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PICTURES: United squad meet Diego Maradona in Dubai

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Juan Mata, Robin van Persie, Javier Hernandez, Phil Neville, Adnan Januzaj, Rio Ferdinand, Shinji Kagawa and Alexander Buttner posted pictures of themselves with Diego Maradona on their Instagram accounts.

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  1. wayne barker says:

    Maradona looks like a cardboard cut out in the Mata photo

  2. HillbillyMUFC says:

    I would be embarrassed to be caught in a picture with that druggie. Great footballer, great piece of shit as a human.

  3. Tommy says:


    So because he encountered some problems, hes a great piece of shit as a human, pathetic statement. Must be a thrill to meet one of the all time greatest ever players

  4. Jorge Curioso II says:

    “Encountered some problems”? Nice attempt at a whitewash. Just to name a few: convicted tax felon, cocaine addict, convicted drugs cheat, banned *at* the world cup, on-field cheat.

    HillbillyMUFC is spot on, if a bit harsh in the last clause.

  5. Tommy says:


    Did he actually hurt anyone tho? Calling him a piece of shit is a disgrace, theirs far worse people out their and you do realise that most footballers cheat right?

  6. wayne barker says:

    Tommy don’t waste your time with Jorge showed up the day Moyes was hired and hasn’t had one good thing to say since,always on the wind up

  7. evered7 says:

    Each photo talks about his footballing attributes. There is not a single person in the world who is flawless. Just accept that he was great at what he was doing and is an inspiration to most who play football.

    He won the WC for Argentina, can’t get better than that.

    Let’s stop the character judgement.

  8. Eric Nesh says:

    Seriously I don’t see how one can refer to Maradona as a piece of shit….this guy is a fackin legend good as they come,how u so much interested in his private life is not right.


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