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PICTURES: Gary Neville’s Manchester United Career

- Playing for the youth team in 1993
- In the background of the celebrations for United’s Premiership title win in 1994.
- Taking a throw against Villa at Old Trafford in our 1-0 win during the 94-95 season.
- Against Wimbledon during the opening week of the 95-96 season (you know, the year we weren’t going to win anything with kids)
- Holding on to Premiership trophy with brother Phil at the end of the 95-96 season.
- Celebrating with best mate David Beckham on the bus.
- Tackling Alen Boksic of Juventus in the Champions League in 96.
- Keeping the ball away from Patrick YSB Berger in the same season.
- Playing against Dortmund in the Champions League semi-final 97.
- Celebrating another title win at the end of the 96-97
- West Ham took an early lead at Old Trafford but then Roy Keane equalised minutes later. United went on to win 2-1 towards the beginning of the 97-98 season.
- Playing golf with Becks in ‘his & her’ outfits.
- Giving Arsenal’s Marc Overmars a hard time in 98-99 season.
- On the ball against Inter Milan in the European Cup quarter-final vs Inter Milan.
- Celebrating Scholes’ goal in that game as we progress to the semis.
- Neville scores! Against Everton and celebrates with Becks and Dwight Yorke.
- Celebrating the final whistle against Juventus by himself…
- … then with Becks, Yorke and Jaap Stam…
- … then with Denis Irwin. United are in the final!
- After a 2-1 win over Spurs, Nev and Becks celebrate winning the league in 99.
- On his knees celebrating our FA Cup win over Newcastle in 99.
- With brother Phil and the FA Cup…
- … then with Becks and Teddy Sherringham.
- With the European Cup and brother Phil in 99.
- Celebrating European Cup win with the fans and Becks.
- Happy with our 1-0 at Elland Road in 99-00.
- Nev walks away from the goal with team mates during our 7-1 win over West Ham.
- Celebrating Beckham goal at Upton Park during 00-01 season.
- Giving Raimond Van Der Gouw dirties after he let in a goal during our 3-1 defeat against PSV.
- In the stands with the fans and Beckham during our 3-0 win over Leicester away 00-01.
- Lifting our trophy again in 2001.
- Celebrating Phil’s goal against Southampton 01-02.
- Fairly happy to have won at Anfield.
- United are going to the League Cup final in 2003.
- Celebrating another rare goal, this one against FC Basel.
- United take the lead against Liverpool. Nev goes bonkers.
- Nev lifts the trophy in 03 and celebrates with his bro..
- … and his last title with Becks.
- Holding up his trophy for being named in the Premiership Team of the Decade with Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs at the start of the 03-04 season.
- Separating Patrick Vieira and Ruud van Nistelrooy.
- Celebrating Keano’s winning goal against Leeds.
- Less than two weeks later, we beat Leeds again, this time in the League Cup.
- A sending off for nutting Steve YSB McManamam.
- Another goal. Leicester 03-04.
- With the FA Cup in 2004.
- Celebrating his goal against Lyon in 04-05.
- Showing Liverpool fans the badge after Rio’s late winner.
- A happy chappy after beating Arsenal 4-2 at Highbury.
- A painful moment as Chelsea receive the Guard of Honour from United after 2005 title win.
- Interesting way to be taken off the field with an injury against Debrecen at the start of 05-06.
- Lines up against brother Phil for the first time after the switch to Everton.
- United beat Wigan 4-0 in the League Cup final…
-… and Gary lifts his first trophy as United captain.
- Nev makes his 500th appearance Birmingham in 2006.
- He’s dragged away from a fan after an argument at the end of our draw at home towards the end of the 05-06 season.
- Swaps shirts with Keano during his testimonial.
- Grabs on to Scholes after his fabulous goal against Villa.
- John O’Shea scores last minute winner in front of the Kop. Nev goes mental.
- His injury against Bolton in March 07. The beginning of the end.
- Lifts the trophy with with Giggsy in 2007.
- Scores for the Reserves against Everton in January 08.
- Plays for the Reserves against Liverpool in February.
- Gives a reading at the memorial of Munich on the 50th anniversary.
- He’s back! Roma 08.
- We’re Champions again.
- Celebrating with goal scorer Cristiano Ronaldo after United won the European Cup.
- Lifting the Charity Shield after a win over Pompey.
- Chuffed with our 3-0 win over Chelsea 08-09
- Shaking hands with brother and Everton captain ahead of kick off.
- Catching up with Giggs and Beckham after our win over Arsenal in the European Cup semi-final.
- Champions again!
- On the pitch with Sir Alex after our Champions League final defeat against Barcelona.
- Running towards the City fans after Michael Owen’s injury time winner.
- Sticking his finger up at the Argie troll in the League Cup semi vs City.
- Beckham returns for a 4-0 thrashing against AC Milan.
- Starting on Carragher in our 2-1 over Liverpool 09-10.
- Celebrating with goalscorer Fletch against Liverpool.
- Sharing a special moment with Scholes after his injury time winner against City.
- Gets away with a clear penalty against West Brom.

