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PICTURES: United Anti-Glazer Protest

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. MG says:

    Second GHTT :)

  2. Rai says:

    Scott what have you actually done for the anti-Glazer campaign???

  3. willierednut says:

    Well done lads, great turn out. To all the nay sayers, fuck off.

  4. Costas says:

    Good job everyone.


    It’s the cunts swansong. Now CNN will deal with his crap. Good riddance.

  5. Red Devil says:

    I was just asking about it in another thread….well done people…
    @Ghtt — AMEN!

  6. TheRadLegion says:

    What I love about United fans is that they don’t call the Glazers.. “Yanks”, which shows the class! I know at least me and there are other people who really appreciate this. Well Done!

  7. ForEvraRed says:

    Well done lads.

  8. mattbw7 says:

    Went on the March with my daughter, not sure what impact it will have in the longterm if it stops there, we have to see it as a beginning, more of this direct action approach should be taken.

    A good turn out and loved the new Rooney song, though it didn’t get an airing at the match, time will tell!

  9. Roasty_mufc says:

    Wats the new Rooney song matt??

  10. mattbw7 says:

    I don’t care about Rooney
    He don’t care about me
    All I care about is MUFC, MUFC, MUFC

  11. Dave says:

    Love those pictures.


  12. govindgnair says:

    This is all a waste of time…if we want the glazers out…let’s start boycotting matches…who is man enough to do that?..not many i am afraid…

  13. King Eric says:

    Funniest bit was inside the munich tunnel with chants of glazer rentboys to the stewards. Great turn out but a bit scouse I thought with cans of beer being lobbed outside megastore etc and fire crackers. Certainly added to atmospohere though

  14. willierednut says:

    King Eric – Didn’t know about that, out of order imo, no need for that.

  15. King Eric says:

    Willie. Yeah mate got a bit hectic but not violent apart from like I say stuff been thrown at canopy of store and bangers going off and malcom glazers gonna die chants.

  16. MKRed says:

    Very disappointed that there wasn’t much interest by the Sunday papers – the only one I’ve seen that did anything, ironically, was the United-hating Mail.

    Perhaps the demo organisers should make sure the papers are really well-informed in future.

    The other thing the organisers should do is stress to everyone that it is a peaceful protest – no more throwing of beer cans, etc. All that does is attract the wrong sort of publicity. United fans behave with dignity – let’s keep it that way.

  17. mattbw7 says:

    govindgnair says:

    This is all a waste of time…if we want the glazers out…let’s start boycotting matches…who is man enough to do that?..not many i am afraid…

    Oh thats original, go to the united against glazer website and it invited all supporters whatever thier supporting decisions to attend. I’ve been going to the ground for 25 years do you its that fucking easy, in other words i was thier before the Glazers and I’ll be there after, I’m not supporting the Glazers I’m supporting a team I’ve followed since my age was in single figures and I’m 43 now.

    I’ve said elsewhere that this should be a first step in more and more direct action for some of us not seeing our red shirts play isn’t worth tolerating, another thing to conside,r we are that deep in the mire now nothing but a complete crash of the club will save us (not the red knights), its inevitable its just a matter of time and when the dust settles you know what I’ll still be going.

    Also cast your mind back to 2005, when IMUSA set up a share purchase scheme to try and buy the club, now it seems to me that we had enough supporters to buy the club then, I bought £200 worth as it was what I could afford but I wonder where the rest of the fans where and come to think of it the red knights the so called super rich lifelong fans and financial experts, well they where fucking nowhere and now people come on saying boycott matches blah blah fucking muppets, tell you what I’ll send my email address to must shall I.

  18. tonyn says:

    Looks like it was a good protest. Hope some of you will be at Rochdale on Friday to support FC in the first round of the Cup – 7.45 kick off at Spotland.

  19. RedScot says:

    @King Eric, you are a fucking hypocrite in my opinion, i have shouted for this all my life, well since i supported United, 10 years. and those robbers stole our club, 5 years ago
    Its a fucking mess and you support the likes of Wakey, Dave mack, Paul h, and watch me being slaughtered on here bye them.
    Not in real life. You sound like a rah rah boy. The tide is turning, and now you shout.
    Great post MATT BW 7, I am working on a the German model of football ownership, to do something tangible about this and make a difference.

  20. hammons says:

    Being an American, I am getting absolutely fucking ripped and bundled with the Glazers, and its disheartening to say the least….

  21. King Eric says:

    RedScot – Grow up you little kid. What the fuck have I said. Oh sticking up for Wakey and Paul H. Fuck off. Oh but you are 6 feet 5 aint ya?? I was implying the throwing of beer was a fucking disgrace pal and the shit outside the Directors entrance where SIR BOBBY walks in. Whats a rah rah boy you incoherent alky cunt? You are boring mate. I was watching United when you were in fucking nappies son.

  22. King Eric says:

    “I am working on a German model” Who the fuck are you? Get your head down mate,.

