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Plans for plane with ‘Moyes out’ message to fly over Old Trafford

A group of United fans have raised £840 in a day to fund a plane to fly over Old Trafford with a message reading ‘Wrong One – Moyes Out’.

The message is a response to the Stretford End Flags banner which reads ‘The Chosen One’. Following United’s 3-0 defeat against City yesterday, stewards were sent to protect the banner at full time, after there were concerns that fans would want to remove it.

As yet, there have been no public protests within the ground, home or away, but it is expected that will change at the weekend when United face Villa.

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  1. VolatileKid says:

    I wouldn’t want to insult anybody but people have a right to be displeased with Moyes. He hasn’t conceded for once that the decline in performance is his fault. He always tries to blame the players or something else, he has never admitted what was wrong with his approach. He tries hard to be the victim, from the first day he has been undermining the squad. A good person would admit his fault, or atleast try to find out faults in his own approaches. He never discussed what was wrong with his tactics in the matches that we were outplayed by other teams, he is either too arrogant or too stupid. A man of honor would have resigned by now

  2. ziggy says:

    No doubt, Moyes is a confident man,he is still declaring he is the chosen one a he is still “the best man to lead United”…

    He reminds me myself when sometimes I stubbornly try to fix something in my house (plumbing,electric grid etc..) and after I make a mess,my wife needs to call a real expert.

    Everyone of us think high of ourselves,but from time to time (at least the smart ones) we accept that we don’t know everything and in this case,Moyes is a modest manager who cannot lead one of the best brands in the world.

    You can feel like Messi when you play with your friends but in reality we know that we’ll never be like him,Moyes is NOT Sir Alex Ferguson and United is NOT a school where he can waste the prestige of the team to learn something he couldn’t learn all these years…period.

  3. trevor knightsmith says:

    VolatileKid :

    Much as i think he is the wrong man for the job , it is quite wrong to say he has not admitted he has been at fault .

    It might just be rhetoric , but after the city game he said “I am the one who picks the team,” Moyes said. “I take responsibility and always will do” .

  4. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Spot on Volatilekid

    People HAVE a right to be displeased with Moyes for the performances on the pitch. He’s a hardworking man with a family does not fucking cut it. I’ve not mentioned ANYTHING that has to do with Moyes family because quite frankly I have no business with his family. The business I have is with the football club that HE is managing and is being paid handsomely to manage. He has REFUSED to adapt to the surroundings. He sacked an entire title-winning backroom staff, has completely disregarded Sir Alex’s training regime and has no clue how to speak to the press. Yet some people keep saying oh we’re being too harsh on him. HOW?

    As you make your bed, so shall you lie in it. At the beginning of the season HE said that this squad was good enough to challenge for the title this year. We were even being kind of him when we expected just a top four place alone this season. But not only has he failed horribly to even get us anywhere close to fourth, he’s also made us into a laughing stock on the pitch that can’t even beat anyone that matters anymore. He has no excuse because we have seen that this SAME group of players have the ability to play MUCH better than this. The only that changed this year was the head coach and everything has gone downhill. To make matters worse, not only are we losing games, we are playing easily the ugliest brand of football I have seen at this club in at least 10 years. If we were playing well but not quite breaking through, I and a lot of fans would understand but we are losing games and we are not showing ANY fight. The way we are set out on the pitch is all wrong and yet he does not want to learn. I don’t support the fly over, the fans will make their feelings known soon enough. But I DO support the right of fans to express their displeasure with how this season has gone and I DO support the notion that David Moyes is to blame for most of this. Do I think he would be sacked right now? NO. But would I want to give this man 100 million Pounds to spend in the summer considering what he has done with 65 million pounds already? NO. He has to give me a reason to to be optimistic before I can be optimistic. Simple.

  5. Mav says:

    Haha. Moyes is the face of a corporation. He is doing a shitty ass job. Who gives a shit if he is a good man(which I think he is).

    Fact is he is not doing a good job, is in the public eye, so vitriol comes with the territory.

    People here saying they do t u derstand why people are attacking Moyes, yet these same posters descend into expletive laden tirades and name calling against other posters on here. Can’t have it both way guys.

