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PICTURES: ‘Miserable’ Ronaldo Back In United Training

Sir Alex Ferguson announced that Cristiano Ronaldo’s return is ahead of schedule, which is great news for us, considering the players we are currently missing (Owen Hargreaves, Michael Carrick, Nani, Anderson, Park Ji-Sung, Ryan Giggs…).

“Ronaldo’s maybe a little bit ahead of schedule,” said Ferguson. “He’s surprisingly good. He’s been doing jogging all week. Only jogging, nothing serious, we’re quite pleased with that.”

The Sun has published several pictures of Ronaldo looking a bit glum. Of course, how predictable? Poor ol slave Ronaldo, miserable at Carrington, after being forced to stay at United.

Our pictures show the £75million-rated winger was not overly pleased to be back in Manchester with his team-mates earlier today. While Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney, John O’Shea and Louis Saha were all snapped laughing and joking during the session, Ronaldo cut a forlorn figure.

It seems already it has been forgotten what Ronaldo had to stay after deciding he was staying put.

“Before there are any rumours and speculation about me staying against my will, I want to make one thing clear: whoever says or writes anything to that effect is lying,” Ronaldo said when revealing he wanted to stay with United. “I’ll be playing at Manchester United with my heart and soul. I will fight and honour the shirt with the same desire and dedication as I always have.”

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  1. natiaa says:

    does not look happy, does he? what a sight he looks. by the way , i can’t see his chains . where are they?:)

  2. MJG says:

    Louis Saha?? Laughing in training? Thought he would have been on the treatment table.

  3. azza says:

    haha. hes neva gna escape the slave gags, altho with these pics i bet ther are 10 with him smiling and joking, but as usual no1 wants to focus on that, any1 see the charity shield before hand, he was fokin round with rooney etc. dnt cre either way, as long as he gets back fit soon and starts bangin in the goals, UNITED > ronaldo.

  4. OP says:

    it is funny how he is always staring at the pap taking the photos perhaps his perplexed expression is to do with the fact he doesn’t know what they are doing there. After all Carrington is usually closed off

  5. Robinson Macgregor says:

    Who’s Saha?

  6. Uchman says:

    I don see any thing wrong with his facial expression. One should be serious in training and not laugh. Why are people always pokenosing?

  7. Oooodz says:

    Well… you wouldn’t be happy if your stuck to jogging when Im sure he wants to be playing and doing a whole lot more.

  8. The GUN says:

    Looks like a boy who wants to leave and play somewhere else.
    Man united fans have no option but to cheer him on. Cant see him staying for next season.

  9. Primachenko says:

    saha should be careful when laughing, don’t want that hamstring to go again.

  10. Tom F says:

    Yeah – Vidic looks no happier in that photo. It’s just him getting on with it, I suppose it is frustrating when you cannot play as well. Maybe that’s just his “serious, sophisticated, gillette for men face?” he could be getting paid £millions for that! He looks a bit fat in the face too!

    I don’t smile when I have to run, I don’t even smile when I have to walk… far too much effort!

  11. Drew Vader says:

    man i would have thought Vidic, our monster at CM, would be taller than Ronaldo…. shows what i know

  12. Anto Griffin says:

    Why is he wearing the number 10 training top? Have I missed something, or is this SAF’s answer to the striker crisis?

  13. Scott the Red says:

    Anto – all the players just have random numbers on their training gear, but stick with it once they’ve picked it.

    Here he is back in Feb.

  14. jessada says:

    Ronaldo’s back ahead of the schedule, that’s a great new. But time’s running out for the transfer deadline, So…. we must strengthen our squad before it’s too late.

    United MUST bring in at least one more striker (Actually, 2 more should be better, as Saha always injured, Manucho will not get a work permit this season, and Cambell’s still not good enough for the highest level like this).

    In my opinion, signing Berbatov, if success, is good, but at the moment it seems like it’s will never happen. Roque Santa Cruz’ve just signed a new four years deal with Blackburn. Huntella, for me, is still not good enough, as at the moment he’s still behind Robin Van Persie, Van Nistelrooy, Ryan Bable, etc. in the Dutch side. So, what’s are the option left?

    United should go for Thierry Henry. Henry , at 31, is still quick, full of experience and maturity, and his skill and pace will no doubt benefit this young talented United side a lot. Even though he will be cup tied for the Champions League journey, but United will benefit from him a lot in Premier League as he always score goals against Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, etc. and I ‘m sure he will score against his old side, Arsenal.

    Imagine, Henry on the left and Ronaldo on the right…. Both are quick, full of pace and skill. Both are good provider and can always score goals. The signing of Henry will turn United into another level of entertaining and most dangerous football side in the world.

    If United can sign one more striker (as a cover), we should go for Alfonso Alvez (Middlesbrough). This guy is full of strength, pace, power, and very good at finishing. In my opinion, if we can sign these two, no doubt, United will be the best team in the world.

  15. Gapi says:

    There were probably around 20 other pics of him laughing with the others that The Sun didn’t show us…

  16. mad red says:

    I hear manucho got work permit!!

  17. Red Rupert says:

    Vidic doesn’t look happy to me in that pic – in fact, I honestly can’t see him turning up again for training. Must be a dog’s life. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind our dog’s life. Doesn’t work, loafs around all day, get’s fed and entertained….whereas poor old me……..but I digress.

  18. OTRed says:

    He obviously loves to be on the field and here he is, stuck watching from the sidelines, you expect him to laugh????

    And why the heck is Saha laughing, unless he’s found some 100% fit match potion. I hope he didn’t break his jaw.

  19. denton davey says:

    After Monday’s game with Portsmouth, the next EPL game is not until mid-September. My guess is that Ronaldo will start against L’pool.

    He may be a “slave”, he may be a “one trick pony”, and he may be a “fancy dan” but he’s also a tremendously proud, dedicated professional on the pitch. He is supposedly the hardest trainer at the club and he loves to play, to compete, and to score goals. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pot a brace against the scousers.

  20. denton davey says:

    Oh, yes, if he does score a brace against the scousers, I don’t give a fiddler’s fuck if he kisses the badge.

  21. Sam says:

    “Vidic doesn’t look happy to me in that pic – in fact, I honestly can’t see him turning up again for training. Must be a dog’s life. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind our dog’s life. Doesn’t work, loafs around all day, get’s fed and entertained….whereas poor old me……..but I digress.”

    Don’t forget the most important bit about a dog’s life – You get to lick yer own balls :D

  22. Sreehari says:

    SLAVE OUT!!!

  23. Come on England says:

    It sound a bit stupid to see people laughing in training every second. How will they look like? A mad big fool !! If you don’t believe me try to whistle and lough at the same time.

  24. Ridwan SHarif says:

    The reason he was looking gloom was because (as sir alex ferguson said “Ronaldo has not been allowed to take part in all the training sessions because his ankle has not yet recovered for some trainings. He is very disappointed in not being able to do them”


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