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PICTURES: United players pay respect to Busby Babes at Munich

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Ahead of tomorrow night’s game against Bayern Munich, the United squad took the time to visit the Munich Air Disaster memorial.

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  1. Fletch™ says:

    RIP Busby Babes! :(

  2. lecho says:

    Let it be inspirational before tommorow. Go Reds!

  3. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Two seasons ago I dreamt of us winning the title in the Allianz Arena as the perfect way to show respect to the babes but alas it was not to be. Beating Bayern Munich tomorrow is a fair consolation for missing out in 2012.

  4. Tommy says:

    Respect to the lads, When I get off the plane tomorrow morning its the first thing I will be doing, Do it for babes of 58 tomorrow reds

  5. tallestreD says:

    RIP to them all. Always remembered

  6. Gary Mitrovic says:

    I still remember the 50th anniversary so clearly and the Manchester derby that marked the occasion. I won’t lie to being emotional in that minutes silence and relieved that it passed without incident.

    Tommy, enjoy your trip tomorrow. Let’s hope we can pull off a result and shock the rest of Europe as most of it is not given us a chance.

  7. m09538061 says:

    The Daily Fail are reporting that Toni Kroos wants to sign for United???
    Kroos….”let me think”………I can continue playing for the best team in Europe, nestling in a beautiful, vibrant city at the foot of the snow peaked Alps. OR………(write the rest yourself). MIND you….”..treble my wages, and I`ve heard they pull a decent pint in The Admiral Rodney in Prestbury.” Where do I sign ???

  8. Tommy says:

    Good article and in it it says!

    “There has been so much delight at Manchester United’s little revival that some troubling developments are slipping beneath the radar. Take this admission from Patrice Evra after Saturday’s win at Newcastle United.

    ‘In the Champions League, we have played good, we are confident and it looks like we are up for it more than in the league and cup. I know it is not professional to say that, but it is the truth.’

    Not professional? It’s a flaming disgrace. Can you imagine any United player offering such a view under Sir Alex Ferguson, let alone a senior player, nearly eight years at the club?”

  9. warrored says:

    @Tommy….mate I’ve been saying it all season.

    The fans ire has been directed in the wrong places. The players have been hiding behind Moyes and Fellaini. I’ve called them out as cowards from day 1.

    Once SAF left the old guard switched off…..

    The future is in the younger players and new players regardless of who the manager is.

    Paddy has admitted to it.

    Good Luck tomorrow mate bring us luck have a great time.

  10. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Everybody keeps saying oh the old guard just stopped playing but Evra would not say that or Rio would not publicly express displeasure with his style if they did not feel that the environment was conducive to say such things. Why on earth would Evra say that if Moyes was really doing his job?

    Would Evra have the balls to say that under Fergie or Mourinho or even Guardiola? So why is he saying it under Moyes? This is the second time Evra has said something suspect in the presence of Moyes and he is yet to be reprimanded for it. These are the little things that piss a lot of fans off. A lot of the players don’t respect him and he’s not brave enough to scold them. He’s babying too many players and now they just take him for granted. In the league everyone just looks like they are going through the motions but in the Champions league they look like they are up for it. Why the big difference? Probably because of the magnitude of the competition. Moyes needs to lay down the law once in a while. If the manager really knows what he’s doing then i’m pretty sure the players will come around to respect his decision.

  11. wayne barker says:

    watched the Rent Boy game today was not impressed with PSG at all how much did that team cost?People bitching at Fellaini should try watching Luiz at DM he was crap,bad passing,caught in possession,caught out of position over and over again

  12. The_red_devils says:

    Luiz is a center back, playing in midfield. What has he anything to do with fellaini anyway?
    How about try watching toure or matic??

  13. warrored says:

    @Wayne……I was about to say the same thing ref Luiz. To be fair he was bought as a CB but all his managers seem to think he is a better CM.

    On another site some of the people slagging Fellaini praise Luiz for his all action style lolol and forgive him the odd stray pass. It’s the hypocrisy that pisses me off.

    @Danny……they are paid professionals. It shouldn’t matter who is in charge they should give their all for the shirt.

    The old guard have given up. It’s clear to see with their performances.

    Maybe Moyes has told them that they are gutless and will be out the door come May.

    It’s no surprise leaks about the team, Giggs being upset, Vida doing one and telling everyone how happy he is to be joining Inter. Yeah you’re right they wouldn’t do it under SAF but their slacking has been called out by Moyes and they dont like it. They have challenged his authority and he has told them to do one.

