldo was getting best in the world, Januzaj at 21 will be the same hopefully with this kind of development, so where is Zaha at the age of 21? nowhere to be seen, YET, hopefully he’ll strive there and come back stronger.

    Now Mata i nthe squad and Januzaj being a beast, Zaha has the opportunity to show and earn himself a spot at United. if he manages to get back stronger and take his place at the first eleven, then he’ll be very good.


  20. tallestreD says:

    WeAreUnited I hear you loud and clear. But I want to ask you is this, has the team been that good? Why not drop everyone because they didn’t take their chances? Valencia, Young, Giggs to name but a few give the away most times. My point is, if Young can get games why not Zaha. The lad cost us 15million.

  21. KwesiOwusuJnr says:

    WeAreUnited – Arent you exagerating with the ‘he blew it’? That’s just a Community shield match. He started our game against Norwich and for us to have won 4-0 or so then I think he offered something, and thus was effective. I remember some intelligent cut-backs I hardly see Valencia doing. He was dynamic @least. The other sub appearances dont really count considering the minutes he played in those.

  22. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @ we are united: am surprised by your comments! Cos Moyes never gave Zaha or Anderson a chance, he kept playing cleverley and Valencia, 2 mediocre players! Let me ask u one question, based on the standards you are talking about..what standards does valencia or young have? What have they done to be picked up in every game,? Simply nothing! Its painful watching thAt lame guy called Valencia, with one leg. Can’t dribble , can’t cross..@ mancity, he won’t even make the bench…maybe he could be their ball boy

  23. WeAreUnitedd says:

    @kwesi and paschal

    I’ll try to explain what I am saying so you don’t get me wrong, I am with you, I would have wanted to see Zaha more.

    What I am trying to say is, from the first game in it was Januzaj or Zaha to get that one youth spot. And the way oru season has started and gone it has always been that only one young players will get the chance, this is how I see it.

    Should it be like this? maybe not, but just remember how the managers see it, we weren’t doing very good, so do you
    a) play experienced players who have experience to change the situation
    b) play one young player and one experienced or
    c) play both young players with no league experience and just believe that they’ll make it.

    I myself am disappointed how Nani has been treated, he started very well and plaeyd one bad game against stoke and got booed. I myself would pick Nani anyday of the weak ahead of Valencia or Young, but he’s been injured.

    So the only option is really option A or B, because you can’t and won’t throw 2 young lads to try and do their best, you know what I am saying?

    BUt I am with you guys, I think instead of Young Zaha should have played more or atleast Zaha should have been throwed more into the cup-games BUT again, why is Moyes not playing him? is it something behind the scenes? is it his attitude, mental strength?cause it ain’t because Zaha has not talent.

    imagine being the manager, you have Young and Valencia international players, and your season is not going well, you also have this new Ronaldo/Januzaj who’s tearing opposites apart, then you have Kagawa tht plays on the wings. ALSO don’t underestimate the importance of Valencia this season, YES I agree if Nani got all past of the players but could not cross, PEOPLE would BOO him, but Valencia getst he pass, but valencia has played better than last season, has goals and assists, should he be ahead of Nani?= well maybe at some point he would not, but Nani’s injured, so ahead of Zaha? well if you look at his past then yes.

    it’s all up to certain littlee things, in the beutiful world, Zaha would shine now, but instead of Zaha we have Januzaj, and next season maybe Zaha too, so don’t worry be happy that he’s at loan. it only will make him or break him.

    hopefully make him. now peace!

  24. WeAreUnitedd says:

    and don’t get me started about Ando

    lvoe the guy, he was his own enemy. never was fit and when eh was, he played some outstanding football for 2-3 games and then got injured, also SAF made a mistake on trying to make him a DM when he was an AM.

    Ando got a chance trust me for 7 years, mayeb not under Moyes in games, but he got his chance, so hopefully instead of Ando we wil lsee Powell and Pereira and many other youngster to fil lthat “void” + some decent aquisitions.


  25. tallestreD says:

    WeAreUnited, fair enough mate. Here’s hoping he comes back good

  26. Myk7top says:

    Valencia is like a pirate wt a wooden left leg. Vrobot, Young n CM are too predictable wt dia movements n passes.. Zaha given enough playing time wud av gotten better than he was in pre-season. Watched Athletico bilbao vs Real sociedad; their wing players(Iba n susaeta) beat dia men 85% of d time. They worked tirelessly and created chances 4 d duration of d match. I wondered wen was d last tym we attacked our opponents thru d centre n flanks? Our play is too predictable. U can guess wia our nxt pass is going to. Most of our passes r intercepted. Some of our players aint just good enough. How many wud walk into top teams in europe? Wud Valencia n young make d substitute bench in Bayern, Barca, Madrid, chelsea, Mancity, dunno ‘bt arsenal. Hope Moyes gets it right n our patience doesn’t run out.

  27. Myk7top says:

    Has Jesse Lingard not done enough to be given a trial? He was impressive in pre-season n impressed during his loan spell at Birmingham. He got goals and assists in him too.


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