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PICTURES: Our New Third Kit Better Than Our Away One?

The views on the new United away shirt were rather mixed, the opinions mostly shaped by our love of the black away kit we wore last season.

Pictures have started circulating today of what is reported to be our new third kit, which will likely be used in our Champions League outing. It pays tribute to the Babes as well as our recent European Cup win, coming 40 years after our first trophy.

new manchester united third kit shirt

new manchester united third kit shirt

new manchester united third kit shirt

What do you think?

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  1. chad says:

    awesome, so much better than the away kit!

  2. tevra says:

    I love the old manchester emblem inside the neck, shame its not more prominent. However, it does look like someone has lobbed the arms off of edwins shirt.

  3. PeeJay says:

    I’ve never really liked blue as a colour, always preferred white so no I don’t think our away shirt is better.

    Plus, we can make Ronaldo happy with a white shirt.

  4. Eddie says:

    Luv it! Absolutely luv it!

  5. KingEricCantona says:

    I like this part:It pays tribute to the Babes as well as our recent European Cup win!By making a Blue shirt?Just like our oponents in the final?

  6. Scott the Red says:

    KingEricCantona – I’d assume that we went with blue because that’s the colour of the shirts we were wearing when we first won the European Cup lol.

  7. Ryan says:

    wow this is class. i hate the away shirt but i will certainly be preordering this. An anderson one maybe?

  8. Eddie says:

    Anderson #8 on the back for me!

  9. Markus Revolver says:

    Not before me Eddie

  10. Haydar says:

    wasnt ol trafoord built in 1909? wouldnt it be a better tribute? 100 years?

  11. A.L.G.E.R.ii.A=D.E.V.ii.L.S says:

    i don’t have the habitude to buy the undershirt of football, but i really love thiis, and i acompliish a exeption to buy iit (L” !! #8 anderson in the back

    soorry i don’t very speake engliish xD

  12. Jas Rai says:

    Nothing is a better tribute than one to the Busby era

  13. Áki says:

    I love it…

    Much better than the away shirt

    But I think the black ones 07/08 were the best

  14. ellie says:

    dont realy like blue when it comes to United, but i realy like this especially what it signifies.
    A # 8 for me as well. Anderson or a Manucho (whatever number he gets).

  15. MiLs says:

    I dnt really like the blue tbh, i prefer the white kit to this. The emblem in shirt is cool though i have to say

  16. jim says:

    frick it lets all just get anderson

  17. luke says:

    i’m with you on that jim….like the blue kit but i agree wit tevra its like the keepers kit with no sleeves and a tad plain

  18. Wilfredo says:

    Surely to pay tribute to the babes it would be 1958

  19. ManUtd Fan from saudia says:

    awesome, it’s better than away kit

    love it

  20. Kings says:

    I’ve always liked black as the away kit,but have a fondness for blue because it’s synonymous with 1968. Great touch to celebrate 40 years, and to wear it in the European Cup is a great incentive to go out and win it again.

  21. phoenix red says:

    Yes, i really like this, great tribute to our european history, and i like the colour. Must say i dont like the away kit, fucking red(tiny bit!) white and blue, a tribute to our owners!?

  22. Tom F says:

    Lovely shirt, very pleased with that.

    I am also not too cool to avoid buying our replica shirts (though the sweat shop side of it is bad!)

    One shirt, with BROWN and 6 on the back please sir.

    Thank you very, very much!

  23. Messiah says:

    That’s amazing, I do think for the anniversary they’d use the old badge just for sentimental value.

  24. SpitFire says:

    i don’t mind this, it looks betta. But i’m kinda missing the black with small white lines that we had when Keane use to play. I can’t remember what year was that, but that for me, is the best lookin away jersey we had.

  25. eddidaz says:

    Very nice. Much better than the away kit but not as nice as the black kit.

  26. Mr United! says:

    I think we should keep the black away kit as our away kit and have this blue one as our third kit. I don’t really like the white and blue away kit and the black kit is my favourite kit. Also I think we should keep the home kit as it is.

  27. MNDevil says:

    I think this is a great looking kit. I would assume it will be an all blue set up with blue shorts and socks as well. It is too bad the black away kit from last year will not be seen again. IMHO it was one of the finest change strips I have seen from any team. We definitely did not see enough of this kit. I do not believe it was ever worn in the CL.
    The white kit is not my favorite, especially with the blue shorts. However, I would imagine we will see it as an all white kit more often than not.

  28. azza says:

    hate the white kit, this 1 is historic, fletcher 24 on the back, i think not!! bring bak the black kit!! we looked mean in that kit, eg games agenst liverpool n arsenal away!!

  29. me says:

    bring back the green and yellow “newton heath” style kit :)

    and yeah this one is a lot better that the away kit

  30. Bob Yazid says:

    I’ve never liked United’s blue away striip but that seems to be the colour these past few years. I liked black better and the white one was okay but I don’t really like the gold trimmings it had on the neck. But seriously, does it really matter what colour we wear away, within we’re always RED and it’ll always be that way – I may not be a Manchunian but I’ve supported United as far as my memories has went past and current, and hopefully till the end. Glory Glory Man. United! (from afar, Malaysia).


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