    I find it amusing that people think serial champions who have been at the club 6,7,8 years or longer need someone to tell them how and where to play.

    This moves me to something else. On RedCafe there is a thread about taking off attackers to bring on defenders. Someone goes on to say that he’s sick of Moyes throwing forwards on when we need a goal and that he’s done it countless times lolol

    Fuck me Fergie was a “genius” ” the wizard” for pulling off a defender and throwing on an attacker in times of need. It’s shit like this that no matter what Moyes does or says it’s the wrong thing even after watching SAF do it for 26 years lolol

  14. OpikBidin says:

    Really, I though Luiz as a DM was good in attacking and defending. Generally he did well and won the ball numerous times. It was lampard who was caught off guard. He even can’t receive a pass. Even Willian did better as a CM than Lampard. It didn’t help PSG was so focused in defending and didn’t bother to attack, but their defense system was so rubbish.

    I also try to watch Marco Veratti, But looks like he will struggle in the EPL, he has a small build, always caught by Chelsea players when trying to bring the ball forwarf and is easy to be bypassed. Even Cabaye played better.

  15. OpikBidin says:

    Its time for a change, and Moyes need to do that. I will back him if he get rid of the old guards including:

    Rio, VIdic, Evra, Carrick, Rooney, RVP, etc who doesn’t bother and challenge Moyes authority, especially if their game isn’t up to it. At least when you challeng the authority you can back it up with your performance, but from what I see, the players are clearly not up to it.

    Moyes has tried SAF’s template, but as it’s not working, I think Moyes needs to create his own system fast. And because of the Mata-Kagawa link, I think he knows what to do.

  16. wayne barker says:

    yeah i know he was signed as a CH but when the FSW moved him into midfield last year like warrored said he became preferred as a DM.Same position as Fellaini,makes way more mistakes yet tons of people rate him,again as warrored pointed out it’s called hypocrisy

  17. wayne barker says:

    Opik watched a different game to me mate don’t no how many passes he gave away,was getting caught on the ball,wasn’t very disciplined from a positional point of view.I made a conscious effort to watch him thought he was bad.

  18. wayne barker says:

    Wasn’t any PSG player that really impressed me i mean the amount of money PSG have paid for some of these players,fucking crazy

  19. warrored says:

    The drop off was very noticeable when SAF announced his first retirement. When he changed his mind the first words from Roy Keane to Dwight Yorke was “that’s you fucked then”

    The problem has been SAFs longevity and leaving at the top. There will obviously be a subconscious slacking. Some of it is physical but much of it is mental.

    They’ve been to Nirvana under SAF. Not many players get that amount of sustained success. It’s pretty much unique. The only thing similar is LFC but they went down the boot room policy that worked for another decade or so after Shankly.

    Those were different times though and players were on £300 a week. Trying to motivate people on £50,60,70 grand a week never mind the higher earners is a huge ask.

    They’ve hidden behind Moyes. The wind of change is upon us and the players though. Rooney signing has altered players mind set as has the impact of Mata signing. It’s shown the other players that hey if Mata and Rooney want to then why shouldn’t we?

    The season was always going to be a write off. Every pundit in the land has always said the hardest job would be taking over from SAF.

    It was always going to be a poisoned chalice.

    Whatever happens in the future Moyes will be stronger for the experience.

  20. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    You really think Moyes has tried Sir Alex’s template? LOL. How? by firing Fergie’s men and hiring his own? by employing seriously cautious tactics the whole season and refusing to go for it until it’s too late? You want to know what a David Moyes system looks like? Watch Everton football club for the last 11 years.

    Sir Alex is “Win at all costs.” Moyes is “Try to make us difficult to beat.” Moyes is inherently cautious. Whether that comes from his time as a defender when he was still playing, I don’t know but he takes FAR lesser risks than Fergie does. Fergie once played Fabio and Rafael in MIDFIELD against ARSENAL.

    Players will respect a coach if they can see that he knows what he’s doing and has a clear vision. If they really saw that then they would not be saying the things they are saying or acting the way they are acting. If you can’t motivate your players to play for you then how exactly are you qualified to take the toughest job in European football?

  21. warrored says:

    @Wayne…….in the summer many fans were wanting united to sign Verratti Matuidi and Cabaye. Having watched all 3 many times this season on BTSport they arent any better than what we have.

    As for Cavani lolol rearrange…..hit barn fucking a can’t door.

    For £60 million I expected a lot more.

  22. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    We’ve quite clearly seen from the Champions league performances that these old heads CAN play if they put their mind to it. It’s the job of the coach to get them motivated every single matchday.