    Either way, Moyes hasn’t shown the inkling of being able to move us forward and I think he needs to go at seasons end.

    The plane is in poor taste but seeing that fans can’t demonstrate inside the stadium, it is what it is.

  6. wayne barker says:

    I don’t know any manager that openly discusses anything you’ve mentioned and on more than one occasion Moyes has taken full responsibility for Utd’s form.
    Managing a football club is the way he makes his living and was given a 6 year contract i’m sure he believes he can turn it around.Just a question at work knowing you’ve been performing sub par for whatever reason how many times have you resigned from your job to do the honorable thing?
    If Moyes get’s more time gets the team he wants in place but still doesn’t turn it around then he needs to be gone.
    He’s had plenty of issues to deal with in this first season which was never going to easy in the first place,so to be put down and insulted isn’t right
    Don’t know if you were just trying to be funny by finishing with insults but I haven’t seen any arrogance from Moyes,hes also been a prem manager for over a decade so we all know he’s not stupid

  7. mjcRED says:

    Whatever side of the fence and wherever are loyalties can we not be clear in wishing to see a manager with the ideas, fearlessness and awareness to restore the kind of football that excites and fills us with pride?

    Forget the bitterness and bile more commonly seen from the bitter fucks across town. The bitching and name calling on here is largely down to the frustration and pig-headedness that will symbolise Moyes’ time at our club. It doesn’t help either that while our season has been in free fall, all of the ex-players and suits on the glazer payroll spouting endless inaccurate and hollow proclamations of us being the biggest and best club in the world and that Moyes IS the right man but that he just needs time, when the appointment method and failure to nip the problem of Moyes in the bud reveals a club being run every bit as ineptly as Blackburn and the rest. This collective burying of heads by people that claim to have United in their hearts is in danger of causing an equally damaging effect on the club going forward, just as Moyes given more time will only result in more damage being carried out.

    Right now all I want to see is a United team and a new manager and coaching set embrace a sophisticated, attack minded style of play that will ably equip us to in the not too distant future see us competing on an even footing without being hamstrung by amateurish, skull bashing tactics easily thwarted by even the most agricultural of opposition.

  8. Ridwan Horlarlere Santi says:

    Moyes is very lucky united is a patience club if not he would have lost his job a long time ago. Anyway from what i saw in the man abilities i don’t think he has the charisma to coach united on a long time basis like sir alex did during his time.
    Moreover his tactical approach to every matches he have played and his training techniques doesn’t really suits the players best ever since he arrived so i can’t blame any fans who is so devastated or disguugusted in him. They just need to step up their protest method unlike flying plane across the pitch during a football match.

  9. NBI Red 21 says:

    Lol, the long goodbye.

    Firstly, anyone who actually been to a match and heard e.g. United fans calling Arsene a paedophile and worse abuse of players and managers will not even remotely put this plane banner in the category of “bullying” that is a joke! Only someone who has zero clue of the abuse at matches can remotely call fan expressing an opinions on a mangers position “bullying”. What a load of bullshit.

    The banner SHOULD embarrass Moyes – and he deserves to be embarrassed – and should make clear to the board that a substantial section of United fans want the man out. It should end the nonsense spun by United and Moyes that all fans are behind him and make a mockery of the unpopular Chosen One banner. It will also draw attention to the fact that fans cannot even bring a banner or flag into the stadium so where else can they hang it? The real disgrace is that fans cannot express what they feel in the stadium and secondly that fans wanting Moyes out are to spineless and cowardly to act with integrity and do something so they complain about him yet abuse fans who actually try to do something. The plane will have an impact as it shows many United fans want Moyes out and that’s what it is there to do. If Moyes ends up getting fired because of protests by fans like this, everyone will be relieved he is gone. To call the Red Issue fans who are all season ticket holders “bullies” for organising this is a complete disgrace.

    @ Nairobi Red – “While Moyes and team is clearly to blame for the dynasty’s collapse, the fans and the board are to blame for delaying his time of execution.” – Spot on.