  23. King Eric says:

    Why should I stick up for you anyway you keep saying how tough you are and can fight your own battles. You come on here with your photographic memory and shit. Idiot.

  24. King Eric says:

    Sorry but that has really fucked me off. Not once have I said I agreed with the shit on Saturday i said the Glazer rentboy chants were funny thats all.

  25. King Eric says:

    Oh and another thing big man. Your snide comments about me being from Yorkshire didn’t go amiss the other night pal. “Photographic memory ” you see.

  26. Red Devil says:

    @King Eric

    Calm down mate….maybe he was drunk or something…no need to get your blood pressure up over misunderstandings…you’re much older than he is…forgive the kid’s immaturity. Youth can be over-zealous like that sometimes, there are better ways to put points across..he’ll learn

  27. Red Devil says:

    King eric

    lets talk about United…you’ve any idea why Anderson and macheda haven’t travelled to Turkey?

  28. King Eric says:

    cheers Red Devil mate. No I have no idea.

    Its not the first time he has had little digs . I may be alot of things but I aint daft. Perhaps I did go overboard but have ABSOLUTELY no idea why I am a hypocrite? Perhaps he thinks I went on the march, well I didnt. I watched the Arsenal game at the Lime bar then went to the ground. He has no place abusing people just because we don’t all agree with his Glazer stance. I aint keen on them but he mentions them in EVERY SINGLE POST. Its tedious. No doubt he will still be in his wanking pit and will surface mis afternoon. The lad was bang out of order calling me a hypocrite and a “rah rah” boy.

  29. exiledred says:


    Top note son. I’ve been going to Old Trafford for over 40 years (I’m 49 now) and I cannot even contemplate giving that up. Throughout all of the crap from Edwards, the stock market flotation, Knighton, Murdoch, Glazers and whoever’s ruddy next, I’m still a red and will always go and support my team – health and finances permitting.
    If people on here want to boycott games then fine – that’s your choice. But that’s not for me. Wherever this road takes us, I was there before, I’m there now and will be there long after the Glazers are just a bad memory.
    Oh, and to those knobs who thought it was clever to throw stuff at the ground on Saturday, pack it in. We’re better than that…..

  30. King Eric says:

    exiledred – great post, bang on.

  31. Red Devil says:

    King Eric

    You’re right….A lot of the fans here aren’t keen on the Glazers, including me (you might have seen me picking apart the holes in their financial model !) but that does not mean you can abuse anyone with a different point of view…The Glazers are not bigger than United——they are just a small jot in the illustrious history of the club. We cant let them divide the fans like this..

    As I said, maybe he was just a bit immature in his language, probably too worked up by the anti-glazer sentiment with alcohol adding to the fire…just forgive and forget…we must be bigger than this name-calling and insult business! :)

  32. Red Devil says:

    And I can completely understand the sentiment of the older fans here…it must be heart-wrenching to give up an Old Trafford Season ticket when you’ve been supporting them every weekend all your life….
    Heck, I could never give up one if I had the chance to somehow get my hands on a season ticket…

    The glazers will come and go, but United will remain forever….

  33. Red Devil says:

    “he’ll still be in his wanking pit’ hahahaha…that was hilarious btw!

  34. stretfordend_ryda says:

    i hate piers morgan with passion! he’s always been a cunt!!! what the hell does he know about football!

  35. mattbw7 says:

    Exiledred, thanks for your comments, yeah I remember the clown knighton who doesn’t, to be honest it wasn’t him that bothered me, it was edwards who almost let a tit like that get near our club, it told you what kind of people we had at the top and the butchers boy was a 1st class idiot.

    On the general note of boycotting ST’s I’m not going abuse anyone who has done so, each to thier own and the same should be said for the rest of us who have kept going.

    The Glazers will fuck this club up and we need to be like (dare I say it) the Leeds fans who have seen thier club almost go into the abyss but as they have kept going through the turnstiles its kept Leeds going, I feel this our future at some point, but we have a greater fan base and hopefully we can recover quicker.

    At the end of the march on Saturday I hung around for 10 minutes or so before my daughter and me went to our seats, I didnt see any objects being thrown at the megastore though a few cans where lobbed in a scatter gun fashion, no need really and is it just give the police the excuse to treats us more like thugs the next time we march. I didnt see the tunnel incidents so cant comment, only to say if they did occur then those people need to grow up and act with a bit of dignity, especially in the face of the enemy.

  36. King Eric says:

    mattbw – The tunnel was blocked at one end near the clock. I could not for the life of me find the UWS seller so I walked up the tunnel with the directors entrance to my left. Got to the corner and was told by the law I couldnt go that way so had to turn back. At this point there was a mob of 50 to 100 RIGHT OUTSIDE directors entrance hurling abuse. This was about 5.10pm

  37. King Eric says:

    Also the police were standing around filming the lot so can we expect banning orders for some now?? Can they do that?


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