  23. wayne barker says:

    Evra owning it is saying hey this isn’t all Moyes fault,it’s on us as well,i respect him for being truthful and don’t see it as a slight against Moyes in fact the opposite

  24. wayne barker says:

    warrored 60 mill for him is crazy I hope to fuck the rumors about Utd being interested is not true

  25. warrored says:

    @Danny….haha I remember that game.Gibbo and OShea were in midfield too. Fabio scored the first.

    That’s me folks early start in the morning come on guys lets get behind the team

    2-2 for me.

  26. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    WOW@ warrored what did I just see?

    You just said that Cabaye, Matuidi and Verratti aren’t any better than what we have? So you wouldn’t swap ANY of what we have for those three players? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh my goodness.

  27. wayne barker says:

    warrored on Rom all summer people couldn’t shut up about how fucking great Spurs were and Utd should take lessons on how to conduct transfer business.Tons thought Spurs had landed all these great players,well how did that work out.Lot’s of these foreign players playing in weak leagues are overrated

  28. OpikBidin says:

    Moyes’s vs SAF’s template

    1. Physical, tall no.10 vs Hardworking no.10
    2. Defensive/running the channel FW vs Technical/poacher striker
    3. Inverted wingers/strikers as wingers vs traditional hugging toucline wingers/crossers
    4. 451 vs 442
    5. CB as DM vs Playmaker as DM.

  29. The_red_devils says:

    Yes, lets play fellaini as our second striker and huff and puff the ball in the air towards fellaini. Hope he controls with his chest and nicks a goal. Lets defend, defend and defend till the end.

    20th in the league for play through the center this season, 8th last year under sir alex. Yet its sir alex who plays with wingers hugging the touchline and crossing and moyes is a genius who plays through the center.

    Carrick has always been a deep lying midfielder and if people don’t know whats a job of deep lying midfielder, they better stop talking about football.

  30. adam leszczak says:

    I couldn’t believe that PSG couldn’t score 1 goal. Disgrace for the amount of money on field.

    What are people talking about having a look at Luiz for? Dude is a clown. Whenever we played against Chelsea he was the one p,Ayer you could count on doing something stupid and gifting us a goal.

    BEST Chelsea player – Schurlle. This guy is tottally underrated at Chelsea.

  31. adam leszczak says:

    Felt bad for Dortmund, Madrid were really lucky to escape this one. Had Lewandowski been fit first leg I have no doubt they would have slipped past them again. Ronaldo was more vocal from the bench to get the team going then the manager, he looked hella nervous there.

  32. keanoisdaman says:

    haha @ at danny praising fergie for playing Fabio and Rafael in midfield against arsenal,and this shows us his theory of fergies win at all costs attitude??? Imagine if moyes played two fullbacks in midfield against one of out biggest rivals?? The “moyes is clueless” brigade would have a field day.

  33. Chris says:

    @Wayne: I think the problem at Spurs has been trying to integrate too many new players at the same time, a situation we will be in next season if Moyes is planning to jettison most of the old guard to build his own team.

    We need to learn a lesson from Spurs failings this season but what do we do – keep some of the older players who obviously aren’t playing for Moyes for whatever reason and gradually rebuild which will mean more time in the wilderness or do we change the lot in one hit and suffer the same as Spurs have?

    Decisions decisions…

  34. Chris says:

    On a different note its good to see the lads paying their respects, it will help the new and young boys learn the history of this great club and what it stands for.

  35. wayne barker says:

    Chris hi mate it might be partly that mate but i think there’s still big ???? over whether the players are good enough,some of them just haven’t produced.It’s just a lot easier to play in some of these other leagues.I know i always get people coming after me for this but the prime example is Ozil cost 43 mill came to the Prem as one of the best players in the World and has been a bust,showed glimpses early on but in the end the same old choking Gunners,Ozil was bought to make things different
    Just saying have to be careful paying big money for players coming from different leagues.Between Cavani and Moura cost PSG 100mill,now maybe these 2 look good in the French league but last night looked ordinary,would any Utd fan was to pay 60 or 40 mill receptively to sign either

  36. kevk24 says:

    @Chris, I am afraid of the same and also the pre-season isnt uniform when there is a tourney in the summer so there are going to be players at different levels of fitness.

  37. OpikBidin says:
    The JuMaNji wizard trio.

    “20th in the league for play through the center this season, 8th last year under sir alex. ”

    It is unfair, to compare them, as Moyes has been using SAF’s old template in the Giggs-Scholes-Keane-Beckham era. But Valencia is no Beckham, Young is no Giggs, Carrick is no Scholes, and Cleverley/Fellaini are no Keane. 442 exactly. Maybe you should compare Moyes’s Everton data

    Let’s see how Moyes use his own ideas from now on, at least untill Rooney-RVP are back.

