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PICTURES: Now Fletch Gets Married

Darren Fletcher has married long term girlfriend, Hayley Grice, and becomes yet another Manchester United player who has tried to find something to fill his World Cup-less summer with. The couple already have three-year-old twin boys.

They tied the knot at St Ambrose Catholic Church in Hale.

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  1. aig alex is god says:

    Congrats Football genius. Have a happy married life

  2. RedScot says:

    Congratulations the happy couple.
    I am just left thinking of that Elton John song…………I wanna kiss the Bride.
    God she is a bonnie bonnie looking lass, Darren you lucky lucky boy. Well played.
    God bless you both and the youngens.

  3. Sanj says:

    Just think, hopefully we’ll have two more Fletcher football geniuses at the club in a few years time.

  4. resty says:

    awww congratulations Fletch!

  5. Zandy says:


  6. bruce thomas says:

    Did the Glazers send a gift?

  7. RedScot says:

    @Bruce Thomas, The Glazer are probably not even aware,would you wont a Gift from them, its one of those ones, you politely smile, say thank you, and as soon as possible dispatch it too a Charity shop.

  8. MKRed says:

    The Glazers phoned to wish their best – on a reverse charge call.

    They had to use an outside phone box as they couldn’t get any more credit on their mobiles.

  9. Fze123 says:

    Stunning bride, Fletch is a lucky boy indeed.

  10. sprite says:

    suprised wes is nowhere to be seen, lol..

  11. AlphaRS says:

    Anyhow Red Nev saying Ingurlands “Golden Generation” not very golden. Go on son ‘ave it!,27032,12016_6204626,00.html
    Don’t know if this as already been discussed.

  12. longlife Fletch! amen! says:

    Oh lord, pls take this guy to the greatest height a midfielder can attain. He is commited to mufc. Conjugal bliss.

  13. Gaffer says:

    Congrats Fletch. All the best. Good new for the team as well, the more players are in stabile relations the better they perform on the pitch. We havent seen Darren reach the top yet.

  14. Costas says:

    Congrats Fletch! Why are all of them getting married? Nothing beats being a bachelor!

    Hayley looks great though. ;)

    @bruce thomas

    Our beloved owners are probably like Chevy Chase’s boss in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: They cancelled Christmas bonuses and wedding gifts. :D

  15. willierednut says:

    This will be music to SAF ears, he loves his players to be settled in their personal life.

  16. YesRed says:

    Congratulations to the happy couple.

  17. Reddevil forever says:

    Fletcher the best midfielder in England

  18. Jay says:

    Congrats Fletch!A beautiful bride for a footballing genius.Brilliant.

    I simply love Fletch.alongside Rooney,he’s another one i know who us to the max and is committed.

  19. Red Devil says:

    Go Darren boy…..Football genius!
    Congratulations and have a good life….keep United in your heart and we will keep you in ours..

  20. King Eric says:

    Good on you son. I fucking love Darren.

  21. Corea says:

    I fucking love Darren. (c)

  22. Kaykay says:

    Yo Fletch, you are the man

  23. bchilds says:

    Congratulations Fletcherinhho!

  24. MAKCBERT says:

    Congrats Fletch

  25. mo says:

    nice one darren, shes gorgeous


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