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PICTURES: Owen, Rooney, Hargreaves and Co. Visit Children’s Hospital

Manchester United players visit children's hospital

Michael Owen, Wayne Rooney, Owen Hargreaves, Gabriel Obertan, Ben Foster, Park Ji-Sung, Patrice Evra and Jonny Evans visited the The Royal Children’s Hospital in Manchester as part of their annual hospital visit for this time of year.

The Manchester United Foundation has helped raise over £80,000 towards providing parental accommodation facilities so that parents can stay close to their child during treatment.

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  1. neli g says:

    This time of year really puts things into perspective what with all the charity work people do. But it’s quite sad too as they only get the attention they deserve this one time a year.

  2. bleh bleh says:

    I suppose Owen Hargreaves was there to act as a guide, given how familiar he must be in hospitals.

  3. YO S says:


  4. Farhan Borst says:

    Merry Christmas everyone, and @ bleh bleh hahaha that was funny :D

  5. ¡No Pasarán! says:

    Hargreaves probably has timeshares there….can you imagine his medical history? It’d be like reading the complete works of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica.

  6. edwin says:

    Merry Christmas My fellow Reds!!

  7. Sir Fergie says:

    This just makes me have so much more respect for our players. You don’t see any of the rent boys taking time out of their schedule to do things like this. Or at least I don’t because I don’t pay much attention to them…kudos to the lads for doing this though. Really shows that they are normal, down to earth people like the rest of us and not caught up in their superstar life.

  8. Brio The kenyan red says:

    Merry xmass Scott & all bloggers(United fans).xmass is the time when everyone wants their past forgoten & the present remembered.looking forward to a prosperous and a tittle winning 2010!!!MERRX XMASS

  9. the scottish wonder says:

    Im so happy i got what i wanted this year.. The Man Utd home shirt with Darren Fletcher´s number!!

    Merry Christmas to everyone here..!!

    It will definatly be red christmas this year

  10. Bishopville Red says:


    Of course the (original) rent boys will do it. Just slip a brown envelope with £10K in it to “the captain” (AKA Bottler26) and you’ll get your face time.


  11. musvn says:

    …just another reason why I love United

  12. knightsmith says:

    Merry Christmas my fellow reds, and special big loves to little Emily xx

    Best wishes,
    Trevor (Ilfracombe, Devon)

  13. wazza (Bezi) says:

    Merry Christmas to one and all !!!

  14. theboogeyman says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  15. mr jokeyjokemaker says:

    apparently the lads are doing a big tour of places on christmas day, visiting all people in need of a little festive cheer and a yuletide lift…
    next stop anfield.
    cmon redsss!

  16. Besher says:

    This will make the players feel great . My dad buys presents every year and take us to hospitals to give them to poor childrens and beleive me this makes me feel great the look on their faces is just great . U can all try it u wont regret it . It will make u feel great for a whole month

  17. bchilds says:

    Top job lads

  18. SqueakyRed says:

    Love that pic with Evra. He looks so at ease with the little girl. Some players don’t look natural in photos like this. Great to see this from the lads.

    Merry Christmas to all Reds everywhere.

  19. Costas says:

    I found this vid of United’s greatest comebacks over the last decade. Thought i should share:

  20. jespermoses says:

    Happy Christmas to you all.Heres to a great 2010 for United

  21. Macedonia_United says:

    Merry Christmas!!!

  22. Macedonia_United says:

    @Costas:great video mate, tears in my eyes :D

  23. Costas says:


    Yeah i know! I especially like the one from Villa Park. The pitch invasion after Ruud makes it 3-2 was fantastic.

  24. SteniS says:

    Nice to see Obertan involving himself quickly with local charity stuff. Seems he’s settling in well.

  25. emaina the black Rooney says:

    Thats the fullpackage club-title winning,generous,huge,rich history

  26. Aig alex is god says:

    Costas.hi mate.saw the video at least 10 times.the only game i saw live was the 5-3 win over that time too i wasnt exactly a united fan even though i had a soft corner for was after that season that i started supporting surprises that 3 games are from the 99 season.wish i was a united fan then.i missed watching those moments live.wish it happens again in the near future.

  27. Costas says:


    Hi. I have also missed a lot of this games. I started supporting United in 94, but i started having the luxury of watching our games in 2002. I missed most of them apart from the Juventus and Bayern ones. I think though that the greatest United that i have ever watched is the semi final replay against Arsenal in 99.

    Don’t worry about it. Football goes in circles and we will see excitement like that again. Looks at some of the games we watched this past year. Villa, Spurs and City at Old TRafford in particular. It doesn’t get anymore exciting.

  28. Bebeto says:

    Assuming they weren’t dropping by to see Hargreaves, good on them.

  29. denton davey says:

    “Love that pic with Evra. He looks so at ease with the little girl.”

    Well, Patrice has twenty-three brothers and sisters so I think he knows about “the family way”.

  30. kel says:

    “Well, Patrice has twenty-three brothers and sisters so I think he knows about “the family way”.”

    Wow. I didn’t know or is it real? Some footballer looks angry with photos like this. I like the faces of evra and park as they look so at ease with the children.

  31. bchilds says:

    Whenever I see Evra it makes me smile!

  32. The Cockney Red says:

    Great to see.
    and @Costas, amazing video. Brought a tear. That game at White Hart Lane was unbelievable, and those 3 comebacks during the Treble season (Liverpool, Juve and you know what) were also fu*king brilliant. What a perfect way to end Christmas. Nice one!

  33. Costas says:

    @The Cockney Red:

    Yeah, the guy who compiled it did a very good job. I actually never understood that Andy Gray said that it was Liverpool’s day. Of course he was right!

    Read some crappy news in the Sun that Berba might have to operate on his knee and miss 3 months. I hope it’s not true.

  34. Ace Red Devil says:

    To all Man Utd fans, go and vote our players to win…..ManUnited4EveR


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