  38. Chris says:

    @Wayne: You are right, some of the Spurs signings have failed miserably and cost a ton of money, its a risky game to play. I do think we need another 1 or 2 ‘marquee’ signings in midfield but we don’t need to go out and buy 6 or 7 ready made players, SAF used to get the blend right most of the time and hopefully Moyes will follow suit.

  39. Chris says:

    @kevk24: Hopefully we can get our business done early in the window then after the World Cup we will have a good idea of what our squad will look like. Quite a few players will come back to pre-season late because of the WC so it probably won’t be the greatest of squads going to the States (or qualifying for the Europa League, god help us!).

  40. kevk24 says:

    @Chris, we could blood a few youngsters between now and end of the season plus pre-season and that will serve us before the rest come.
    At least Adebayor is back, Europa may be far from us

  41. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:


    I used that example to highlight how big of a risk taker Sir Alex is. I also remember complaining before the game started about the line-up and how we were going to get bettered so no I did not praise what we had because we started about SEVEN recognized defenders in that game and yet we ended up playing a very quick, attacking match. I rightfully admitted my fault and praise him after the game for displaying yet again his brilliance. Maybe you should have read the whole comment before replying.

    Fergie has a PROVEN track record. The trophies he has won tells me that the man clearly knows what the fuck he’s doing. If David Moyes started seven defenders, I would go crazy before the match because he has NO proven track record of getting the job done and winning trophies and based on what we have seen from Everton over the last 11 years it would be clear as day to everyone that he is trying to be extra cautious as usual.

    Comparing Moys to Fergie is a complete and utter joke.

  42. OpikBidin says:

    There’s a strange feeling I have about this Munich

    The Busby babes rested in peace because of the Munich disaster, But Matt Busby build his team again and then won the european cup. I hope the disaster this season can be compared to that Munich disaster and this will be our turning point to win the UCL. I can dream, can I?

    I somehow think Rooney will be injured by bayern players, based on history records, and then Moyes will show his hidden miracle genius in tight situations and bring us to win the UCL without Rooney and RVP. Bar in mind, Fellaini and Young are already injured, no Rafael, so somehow he will pull the rabbit out of the hat

    There is some revenge feeling on Pep and Bayern. Pep who outclassed us twice, tactically and individually, and Bayern for that Rooney injuring and Rafael red card. So if somehow the fans show weak feelings, it’s not right.

    Those are my feelings and thinkings right now. So I hope we make it happen

  43. The_red_devils says:

    That stat is of last season and last season neither valencia was beckham nor young was giggs nor cleverly was keane. So that argument is invalid.
    If pep, jose or klopp were manager of united, would they be playing 4-4-2? The answer is big NO. So don’t bring sir alex’s template in the equation. If moyes want to really change, sir alex’s template won’t matter.

  44. OpikBidin says:

    Pep, Jose and Klopp will have a headache because of Rooney, RVP, Carrick, Rio, Vidic, Evra plus the deadwoods problem. They need to flog them out and change our system immediately. But if they do that, and there are too many changes, the result and performance will be bad. and I don’t think the majority of the fans can accept that.

  45. The_red_devils says:

    The results surely won’t be so bad even if they had made some changes. They are proven winners. But even if results get bad for some time but they show direction/vision to where they are taking the club forward to, then most will accept knowing it will come good soon enough.
    Even without changes, has the result been any good?
    Rooney was basically kept by moyes, Vidic can still offer good service, carrick probably won’t have been first choice as we would have buyed 2 cm if we had pep/jose. So they won’t be headaches.

  46. mjcRED says:

    It will be interesting to see what side Moyes fields tonight and how we approach the game. I hope we aspire to have more of the ball tonight and at least try to compete with them in a footballing contest and with the right level of intensity. I don’t mean going gung-ho from the off. I mean I’d like to see us show some technique, patience and guile on the limited occasions when we do get hold of the ball.

    One thing I’m pretty certain of is Bayern will not be as forgiving in the final third tonight. I just hope all those on here showing an arrogant underestimation of Bayern’s cutting edge will not be embarrassed and looking foolish.

    Let’s go at them, but with due respect to a side that are unquestionably a class apart. We’ve all been in this competition too long not to spot when a side is the real deal and despite many on here’s aversion to all things short passes, patience and subtlety, this team is very special.


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