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  1. Ash says:

    LEGEND.Young players should learn from him.I think he will become the manager of our youth team.
    Again i say LEGEND.Hope rafael follows the path of neville and retires at united after playing 700 odd games.
    We all love you neville and thanks for all the memories you have given to us while playing for the greatest club in the world MANCHESTER UNITED.We will miss you.

  2. YorYor says:

    Oh, and Happy Chinese New Year to all other Chinese descendants, no matter where you are!

  3. King Eric says:

    Just woke up and come down for a smoke and watching the bitters. Ha. “All that money and you’ve won fuck all“. Go on brum. More to th point all that money for crouch alike dzeko and two averahge villa players in barry and milner playing in midfield. Awful. Not to mention the fat little boxer de jong. Joe hart is a fucking liability and not as good as given. An injury to the judas and the cunts could plummet. piss fucking poor and as close to title contenders as I am as startinhg for united at molineux on saturday. Its fucking hilarious watching them huff and puff. Best strike force in europe did they say? Ha. The hammers have better stikers. At two all the cunts were happy for a point. Not so fucking mouthy now are they?

  4. King Eric says:

    Gonna have to go city site on manc eve news at work tomorrow to cheer me up. Oh and thank fuck we fucked foster off. Fergie is the boss. You hit the nail on the head mate. United have an identity this season. Great going forward but solid as well. We were odd to watch last year. A goal down and you felt if wayne didn’t score we would be fucked. Not this year. You scoore two and we will get three unbelievable team spirit and finally adjusting to life without ronnie. Our forwards interchange more again which is pleasing. A fucking hard team to beat and that will include europe where we have become very competent.

  5. King Eric says:

    Sorry last post as off back to bed. What the fuck is richard madely mancini handing notes out to players for? Can’t he justy tell them or is there a real language problem? I know he scores deflections sorry goals but just why the fuck is tevez captain? He brings nowt. Doesn’t talk, lead, bollock players, instruct or even talk to the ref. A proper captain is someone who this actual thread is about. Clearly a fucking sweetner to keep the cunt. Rumours were rife that he has carte blanche at the bitters and does what he wants. A bit like united then! Goodnight.

  6. Libzo Jr. says:

    We may have or had very professional and world class footballers ,.
    We lost a great player on the picth but we still have the great red fan Gnev ,.
    Celebration against scousers and running toward city fans says it all ,.
    What a big fan he is ,. what a fan ,.
    Good luck great red

  7. aaronaldo says:

    We’ll see him again, Sir Alex reckons he’ll be his successor, managing United into greater heights. No doubt about that. For starters, it was he who discover the potential of CR7.