    Look if you want Moyes out it does not happen by writing on forums. It gets ugly and it will get uglier because the board don’t act and every time Moyes opens his mouth he infuriates fans. Who cares what other fans think, if you speak to other fans the only thing they say is they can’t believe Moyes still has a job and they laugh at the fact United are knocked of their perch. Moyes is playing for time, that time needs to be ended and only very serious levels of open fan protest will do it. This is where we are:

    - Moyes songs are hardly sung in games any more if at all
    - fan groups attending games approached SEF and asked them to take the banner down, they refused even though they accepted it was premature and not popular
    - season ticket holders at Red Issue fed up with not being able to take the banner down or take in one of their own arranged for a banner to be flown over OT to communicate their feelings, a place where Glazer thugs can’t confiscate it.

    Why are people taking issue with a plane? Its just a way of communicating fan opinion and why can’t fans paying for seats do that? It’s bullying to display opinion? Dearly me.

    Fans need to wake up, the only way we have become spoilt under SAF is we think we don’t need to stand up and fight for our Club. Moyes now is publicly ridiculed everywhere, look at City stadium banners and press and United forums. He is the “wally with a brolly” that McLaren became for England.

    So – most fans agree Moyes needs to go but they are too scared to do anything about it incase it “looks bad”. Jesus. It is bad, do something! Or else make a suggestion that will realise the aim of getting rid of this man. We all know SAF and SBC back him and he has spun the board a yarn about United needing rebuilding which will take years. Moyes has fooled us once, blame him, he continues to fool us, blame us.

    So what if he is a family man or Jesus incarnated? He is not good enough to manage United and he needs to go. If he had a shred of decency he would leave. Is it bullying a man for those who pay his wages to tell him he is not good enough and they want him out? Or is it stating the bleeding obvious in way no one can avoid hearing it?

  10. mjcRED says:

    @ Wayne

    ffs Wayne, even now you still don’t get it.

    By saying of Moyes that ‘I’m sure he believes he can turn it around’ is like Stevie Wonder saying with enough practice of driving on a busy road he’ll eventually get from a to b. In each case there will be maximum damage done to both himself and the car/club before the successful destination is ever reached.

    One area where Moyes has shown some consistency is by choosing workhorses over flair players whenever possible. With more money all he’ll have to show is a stable full of lame but grossly over priced and paid carthorses that couldn’t pull their plonker let alone pull us out of this god awful mire.

  11. mjcRED says:

    @ Ziggy

    Good way of putting it, well said

  12. VolatileKid says:

    Arrogant/stupid, i dont know how else to justify his actions. But anyway, by insult i meant doing something to really hurt his feelings, like some stupid banner or curses in the stadium. He is infact running a huge brand or institute, earning a huge salary, comparing his job with us is not justified

  13. wayne barker says:

    No you’re missing my point he isn’t going to resign and admit the jobs to big for him because I doubt he believes that so it’s up to the board to pull the trigger.It isn’t Moyes fault the board still believe in him yet Moyes is getting all the abuse
    No one in their right mind is going to quit one of the biggest jobs in the world and admit failure,that’s my point,so maybe understand what I’m saying before going into some silly analogy about Stevie Wonder

  14. NBI Red 21 says:

    Let us also be clear, the only people who are actually being bullied are United fans who are distraught at what Moyes has done to the Club and want him out. I got tons of abuse for this opinion before most fans came round to the same thinking and now season ticket holders at Red Issue who organised the plane flyover are getting mocked and bullied by a section of United fans when they are only saying what most think!

    The people who are really fucking up United are those precious fans who try to dictate to others what to think, how to protest – i.e. never – and what constitutes a fan.

    Well fuck that, if these protests get Moyes out these fans who actually care enough to do something will have saved our Club, they are true fans with guts and to call them bullies is an utter disgrace.

  15. samuel - united WE stand says:

    4 words sums up his words and they are “living in a fantasy”… What a load of cringey and predictable drivel.. Rolling out his biggest strenghths of playing the “victim”.. Delusional is another, living in his own bubble, it really has become laughable

    Everywhere I go I get great support from Manchester United supporters,” Moyes said.

