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Please sack him – now

I genuinely wanted to support whoever replaced Sir Alex Ferguson until the bitter end. I’ve always enjoyed the siege mentality that our former manager instilled in us and was ready to back his replacement.

When David de Gea replaced Edwin Van der Sar, the press ate him up for breakfast. That first game against City in the Charity Shield was a nightmare. He gifted them two goals and we were 2-0 down before half-time. Thankfully we came back to win 3-2, but the press were out for him from day one.

The fans got behind though, chanted his name when he made a good save, and did all we could to support him. It was clear this lad had bags of potential and that, when he bulked up and learnt to deal with the more physical nature of our league, he would be a fantastic goalie.

Two years later he was named PFA Goalkeeper of the Season and this year has been United’s best player, certainly worthy of the Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year award. It shows you just how quickly people can turn things around and how fans can justify their support.

That might make you think I’m about to claim that Moyes can turn things around but, unfortunately, I just don’t think that is the case. De Gea came here with trophies, recognition and potential. The same can be said of Ferguson when he was appointed in 1986. Whilst Moyes certainly was deemed to have potential, he’s done nothing to suggest he warrants the job of being manager of one of the biggest clubs in the world.

It was a nice experiment, allowing Ferguson to pick his replacement without so much as an interview, but let’s chalk this one up to experience and get someone good enough in for the job now.

It’s meant as no disrespect to Moyes, who I’m sure is a lovely chap, but there’s no way you can be giving the job of Manchester United manager to someone who’s been in the field for over a decade and still hasn’t won anything.

If United were in the top four, whilst I would still have my doubts over Moyes’ long-term suitability to the job, he would done something to justify keeping his job. Whilst both City and Chelsea have changed managers and improved, we would have to be understanding that we had got worse under Moyes, because Moyes was replacing one the greatest manager ever… not Rafa Benitez or Roberto Mancini. But there is no understanding for us being worse than Everton or Spurs. Moyes left Everton and took their top scorer from last season with him, yet there’s every possibility of them finishing 12 points ahead of last season’s champions. How any United fan can look at that scenario and not be massively embarrassed, I don’t know.

Genuinely, what I would like to see happen is Moyes sacked now. He’s got nothing to offer us and United have nothing to play for. I don’t want to see us in Europa next season, just a manager given a clean break, with the a transfer kitty, and a whole summer to work out what their best XI is. Give Ryan Giggs the job until the end of the season and let him play our most promising youth team players amongst our starting team.

I realise that is a fantasy and I am under the impression that Moyes will be given until Christmas, which is just a bonkers notion. Why spend two years in this position when we can just write this season off and get someone who is actually qualified to do the job?

I feel bad for Moyes. I think Fergie has, unintentionally, screwed him over. But my sympathy for him doesn’t mean I’m willing to see him ruin yet another year for United, and the sooner the Glazers realise he is nowhere near capable of replacing Ferguson, the better.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. 20LEgend says:

    Take a break from all the hate Scott. And while youre at it, I recommend you take a look at this article you yourself posted in RoM 3 years back. Its about another David, but some of those lines stand very true about Moyes as well.

  2. warrored says:

    Whoever leaked the team sheet again needs to be found and sacked.

    3 hours before kick off the team was posted all over the Internet and it’s not the first time this season.

    Someone is clearly trying to undermine the club from within. I thought the culprit had been found when it stopped earlier in the season, but no on the biggest night of our season the cunt is at it again.

  3. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Repeatof99 – I see nothing has changed, some still desperately still trying to deflect from the real issue.. Regardless of the holes ib central mid and the need to upgrade them, united had the very least a team of top four, the drop to mediocrity has been swift and staggering that it has baffled the whole of the footballing world.

    As i’ve always said, the best managers utilise what they have and get more out of it, they improve players technically, tactically and mentally.. Moyes was a long ball run hard physical play advocate at everton and those negative tactics that have highlighted his managerial career has followed him and hence players have gone backwards technique wise under him. Tactically the players look lost, his,constant fluctuating of systems from one flat rigid to another flat unimaginative one has been constant, again non of which has improved the players all season, it is clear that the man has no playing philosophy, certainly not one to suggest it will be successful at the top level.. As for the mentality, when you have a man who clearly has no winning track record at any significant level, a grovelling apologist who constantly bemoans the stage he was given rather than appointed adequately with the,right credentials for, when you have a man who does not understand the standards of excellence required at united, a man more contented with the crumbs he gathers rather than go for the entire thing, when you have a man who has won nothing and likely never will then you have the utter mess manchester united has found itself..