  8. ahmad yunus says:

    We must pay tribute to the best ever premier right full back . Gary is a legend we miss him

  9. shmoo says:

    did anyone hear what hansen said in his tribute to neville last night, as they was rolling back the years, both he and lawro were singing his praises, then hansen said ” right colour, wrong city”……

  10. Dazbomber says:

    “The Annual Return shows that 100% of RFS’ shares (including the two new and very expensive ones) are now owned by a new company called Red Football LLC. Previously, all the shares had been owned by Red Football Limited Partnership, a Nevada company. A quick search in the usual places shows that Red Football LLC is a new company in Delaware, the most secretive of all US states when it comes to corporations. The company, which through a string of four UK subsidiaries now owns 100% of Manchester United was formed on 4thNovember 2010, just under three weeks before the PIKs were repaid.”

  11. JOSEPH says:


  12. trevthered says:

    Very sad! A red legend will never be forgotten, so passionate and loyal!

  13. Dave Malaysia says:

    @ Scott The Red : Thank u for the work above. Its great,looks good with the ROM stuff and all.

    @JOSEPH 9.57: No dude ,looks like he is only in the premier league squad.Hope to see him back this month.

    Thank you alex mcleish and foster and birmingham for this morning.

  14. Dave Malaysia says:

    Interesting looking at the youngsters included in the squad: Gill,Norwood,Keane and King.

    Speaks volumes for the kids future at our club.

  15. wayne says:

    Reference to bogie and casablanca, my dvd store is called bogie’s casablanca

  16. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Listening to talk sport and they are on about Gary Neville and why so many fans hate him. An Arsenal fan came on and complained that he kicked a spanish player out of the English game (Pires). What a fucking cry baby. Arsenal fans are complaining about their manager cashing in on old shite and blaming 2 games a season on Pires departure. Cockney muppet.

  17. Jeet says:

    Can someone pls post links to both the PL and Cl squads?

  18. Dave Malaysia says:

    What has looked like a well thought out retirement is now being called into question by the daily mail,they say he retired when Fergie left him out of the champions league squad.


  19. JOSEPH says:


  20. Jeet says:

    Goat & Dave: While the ABU media makes our blood boil, I wouldn’t count against the subject of their ire, having a quite chuckle and feeling proud on hearing all this. And that’s exactly what makes him a top Red!!!

  21. Dave Malaysia says:

    I remember that gary speed takcle that made me swear . That tackle was deemed a foul and nothing else took his ankle and helped end his career.

    Fergie has been talking about Gary and how he helps the young kids and I am sure the Boss loves the union like mentality of Gary’s.

    That must mean something ,maybe a coach or management role of some sort.

    Thats why Fergie trusted Gary to show ramsey around the club and talk to him.
    Something i remember fans being pissed about when the dick signed for the arse.

  22. Dave Malaysia says:

    cesc the troll is picking up trouble with a lot of people isnt he?

    Theres only one road to all this more trouble and someone will do something about it.

    Maybe he is frustrated not being in spain . wud be shocked if he is still here next season.

    what a CL tie its going to be barca and arse. sure the barca lads are going to say stuff about cesc wanting to return home .

  23. Dave Malaysia says: a good read about the Glazers move to repay the PIKS.

  24. smartalex says:

    Good day all.
    Jeet. Revised 25 Man Premiership Squads as at 1 February 2011
    Player ……………………………………Home Grown

    1 Van Der Sar, Edwin………………………No
    2 Almedia Da Cunha, Luis Carlos………….No
    3 Neville, Gary Alexander…………………..Yes
    4 Evra, Patrice Latyr………………………..No
    5 Evans, Jonathan Grant………………….. Yes
    6 Ferdinand, Rio Gavin……………….….. Yes
    7 Brown, Wesley Michael…………….….. Yes
    8 De Abreu Oliveira, Anderson Luis ……….No
    9 Berbatov, Dimitar…………………………. No
    10 Rooney, Wayne Mark………………… Yes
    11 Giggs, Ryan Joseph………………….. Yes
    12 Park, Ji-Sung…………………………… No
    13 Vidic, Nemanja……………….………… No
    14 Carrick, Michael……………..…………. Yes
    15 Scholes, Paul……………….………….. Yes
    16 O’Shea, John Francis…………………. Yes
    17 Fletcher, Darren Barr…………………. Yes
    18 Valencia Mosquera, Luis Antonio……. No
    19 Gibson, Darron Thomas Daniel …..….Yes
    20 Kuszczak, Tomasz……………….….… No
    21 De Laet, Ritchie Ria Alfons………..… Yes
    22 Hernandez Balcazar, Javier……….…No
    23 Owen, Michael James…………..…… Yes
    24 Hargreaves, Owen……………….…… No
    25 Lindegaard, Anders Rozenkrantz……..No

    I wonder why Gary Neville was named in the end-of-window revised 25 man squad for the Premier League. Surely not a case of Sir Alex and Gary getting wires crossed.