    “I was at a dinner last night for Darren Fletcher and there were Manchester United supporters who came up to me and said ‘come on, keep going, we understand exactly the situation the club is in and team is in’.

    “They were really supportive and every time I have been to Old Trafford they have been great.

    “I am seeing a lot different from what a lot of people are saying but I understand that results matter.”

    When asked about the fly-by, Moyes said: “I have heard of it and what they are saying about it, but this is something which is a long journey here, this is only the start of the journey.”

  16. Lalaland says:

    Moyes’s made a big mistake in signing Fellaini and brought his entire backroom staff from Everton to United. We are now rigged with mid table mentality in trying NOT TO LOSE a game rather than WIN it.

    I was OK with Moyes’ appointment at the beginning of the season, seeing as he was recommended by SAF and he is a nice, hard-working manager.

    However, results speak for themselves and we have not played any interesting football this season, except for a very few number of games.

  17. NBI Red 21 says:

    Silence is interpreted as consent, even in rape cases, if we want Moyes out of our ass we need to scream “No” and “Stop”".

  18. wayne barker says:

    A job’s a job mate just on a different level to you and I still the way he makes his living you’re asking him to give up his pay check for the honorable thing.Not many people in this world quit their job most get laid off or fired mate

  19. VolatileKid says:

    For him, taking responsibility would be to adjust his training methods/tactics and to come up with solutions to get the best out of the team. He hasn’t done that, he insists that tactically we are doing all the right things. At first we were unlucky, now he has new excuse that he is rebuilding the team and the team is in transition. We were fucking champions last season. He is offering excuses after excuses, without really addressing the core problem. Its just astounding that he refuses to accept that tactics and management could be behind the problems too

  20. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ samuel – exactly – Moyes is a liar – he knows most United fans want him gone but he twists it to make it look like we don’t exist and that every fans want him in a job even though he was abused at OT and told to resign. He never mentions that.

    Moyes is a scum of a man. There is nothing decent about him. If he had any integrity and decency he would have said at a minimum – I know I haven’t won all the fans round and some are not happy with me and I am working to change that – but the fucker denies any fans are against him!!!

  21. ziggy says:


    thank you Sir…

  22. NBI Red 21 says:

    Moyes also know fans groups of season ticket holders have asked for his banner to come down yet he acts like everyone is behind him! And people say this is a decent honest man – WTF!?

  23. NBI Red 21 says:

    By saying there is a long way to go to rebuild Moyes is basically fucking our expectations again and making it clear don’t expect any improvement any time soon, not my fault though, rebuilding what I broke.

  24. Lalaland says:

    Moyesie has turned out to be a very, very cunning man indeed. He was insulted towards the end of that game against City and still acting like everyone at Old Trafford is behind him.

    It’s all over the news that people were trying to take down that “Chosen One” banner and Moyes chose to ignore it.

    The match going fans are turning, it’s pretty fucking obvious, all the videos on youtube are pointing to that fact and Moyes chose to turn a blind eye and pretended he still got everyone’s support. Well, I’m sure at least 80% of us want him gone already.

  25. VolatileKid says:

    Come on mate, United manager’s job is a huge one. When you are dealing with the expectations of millions and millions of people, the responsibility is huge. I’m sure he has more that enough money to survive :)

  26. wayne barker says:

    Again mate the size of the job doesn’t matter it’s all relative it’s up to the people who hired him to fire him if they feel he’s not good enough just like any employer/employee
    You’re asking Moyes to give up a weekly pay check and probably millions in compensation how many people would do that.Also as I’ve already said I’m sure Moyes believes he can turn things around so isn’t going to admit failure and walk away

  27. samuel - united WE stand says:

    NBI – you roll in enough bullshit and then start to believe it.. Moyes cannot genuinely believe all that crap surely? He is,deflecting every possible question and coning out with the usual “this is a rebuilding job” “this is as long a journey as a slug climbing the great wall china”.. “how he is the right man and how much he is hurting” etc.

    Just more utter drivel violin playing crap, nothing to do with reality. I’ve grown tired of his slogans, it is almost like he is a computer programmed to spill these gabbage.. He needs to do the honourable thing that most sane minds know he should do.

