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PIG: Fergie Never Tells Me Anything

Tomasz Kuszczak has confirmed that he will be leaving Manchester United summer. After unsurprisingly failing to displace Edwin Van der Sar as our number one and David De Gea all but signed as our future number one, the Pole is no longer happy to warm the bench.

Kuszczak has become increasingly petulant as his frustration has grown. On the morning of United’s game against Fulham a couple of months ago, he was in the papers complaining about his current situation.

“I will definitely leave the club,” he said. “My time in Manchester is coming to an end. I worked a lot in five years and never played as much as I wanted. It’s a shame the coach never gave me a serious opportunity.”

Hours later he was named in the starting line up, so it wasn’t the best preparation for an important game.

The last game he played for us was against Blackburn on the day we won the 19th title, with Sir Alex wanting to protect Van der Sar for the European Cup final. He had a poor game and made stupid mistakes.

I can’t imagine there will be many reds that miss him, particularly after another complaint today, but all the best for the future Tomasz.

“I haven’t spoken with Alex Ferguson,” he said. “He has told me nothing. He never tells me anything. I don’t know if I can stick it any more. I have some offers and we will see what happens with them. I think I will stay in England. I have been in the country for seven years and people here know what I can do.”

Tomasz “Loveshack” Kuszczak

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  1. aaron says:

    wow cant believe there are so many pple that dont hv love for PIG..

    Sure hes been complaining in the press lately but he’s sat on our bench for 6-7 yrs nw.. despite all his faults he is a gd shot stopper and is gd enough for a no.1 spot somewhere in the middle reaches of the league..

    not utd quality though, thanks for everything and gd luck tomasz

  2. Manchuchu says:

    Never send a pig to do de gay’s job

    errrr… Wut?

  3. giggolow says:

    I think he has been lead on thinking he will eventually be no.1. I sympathize with his situation with the new keeper coming in. he waited his whole life for a real chance and never got it.

  4. Mr C says:

    Good luck to him. I guess he tried his best but that just wasn’t good enough in the end. Shame about the wankers who feel the need to abuse the guy as he’s leaving. The same twats who keep banging on about ‘loyal supporters’.

  5. smartalex says:

    I love United.

    I love ALL our players.

    I love Tomasz Kuszczak! All the best, lad!

  6. Kopello says:

    There’s a lot of harsh words on here for a decent keeper who’s never let United down (alright forget Blackburn as a one off). There’s plenty of complete f***wits who have let us down properly, and seen us out of CLs and the rest (Howard and Barthez, for starters).

    Anyway, most fans, like outfield players, know f*** all about keeping.

    Scott, what’s with the PIG malarky? Even Rooney didn’t get that sort of nickname from RoM. And if you want petulant, go see Ronaldo, Nani & Tevez before hitting on poor Kuszczak.

    Good keeper, sorry to see him go. You’ll all be wanting him back after watching Lindegaard for 2 or 3 games.

  7. Fred says:

    T-Kusz got some serious game – and that’s real talk! 8)

  8. Devil310 says:


  9. Devil310 says:

    ….among Poles in Goal

  10. Fred says:

    Yes, considering some of the other twats: Artur Bollocks, Szczensny Hawkes, that other geezer Arsenal had

  11. MUFCOK says:

    Its hard to have any feeling towards a back up goalkeeper because the clues in the name, he’s only a backup, he never plays so ive never really grown to like him.

    Prone to mistakes, and has made ALOT of them when he’s been given the chance to play,

    He’s a good shot stopper but his kicking and collecting is poor, so wont be sad to see the back of him, will probably do decent somewhere else when he gets a good run of games, so good luck to him.

  12. Fred says:

    He used to wear his shorts back to front for good luck. Nuff said.

  13. Whiteside says:

    His shorts were the right way round it was just the rest of him that wasn’t… (-:

  14. smartalex says:

    Whiteside – very, very funny at 21:15! Brilliant!

  15. Whiteside says:

    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally. Which also sums up his keeping. Ha ha I love you really Pig.

  16. smartalex says:

    Tomasz’ time at United will be remembered.

    The eon of the PiG, or PiGeon, flew by, as on the wings of a dove.

    Speaking of which, the dove may be the bird of peace, but for true love, she must swallow.

  17. Whiteside says:

    Not forgetting dirtbox action. (-:

  18. smartalex says:

    Dirt in the box is a grind.

  19. Jacques says:

    who fucking cares about him.

  20. WFW!!!? says:

    Didn’t get a proper run out eh? So who filled in for VDS when he was caring for his family? What a D-bag..

  21. mattos says:

    the fuck is wrong with most of you? he played for united, gave it his all and remained an understudy to vds even though he could have fucked off. and all this bullshit about “not united quality”? fuck off idiots. he plays for united doesnt he?

  22. Mario says:

    Why call him PIG?


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