    Is it a masterstroke that allows us to add later to the squad? An option that could have helped us last season, with our striker shortage

  25. Jeet says:

    Smartalex, thanks, man. For a second, I freaked out cos I didnt see the twins, and then realized its only for the 25+ guys..coffeetime for me, I guess!

  26. smartalex says:

    Jeet, here are the under 25s, contract and scholar.

    jose, Nicholas
    Amos, Benjamin Paul
    Blackett, Tyler Nathan
    Brady, Robert
    Brown, Reece
    Cleverley, Thomas William
    Cofie, John Erzuah
    Cole, Larnell James
    Coll, Joseph Aloysious
    Devlin, Conor
    Dias Correia, Tiago Manuel
    Drinkwater, Daniel Noel
    Dudgeon, Joseph Patrick
    Ekangamene, Charni
    Evans, Corry John
    Fornasier, Michele
    Fryers, Ezekiel David
    Gill, Oliver David
    Hendrie, Luke John
    Jacob, Liam David
    James, Matthew
    Johnstone, Samuel Luke
    Keane, William David
    King, Joshua Christian Kojo
    Lawrence, Thomas Morris
    Lingard, Jesse Ellis
    Macheda, Federico
    Massacci, Alberto
    McCullough, Luke
    McGinty, Sean Andrew
    Morrison, Ravel Ryan
    Norwood, Oliver James
    Obertan, Gabriel Antoine
    Pereira da Silva, Rafael
    Pereira da Silva, Fabio
    Petrucci, Davide
    Pogba, Paul Labile
    Smalling, Christopher
    Thorpe, Thomas Joseph
    Tunnicliffe, Ryan
    Van Velzen, Gyliano
    Vermijl, Marnick Danny
    Welbeck, Daniel
    Wootton, Scott James

  27. Dave Malaysia says:

    As the dust settles over the transfer window and the January phase of the league,FA cup,
    we now move into Febuary with League,FA cup and Champions League going to the next level.

    Rooney is back ,scoring from open play after recovering and contributing better to the team and the one blip against blackpool. He got slated for saying chelski are a danger now cos of torres signing,something which is true cos chelski were off balance, now they are lifted.

    chelski payed 70+million to be lifted. Could internal problems be masked just like that or will it implode soon?

    chelski wud have been taken out by sunderland based on current form but now they came back 4-2 .

    Only those really angry still with Rooney will not see the simple logic.

    We got it tough and now its tougher. The media and most are against us,the way we are used to huh?

    Lets do this one game at a time ,wolves next,I want Fergie to play the best team and not change too much.
    Then one week to prepare for the shite across town. Early kickoff too.

    Manutd to win both of this battles.

    heres to liverpool having jamie back to smack torres and win against chelsea with carrol and aguero scoring .

  28. Dave Malaysia says:

    Interesting comments by wenger on Gary:

    There are Gary Neville tributes all over the shop today. Even Arsene Wenger’s had his say. He says: “His record is down to intelligence and motivation – he is an example to players who are maybe less gifted than the Giggs and the Beckhams but still make a fantastic career because they are intelligent and highly-motivated. Neville was the best English right-back, certainly.” (NC)

  29. Jeet says:

    Thanks again, SmartAlex! Does anyone know what’s with Ravel M.? I know of the drugs-and-guns-in-car episode, but that was some time back. Something more recent? I hope they dont pull the plug on him – he’s clearly special, and at his age, even if he goes wild for a while, its too premature to say that he cant be sorted out.