  28. mjcRED says:

    @ Why is it beyond the realms of possibility that he should resign? If he’s such a down to earth humble modest man that we’re lead to believe he is, does he have the greed to hang on and wait to be sacked so that he gets the big pay off, despite already being paid an astronomical work for the laughable efforts he’s served up? Would he persevere when if he’s being honest with himself, let alone the fans, he knows he’s been severely found wanting?

    Even your average shameful politician or any other person in a high profile job walks away when their incompetence is found out by their employers and spills out in the media. The incompetency of Moyes is spilling out on a day by day basis.

    This is nothing against the guy personally – I happen to think he comes across as decent – and any personal attacks are wrong and completely unwarranted. However this doesn’t mean to say that he’s up to the job any more than I’m up to the job of the head of NASA. My anger and frustration with Moyes begins and ends with the shit job he’s done at our club, end of.

    So I ask you again. Why shouldn’t David Moyes resign?

  29. mjcRED says:

    Sorry, my last post was addressed to Mr Contrary himself Wayne!

  30. wayne barker says:

    He has no reason to didn’t read the whole dribble just the last line

  31. trevor knightsmith says:


    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sticking up for him , I wake up every morning hoping he’s gone . The way some people talk, you would think the job was forced upon him !

    He talks about the ” stress of the job” well He wants to try looking after a mentally ill woman for 31 years, then he’d know what stress is !, he gets £6m a year for his “stress” ; I got a heart attack and flat lined for my stress , so let’s not feel too sorry for him (or me) .

    And I did say his words were probably ” rhetoric ” .

    It isn’t his fault that he can’t do the job, but he is a multi millionaire ; not bad for someone who hasn’t achieved anything ; which untited are finding out to their cost !

  32. wayne barker says:

    Anyway changing topic read this morning Becks,Scholes,Giggs is going to be used as a front by the same Arabs who own Barca to make a 2billion bid for Utd and for some reason Utd’s stock jumped up today

  33. NBI Red 21 says:

    Finally a glimmer of sense! –

    SEF – have indicated – only AFTER the pressure from fans and the plane flyover – that they may do a poll and they should have done this earlier:-

    “We are going to do something but we will play it by ear a little bit,” said Kilduff (of Stretford End Flags). “It is possible we could have a poll that will stay open for a week, which takes it past the Bayern Munich game, or maybe we will do it after the match has taken place. “Whatever we do, we will make it clear that if the banner comes down, it will be seen as the fans turning against David Moyes. That is how it will be interpreted by the media and the fans have to understand that.”

    “Maybe in hindsight we should have taken it down after that first home game against Chelsea, before such significance could be attached to it.”

    “”But maybe in hindsight, David Moyes would not have got rid of all the old coaches. Maybe in hindsight, Sir Alex Ferguson would not have recommended him at all.”

    MUST is calling for a look at the whole appointment process, it seems our sponsors did offer to help with succession planning but that was not taken and SAF made the call. MUST, somewhat predictably though, says responsibility for the appointment of Moyes and the whole process that led to that lies with Glazers.

    - How Moyes can have the cheek to say he has the support of all United fans is staggering. The man has no shame. He is a bold faced liar and this will only turn more fans against him and harden resolve.

  34. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ mjcRED – Moyes is in a comfort zone, he is a very very stubborn man who faced no pressure at his old Club, he thinks everyone is stupid bar him who knows best, so he won’t resign, he will wait it out to beat us down to his level and hope he rides out any protests.

  35. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ trevor – he says that on one hand on the other hand and behind the scenes he blames the players. He plays games, Listen to everything he says. Before City game he also said he did not blame himself at all for results at United as he was doing the best job.

  36. mjcRED says:

    So not only have you chosen not ‘see’ any of the games this season, hence your satisfaction at where we are and your opinions that don’t let common sense or the blindingly obvious get in the way of , you choose to reply without reading what it is you’re replying to. Fuck me, it’s a black and white world you’re living in…..?

  37. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ trevor – hope everything is OK now.

  38. mjcRED says:

    @ Trevor

    Powerful dose of reality there Sir, I guess we’re all guilty of losing sight of what really matters. Hope life and things are getting better for you.

