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Pique: Keano Used To Give Half Time Team Talks

Former Manchester United defender, Gerard Pique, claims that during half-time in the dressing room, it was captain Roy Keane who used to address the players.

“He is the player that has the most influence in a dressing room that I have ever seen,” said Pique. “I have been in many dressing rooms and with very important players, but I remember reaching half time in games and it was only him that spoke, the one that made the speech. Sir Alex Ferguson was to one side and he spoke. I am still profoundly affected by him.”

Pique recalls a run-in that he had with the former United skipper after he had left his phone on vibrate and someone rang.

“I used to keep it in the pocket of my tracksuit that we wore when we met up with United and I hung it on the peg and it began to vibrate,” he continued. “There was no sound, it just vibrated and he did not like mobile phones in the dressing room. You had to be completely focussed on the game an hour beforehand and then it began to vibrate and he noticed it and there was a bit of a kerfuffle. He discovered it and he told me off.”

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  1. Hans says:

    We could really do with someone like Keano right now?!!!!!

    Pique is such a great lad speaking with utmost respect for United despite his limited chances here!

  2. cantonaaaaa says:

    Keano = legend

  3. kimblim says:

    When will he shut up about his time at United? He wasn’t good enough and although he has developed into a better player since leaving, he still wouldn’t be first or second choice at United. His style is perfect for Barcelona, but he isn’t good enough defensively for United.

  4. utd4life says:


  5. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    from what he has said, i dun have any problem with him speaking about us.

    Everybody miss Keano. Everybody miss Robbo. Everybody miss Cantona. Everybody miss Schmeichel.

  6. Shoe says:

    He probably would have gone back to Barca at some point anyway.

    Those new adverts on the site where you cant turn off the sound are really annoying!!!!


    I think Pique would walk straight into our team now but not then… Evans or Pique… i know who i would prefer…

    Smalling is gonna prove to be a class act… got a very good footballing brain and will suit us.

  8. ajopaul says:

    disciplined bloke..

  9. Alom says:

    Great guy!! I was so sad to see him leave but i expected it.. and look at the player he turned out to be!! at least like Hans said he speaks of United with respect despite having limited appearances!!

    come on man! he is a brilliant defender.. strong, great passer, great tackler, can read the game very well, quick (not the fasted but has pace), great in the air.. he is still only what 24? turning out to be one of the best CD in the world..

  10. Giles Oakley says:

    I always liked Pique and it was a sad moment when he left, that’s for sure, although it was probably inevitable in the circumstances, with Rio and Vidic at their peak and Pique having a deep and special affinity to Barca. I think United treated Pique very well, enabling him to join his childhood team, and I think it’s great to see how much he appreciates what he got from United. It’s clear that he still has many friends at Old Trafford among players and staff. I hope he keeps giving us these little glimpses of life inside Old Trafford.

    A Keano half-time talk must have been something to behold, but see how astute Fergie was – keeping out of it when it was working with Keano, swiftly moving in when it stopped being effective. Of course for the player himself, suddenly shunted off to Celtic, it must have felt like being sold as ‘a piece of meat’, as he said during the Rooney pay saga. Now Keane’s a manager himself I suspect his view of Fergie’s latter-day treatment of him will slowly mellow. I hope so, as Keane and Fergie together contributed so much to United’s success, it would be nice for them to be able to share the memories in a positive way.

  11. 0161-Jon says:

    What’s with all the new video ads on here with sound that can’t be turned off?!! I have never noticed these before???

  12. Lovely.United says:

    He is just so hard not to lovee.

    Piquee <3

  13. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    @Giles Oakley it is a nice read from you again. Thank you sir i hope you stay healthy look forward to reading more from you.

  14. redpete says:


  15. Costas says:

    Keano should have stuck to half time team talks at United. :D

  16. Unitedfanatic says:

    Only United could have players like KEANO. Can you imagine him rupturing the big egos of rentboys’ / dippers’ dressing rooms? No way.

  17. willierednut says:

    At least Pique learned one thing, turn off your bloody phone lol.

  18. five says:

    One of the best center backs in the world right now, the way he brings the ball out of play is great but we made the right choice keeping Evans, Pique would have buggered off to barca sooner or later whilst Evans is likely to stick around for life.

  19. Giles Oakley says:

    MyCowlsTheBest (great name, sounds like a particularly competitive monk) thanks for kind words. Health holding up OK, thanks. Latest scans, biopsies etc good.

  20. TheSevenOfOT says:

    What a great player Pique has turned out to be . Keano , Legend .

  21. stretfordend_ryda says:

    stretford end ryda thinks kimblim is chatting 100% shit!!!!

  22. gazzer says:

    Anyone remember that funny clip on youtube when Keane was being interviewed and a reporter’s cellphone went off? When he confronted him, the reporter wanted to let it keep ringing!! Imagine Piquet trying that shit in the dressing room!!!!

  23. bchilds says:

    Ahhh Keano, if only we still had someone like that!

  24. RedScot says:

    ? “How do you get a bit of a kerfuffle on your peg”.
    Roy was a legend on the field total nut job and wore is heart on his sleeve, but as sure as god made apples, he aint no diplomat.
    He winds people up and sticks to his principles(its a Gael ) thingie.

  25. admancunian says:

    I bet Xavi can give you the same speech now


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