  30. Dave Malaysia says:

    Happy Chinese New Year to all. May this year of the rabbit bring prospertiy ,good health,success to all Manchester United family members.

  31. Dave Malaysia says:

    @ Jeet : He was cleared apparently few days ago for witness intimidation,think someone posted it in here somewhere.

    But he has been out of all the squads for games recently. Waiting to see what Fergie is going to do
    with the kid,somesay no more patience,some hope he can turn it around.

    I hope he turns it around.

  32. Jeet says:

    @Dave: I always have a soft corner for talented kids that go wild…they remind me of myself (except the talented bit)…I always believe they will turn the corner. A good spell in the doghouse and the fear of God put in him by a sit-down with SAF, Rio, Vida, GNev, should keep him in place for some time. In India, we would talk of getting him settled with a nice, sensible girl LOL

  33. Dave Malaysia says:

    @Jeet : lol . Me thinks Gary may have a job with this kid.

  34. Dave Malaysia says:

    @ Jeet: get him married to jenna jameson ,that wud cool things down. lol.

  35. willierednut says:

    Don’t understand how Rooney makes that 25 man squad, he doesn’t contribute anything to the team?

  36. Jeet says:

    Ahh, Dave, but then he would be too knickered…oops, I meant knackered, to play…balance, my firend, we always strive for balance!

  37. smartalex says:

    It’s Rooney’s ball.

  38. Dave Malaysia says:

    @Jeet: thats balance he wud be so into the knickers and so knackered all his remaining energy will be in training and games ,no gengs and mischief.

    Balance Jeet balance. lol

    sorry dude looking for my secret porn collection,where did i put jenna oh jameson………….

  39. smartalex says:

    Knick Knack Jenna’s crack
    gives a Dave a bone.

  40. kk says:

    One game at a time. Dont sell us short by choosing a draw over a win. We want to win. That stays. We play to win. Where is the faith?

  41. Jeet says:

    @smartalex: totally LMAO-ed at that…God, love the banter on RoM these days..:)

  42. smartalex says:


    The full squad, including shirt numbers, registered by the club with UEFA is as follows:

    Goalkeepers: Van der Sar (1), Kuszczak (29), Lindegaard (34); Defenders: Evra (3), Ferdinand(5), Brown W (6), Smalling (12), Vidic (15), Fabio* (20), Rafael* (21), O’Shea (22), Evans J (23), Gill* (45); Midfielders: Anderson (8), Giggs (11), Park (13), Carrick (16), Nani (17), Scholes (18), Fletcher (24), Valencia (25), Gibson (28), Norwood* (47); Forwards: Owen (7), Berbatov (9), Rooney (10), Hernandez (14), Obertan (26), Bebe (33), King* (41), Keane W* (48).

    *Players who qualify for the ‘B’ list.

  43. FletchTHEMAN says:

    SmartAlex. Cheers mate.
    Thanks for the lists.

    Was surprised by the omission of Smalling from the Prem list of 25 but think home grown and under 25 rules allow us to pick as many from your second list as we want.

    That means the likes of Smalling, Gibbo and Pogba etc don’t need to be on the Prem List.

    They do need to be on the CL list.
    Thus, we couldn’t include Gary Neville on the CL list.
    Guess retirement looks a good option when you loose your CL slot to Olly Gill!
    Just saying, the team is moving on and we respect both our young and our zen masters!

  44. smartalex says:

    Agreed FletchTHEMAN. Gary is a United supporter who wants only the best for the team.
    He will continue to give his all, to the future of Manchester United.

  45. Saad says:

    I just saw the 9-minute clip of GNev’s interview on MUTV where he explains his reasons for calling quits now. He realized that he wasnt contributing much to the team because he just didnt “have it” anymore.

    So, instead of just tagging along for the rest of the season as a dead weight and collecting a paycheck for no real contribution to the team, GNev decided to inform the manager, retire and spare United close to 1.2m pounds of wages. Now THAT is what I call an honest professional!

    Thanks for the memories, GNev!


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