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Pique: United over City for me

Gerard Pique attended a press conference this evening ahead of Barcelona’s Champions League game against City. It is the first time in their club’s history that City will play in a Champions League knock-out game.

“Manchester is a very special place for me,” he said. “I arrived here when I was 17, I was still a kid. Obviously I would have liked to play more but I had a very special three years and learnt a lot. Manchester United is my favourite team apart from Barça. It’s special for me to come back at the city.”

When asked if he had to leave Barcelona for a Manchester club, Pique was very clear on where he would go. “What do you think? If I had to chose one it would be United but I am really happy.”

Pique isn’t just a fan of United, but of Mancunian music too, saying: “Happy Mondays or Oasis? I prefer Happy Mondays, I got to know them while I was in England, like New Order or The Charlatans. After three years I ended up liking the music here.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. wayne barker says:

    Everything being equal unless a player was a City supporter no one is picking City over Utd

  2. WilliamAR says:

    @wayne barker

    absolutely correct. City have no history or tradition or anything for that matter. all they are is a club who’s bought a bunch of greedy bastards and cheated their way to a modicum of success.

  3. GingerPrince18 says:

    City my be better at the moment footballing wise and definitely richer than us. But they are not a bigger club than United. Maybe if they win most of the trophies in the next 30 years they can compete with Manchester United brand, but at the moment they are no way equal to us in term of Brand, history and fan base.

  4. WilliamAR says:


    city’s owners are richer than ours but the club are not richer than ours. we have a much higher turnover and a smaller wage bill. it’s a matter of time before their owners will slow dramatically with their spending of their own personal wealth, just like chelsea. if they don’t justify the spending with turnover they will be subject to ffp rules. people forget that they are business men and they want a profit like all business men. look at chelsea, they have slowed in spending massively and you could argue that they sold mata to fund other purchases. city are just laying their foundations and it costs alot if they want to punch at the top level but even they will slow their spending eventually.

  5. GingerPrince18 says:


    Good point mate. So we can all agree on city is not bigger than Manchester United. They are not even bigger than Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea.

    Somehow I get the feelings that this FFP will take longer to execute. Will be interesting to see though. What will club like Monaco and the likes do when UEFA implement FFP. UEFA is a joke to me. The way they sucking up to Barca and Madrid is sickening. Let see how much FFP will impact these two.

  6. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    To be honest, our so called huge status has one of the so called biggest clubs in the world, has not really got us far like barca and Madrid have done in recent times. Look at last summer, we were champions of England we still could not get us the players we wanted, soits not really about your size, its about how much you are willing to spend and people working for the club, that will define the club where they go every year

  7. adam leszczak says:

    To say that City are irrelevant is arrogance we can’t afford ATM tbh.
    If it was Pelligrini in charge of them last year I don’t think we would have won the title so easily. This year again in my opinion it’s their title to lose.
    I know where teams dread to play these days and it’s not Old Trafford. The FFP is a joke, wouldn’t count in that.
    I don’t want us to become the next Liverpool and recount past glories while critical issues at the club aren’t addressed.

    Having said that as posted earlier.
    ” but at the moment they are no way equal to us in term of Brand, history and fan base”

  8. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    We did not get the players we wanted because we didn’t offer ANYTHING respectful. 35 million pounds for Fabregas? LOL is that a joke? and even with the terrible bid Fabregas STILL strongly considered it. In a transfer, you have to get through the barrier of the club management first before you can talk to the player so no matter how much the player adores United, we can’t get to him till the club says yes and clubs don’t give a shit about reputation. They are trying to make money. Only players care about reputation.

  9. slim says:

    think 35 mill for Fabregas is fair. definitely not in the 40-50 million mark. these days transfers are made up figures anyway. still can’t get over the bale transfer fee

  10. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Apparently we offered something like 120 million pounds for Bale? Thank God it didn’t go through. We have that kind of money in the bank and we wanted to blow everything on Bale? Absolute madness. But it feels good to know that we do have money in the bank to spend so there’s absolutely NO EXCUSES this summer. This is the summer that I 100% expect to see two big time midfielders and a left back AT LEAST in the club.

  11. John says:

    Sheikh Mansour over Glazers any day of the week as the owners! Apart from that we all know, its not worth comparing history wise. BUT look at liverpool in past few years, history is going to shine only through your present status or else it becomes boring. I remember in countless time people insulting Liverpool fans when they used to sing their victory in past few seasons! Yeah, last but not the least, Manuel Pelligrini over David Moyes ALWAYS as our manager!

