Sir Bobby Charlton’s stand at Old Trafford will be unveiled this afternoon ahead of Manchester United’s game against Everton.

Denis Law, Charlton’s former teammate, has claimed that both Sir Bobby and George Best are better than the players we have today.

I just wonder with the state of the football pitches today; you think of George Best playing on that, Sir Robert playing on that, they were fantastic players, well known everywhere. You could imagine what they would have been like today, if they’d had been playing on these pitches every week. The only time we played on a pitch like this is if we got to Wembley in a cup final, or you played an international team. But to do it every week, wow, you can’t get it into your mind. You watch players today, and fantastic players, but they’re not quite the same class as George Best and Sir Robert.

When George came onto the scene and Bobby it was just a wonderful time for Manchester United. Sir Bobby in particular, the way he recovered from the plane crash and won the World Cup; well I wasn’t happy about him winning the World Cup, but you can’t have everything can you?! Just to play with him and against him was fantastic.

Sir Robert was fantastic, he could hit some ball for a goal. 30 yards out! I would never even think of it, I wouldn’t even reach the penalty area. Sir Robert had probably one of the strongest shots in the game at that particular time, with that ball and the boots.

What a fantastic player, a wonderful player. What a crosser of the ball, when Bobby was on that left wing in particular, he knew where I would be; I wasn’t at the far post, mainly the near post. I would nip in, be lucky and score. So we knew each other’s game.