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PICTURES: Our Lads Hit The Races After Derby Victory

The Republik of Mancunia has brought out a brilliant downloadable World Cup preview. It contains 20 articles written by football experts on the countries our players will be representing in Brazil. There is also exclusive content from this country's top football journalists, such as Sid Lowe, Martin Lipton, Sam Wallace and Dominic Fifield. All profit is going to charity. More info on the RoM World Cup preview can be found here.

Minimum price is £4. Enter your e-mail address to receive the download and the price you would like to pay.



  1. King Eric says:

    AIG – Good call with tomorrow night’s team. Hope it is that line up.

  2. aig alex is god says:

    King eric

    hi mate.Fergie has to give the youngsters a chance tomorrow. they will be itching to go and prove a point and we all know the potential that some of the young lads have is frightening

  3. Fze123 says:

    love owen’s expression. *Holding the paper in his hand* he says “and i scored the goddamn winner!”

  4. RedDeviled Egg says:

    I love how Tevez has come out again and said how much we are missing Ronaldo. He says it’s noticeable that we miss him.
    No fuck you idiot. I’m other teams wouldn’t miss losing the best player in the world. That’s a for sure. What a mugg.
    I’m sure Barca wouldn’t miss Messi nearly as much as us Ronaldo if he left.
    hahaha…we definitely don’t miss you Tevez you ingrate!

  5. truredthru says:

    backed their horse and it won owned by red army syndacite!!


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