  12. scholes18 says:

    it is heartening to see that united is still held in high regards especially by ex-players. it is no debate of which club is bigger but city is better ATM.

    football, as every game, is a results business. a club can only build its stature based on sustained success on field. by sustained success i do not mean only trophies but continuously competing at top, having a team playing against which opponents dread etc.

    real has not been a hugely successful team for past decade but their legacy and stature is unchallenged even now. united will not lose its charm as of yet but i will like to see what moyes has in store for next season.

    season is entering its final stage….squeaky bum time starts….oh wait

  13. wayne barker says:

    Yeah let’s have owners who run a military dictatorship have people who oppose them arrested and tortured,Sheikh Mansour and his brothers shouldn’t even be allowed to own a football club it’s fucking disgusting,what is wrong with some people wanting horrible cunts like that as Utd owners

  14. Hamzah says:


    I’m not from the emirates but I know quite a few from there, I do not know any people who love their rulers as much as they do, they live a lavish life and their rulers are spoiling them no end. if you happen to meet any emirate in the future just try to critise their rulers and see what kind of response you get.
    No ruling party is sin free but I wouldn’t believe everything I read or see on the media and I would certainly not have them as my main source of information.

  15. m09538061 says:

    Unlike the bastard glazers edwards was honest in his dishonesty. Never ever believe those total and utter cunts are anything else

  16. wayne barker says:

    Hamzah before you make ridiculous maybe catch up with world news Abu Dhabi has been condemned by all the human rights organizations around the world and is described as a black hole for human rights.This isn’t football transfer rumors these are facts,these horrible cunts torture and imprison people,it’s the same as giving any dictator in the world a football team because someone has money.This is a side that’s never discussed and it’s fucking disgraceful

  17. gra mar says:

    @slim – no value in the market as Alex would say.

    In fairness having spent 3 years here what is Pique going to day on the ven of his teams match against city?

  18. Hamzah says:

    Wayne, with all due respect, as far as I know these people who were arrested where trying to topple the government and I have not met a single emirate who has shown any sympathy towards them.
    If true then imprisoning them without trial is inhuman and torture is something we all condemn but is any country free from that? not even the worlds so called democracies. politics stinks and is a very dirty game that almost every body is involved in.

  19. wayne barker says:

    if you’ve read the whole article and that’s all you get out of it,you must be having a fucking laugh,it’s not just about the 94 who were wrongly accused it’s the systematic way any kind of dissent is dealt with and the way immigrant workers are paid low wages and live in slave conditions,if you read that article and have no issues something wrong with you mate.

  20. Hamzah says:

    Wayen, I have a huge issue with it but to think that is confined to the UAE is wrong because it’s widespread and human rights I not just confined to the ill treatment of emigrants. world powers and dictatorships are enslaving humans one way or another.

  21. wayne barker says:

    who said it was confined to UAE,these people with their big smiles expensive suits throwing around money like it’s nothing a cancer on football,while people in their own country are being imprisoned,tortured and killed,also the majority of workers living like slaves shouldn’t be allowed to own football clubs and be portrayed as legit businessmen.They are fucking criminals and belong in jail,i don’t give a fuck where someone comes from but at this point in time these horrible cunts are owners of City.Everyone talks about how great City are no one talks about the disgusting underbelly that created it.Be a nice change for once if all these websites and radio stations who just print complete and utter rubbish actually started doing proper sports journalism and exposed these horrible cunts for exactly what they are

  22. Hamzah says:

    Totally agree with you mate that they are cancers in football but so are people like the Glazers who view us like a milking cow.

  23. wayne barker says:

    sorry mate you can’t mix up the two chalk and cheese,not a Glazier fan but would take them any day of the horrible criminal cunts who own City.Should also like to point out people talk about the Glazers taking money out of Utd like it never happened before but it did in shareholder dividends every year,the same shareholders who ended up selling the shares so the Glazers could take over in the first place.So that’s something which has always confused me,will someone please tell me the difference between the old shareholders getting dividends every year or the new shareholders getting dividends each year.

  24. Tommy says:

    Pique was unfortunate in that he played at the start of the Rio/Vidic partnership, Wayne, totally agree mate, cities owners shuld be in fucking jail!


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