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PICTURES: First smoking, now tattoos – What has marriage done to Wayne?

Wayne Rooney married his childhood sweetheart, Colleen, this summer, on the back of a brilliant season for United. Whilst this is probably a positive thing for his career, meaning he will be even less drawn to the partying lifestyle that comes with being a young, single, successful footballer, it has coincided with less favourable decisions.

First, Rooney was seen to be smoking on his honeymoon, which 57% of RoM readers said to be out of order. Now, he has added another tattoo to his collection.

new wayne rooney tattoo

new wayne rooney tattoo

“Just enough education to perform” reads the tattoo, coming from the name of the 2001 Stereophonics album. They are Rooney’s favourite band and performed at his Italian wedding. The song “Mr Writer”, from where the line comes from, is a dig at the English press, a viewpoint which Rooney no doubt shares.

I’m sure it’ll look very fetching with his United shirt.

What do you think of Rooney’s new tattoo?

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  1. eddidaz says:

    So what? If he wants to decorate his body, that’s up to him. At least it won’t affect his performance.

  2. Jak says:

    That’s cool. I’m glad he picked something with some siignificance to him and not the usual Chinese menu writing.

  3. jesbit says:

    the smoking was plain silly.tatoo’s is ok.go roo!

  4. DuudeLove says:

    He could wear a vibrating cock ring during matches for all i care, so long as it doesn’t affect his game!

  5. Tom F says:

    It’s not his first tattoo is it? Can’t remember, though smoking can have an affect on health but tattoo’s are just “body art maaaaaaaaan”.

  6. PeeJay says:

    Nothing wrong with it, loads of footballers have them

  7. k9 says:

    Anyone seeing a deja vu, a la Beckham here?

  8. Eddie says:

    He has gotten a cool tattoo, so what! Its not like he has killed someone or removed a leg! Go Rooney!

  9. Crusty says:

    after all the time he spent in las vegas in the swimming pool, one would think he would have gotten a shade darker..

  10. Robbo the Red says:

    The cock-ring will affect his game…..errrm so I’m told!

  11. Taron says:

    DuudeLove LOL…agree with you. Tatoo is not a big deal. Most of them have it, but smoking is a different story.

  12. jhunt says:

    and its not like we’ll see it during games either. he always wears the compression sleeves under his kit.

  13. Desertstorm says:

    It’s definitely not his first tattoo, he has a tattoo of the cross on his right shoulder i think. I remember noticing it when he was exchanging shirts with someone. I think we should give the lad a bit of space though and let the poor bastard enjoy his honeymoon!

  14. Gary says:

    What the problem with him getting a tatoo? The smoking did bother me tho! Hes a professional, and on holiday or not he shouldnt be smoking hes a professional and cant be getting into bad habbits that are going to jepodise his fitness.

  15. Tumusiime Francis says:

    We have seen tatoos of deferent kinds say images of dragons, snakes but atleast this one is different. He picked a very motivative line.

  16. donibrasco says:

    the beggining of trouble.his game isnt exactly world class and declining.the media made him,now he is taking a dig at them?minus the media,he is average.

  17. ICELANDIC says:

    umm i think this tattoo is a lttle weired but rooney smoking i mean manchester united is my favroite team but seing ha photo off him smoking thats just rong

  18. veron says:

    Lets set the story straight please.Wayne did NOT.have a cigarette in his hand on his honeymoon it was a biro pen.He had just signed a autograph for a fan.As for the tattoo it’s nice.Leave the boy alone he gets picked upon everything.

  19. veron says:

    DONIBRASCO…..What the hell has your comment got to do with his tattoo?…EXPLAIN

  20. nikelesh says:

    ur out of order scott!!!whats wrong with a tattoo!!!

  21. Scott the Red says:

    Veron, maybe you should watch the video of Rooney smoking eh?

    3.08 onwards.

    Or look at the pictures.

    Sorry, never a biro lol.

  22. suhayl says:


  23. UnitedForLife says:

    Jeez, Give the guy a break will ya.

    And to those who doesn’t smoke, I agree it does affect health but I never have any problem with it. I even smoke before a game and it doesn’t stop me from giving 110% on the game and really doesn’t tire me out much.

    Laziness affects your stamina a lot, not smoking a fag. Jeez, give the guy a break, he hasn’t given less than 150% in his game and you guys are still complaining. He’s not perfect and can’t be.

  24. KingOfZamunda says:

    Smoking is a major no-no- kids he country over love and adore him so a fag in his hand is seriously ill advised. And yes, I understand he does it in his own time and his own time should be his own and that everyone deserves a but of downtime away from their profession but that doesn’t wash with me- the downside to being paid obscene money for the game you love is to understand that you’re going to be scrutnised right down to the last follicle. No two ways about it, got make pease with the responsibilities your career and wait until you retire for all the other crap you want to get up to.
    As for the Tattoos? The more the merrier, his skin, his form of expression. There are enough safeguards out there to stop underage folk getting tattoed all over, not enough to stop the underaged picking up fags.


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