  39. Tommy says:


    You complain about Wayne bullying and yet your defending a bunch of fucking bullies, Like I have stated most ST holders are disgusted with this minority, and people including Scott are getting pissed off that we are all getting branded in the same bracket, Even red issue has distanced themselves from it and stated the people organising this lack class, simple as that, no man who is hurting more than anyone in the football club deserves to be treated in that one, the funny thing is I am pretty sure the rest of us will rebelll and start chanting moyes songs

  40. Tommy says:

    Also I want to make a point, I made it clear to Stretford end flags I was not impresseed with the chosen one banner simply because I believe you have to earn the right to go up in the stretty end and theyshould of been a poll but Tuffy and his pals wouldnt have it, same this instance, why was their no poll to determine if the plane banner is exceptable? Because they no the fucking answer, The club should find out who put any money towards it and have their STs confiscated, they are doing it to make a name for themselves CUNTS, even red issue want nothing to day with it

  41. wayne barker says:

    Jesus you seriously cannot be this dense,it doesn’t matter what you and I think.Moyes has no reason to quit because he still believes he’s the right man for the job,what part of that are you having a problem understanding

  42. Greeny1982 says:

    Don’t think anybodys saying that fans shouldnt protest or make their opinions voices heard? I just think most fans are of the opinion that this plane stunt is a bit embarassing for the club and its fans, I personally have no issues with protests outside OT before and after games, petitions or the use of social media? Like Scott any many other fans I just dont agree with the plane idea, surely somebody has an idea that wont get us ridiculed or make us look like a bunch of glory hunting, fickle, cruel twats?

  43. Tommy says:


    Exactly mate, its some cunts who think they have the right to speak on behalf of everyone, Of course blogs like this and non match goers on twitter will lap it up, but like I say not many are happy with this childish stunt, im embarressed quite frankly, tomorrow im going to watch a football match not a plane show!!

  44. slim says:

    NBI Red 21 @ 16:52

    lol maybe Moyes doesn’t see you as fan. quite laughable really.
    You need to rein it it man. Scum? No decency?
    I don’t think you are in a position to make such sweeping comments. Asked you earlier to calm the fuck down but you’re still at it. What do you think? You’re on some kind of home stretch of acting a fool till Moyes gets sacked? Get a grip

  45. Greeny1982 says:


    Same here mate, when I take my seat at the game tomorrow I want to see us play well and win unlike some of the bellends ive seen on blogs who were actually wanting us to lose just so Moyes is sacked? The same fans who want to see Bayern humiliate us, again JUST so moyes is sacked, prob also the same dickheads hurling abuse at SAF! ive said many times I dont think hes up to it and should be replaced end of season but not at the expense of losing games, anybody who thinks that Glazer and co. Are of the opinion that we’re all happy is kidding themseves, no plane stunt is gonna change their minds, the taking down of that fucking banner would be a start.

  46. Tommy says:

    Busby MUFC a guy I have regualar contact with on twitter and a season ticket holder has ust said to correct tweets.

    Busby MUFC‏@BusbyMUFC·1h
    No matter what you think of Moyes do you want the actions of a few fans to speak for you? Whether it’s SEF or this plane group. I don’t.

    Busby MUFC‏@BusbyMUFC·2 hrs
    Moyes may be tarnishing the reputation of the team but the banner unnecessarily tarnishes the reputation of the fans.

    Rob B another one I tweet often has did a correct tweet which NBI will love.

    Rob B.‏@_Rob_B·2 hrs
    No normal United fan will advocate this plane stunt. Moyes needs to go but tomorrow you watch Old Trafford stand beside him. #MUFC

    Heard that NBI old trafford will be rocking tomorrow with Moyes chants, I thought you wanted him gone, the fans will stand shoulder to shoulder with moyes tomorrow

  47. Tommy says:

    A tweet off red issue for you.

    Red Issue‏@RedIssue·4 hrs
    As we’ve said before: this embarrassing plane banner protest nonsense is NOTHING to do with us.

    Even red issue who these fans (If you can call them fans) come from want nothing to do with this banner


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