    The club should firstly be blamed for not adequately finding the right way to search for the manager taking over, a manager that had the credentials, they seem more interested in trying to create a fantasy filled with dynasty to follow fergie. Moyes was never good enough, judging by everything he has done as a manager, it has been slightly above average, nothing suggesting he should be handed keys to a luxury, nothing and the club has lowered its standards worked on and built upon for years in order to uphold a myth. Buy or mo buy, moyes will never be up to the standards required at this club, it was all a media driven agenda that was motivated towards knocking united off their perch, the club have been gullible enough to fall for bate and appointing a manager that has may have been solid but is completely stagnant and has no clue what it takes to succeed.

    Some will keep doing all they can absolve Mr david moyes and rightly so they are entitled to this opinion but where are the EVIDENCE, PURE EVIDENCE to suggest this man has the witt, charisma, intelligence and talent to get united back to the top.. What has he EVIDENTLY DONE? Still holding onto hypothetical scenarios I see, still making laughable claims of diego simeone’s athletico madrid being similar to this backward moving manchester united under david moyes? Still nit-picking individual players rather than the actual bigger picture, still in denial thay somehow, with 200mill, mr Moyes will blossom into something he will never be.. Let’s keep being in denial or act ruthlessly swift like most top clubs do to stamp out failure. Mr moyes CV will not state hypothetics and fantasy, it will state a man woefully exposed for the limited manager he is, a man that has broken all negative record and more, a man that has imbedded a negative within one season, a man that has taken manchester united right down to mid-table.. That’s the reality and until evidence suggest otherwise, it will be the case.

  4. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Regardless of the nit-picked excuses.. All the managers compared have improved their clubs, gone another level and actually WON things moyes can only dream of.. Make all the excuses you possibly can, it has no leg to stand on

  5. warrored says:

    I have to say Chris Woods has done a great job with DeGea and Lindegaard this season.

  6. Red_G says:

    Most on this blog I dare say are not about hating DM, more so they express their views out of love for this great club. Most see, and rightly so, that Moyes is out of his depth. Time waits for no man/football club. We don’t have the luxury of seeing how it goes with Moyes “giving him time”. How many years do we want to wait before we win the title or are back in the CL…..6 yrs?….will not happen under moyes. The man will NEVER have the aura of a big time manager that looks like he belongs at a massive club…he tried(that favourite word of his) and has failed….now it’s time for a real manager to come in and manage United, one befitting this massive club….let him go back to managing Preston.

  7. warrored says:

    Moyes set us up good enough against Bayern, brainfarts by Welbeck and Rooney didn’t help.

    Next season will see some serious improvements to the squad. I can see a few on here eating their words.

    Come on feel the Moyes.

  8. Chris says:

    I’m not sure Rooney deserves the stick he is getting for the Bayern game when he was still clearly unfit, Moyes should have brought him off at half time IMO. However, I do think that if we are going to offload any strikers in the summer Rooney should be one of them because, IMO, Mata behind RVP would enable the team to keep its shape because you wouldn’t have Rooney chasing around trying to get the ball leaving nobody up top, RVP is a far better finisher than Rooney and Rooney is a cunt :) I know it will never happen because Moyes has put Rooney on a pedestal and rewarded him heavily for being a traitor.

    I know Rooney can be a great player but he is very streaky and not reliable enough to build the team around IMO.

    As for Moyes, I’m one of those who never felt he was the right man for the job in the first place and should go in the summer, I see no point in sacking him now and putting Giggs in charge, remember Shearer at Newcastle? Time will tell of course but I wouldn’t trust Moyes with an alleged 200m war chest when he can’t get the best out of this set of players.

    This team isn’t half as bad as many make out, we have needed a couple of real CM’s for a while now, add to that a LB and CD then we are all set. I’m not sure that we need traditional wingers any more because the game has moved on from that so playing a three of the likes of Mata/Kagawa/Januzaj behind the striker would be fantastic with two deeper lying CM’s.

  9. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Chris – if rooney is off, van persie cannot be the man to take up the gap left.. United will need to purchase a new world class striker and those are not easily avalaible or come cheap, possibly push some younger players like wilson into the first team. Van persie is crocked and always will be.

  10. warrored says:

    You see, you say it isn’t hatred then say go back to Preston as if he hasn’t managed in the top league in England for ten years with a minus 3 million budget.

    You’d think he hasn’t put together a very capable back 5 and squad defensive players like Stones and Oviedo.

    You’d think he never took players from lower leagues and developed them into very good PL players like Lescott Jagielka Arteta and Cahill.

    You’d think he cannot spot talent like Rooney, Coleman, Rodwell and Barkley.

    You’d think he cant spot players from abroad like Pienaar Fellaini Mirallas.

    All of those players mentioned could have easily been in our squads under SAF.

    So you might not think he’s good enough for United, but he has proved he can manage in the PL effectively on a shoestring.

    So credit where it’s due eh?

  11. tejasgoradia says:

    So we are out of Champions League. We were out of the Premier League in December. We were out of the top 4 race in January. We had already gone out of the domestic cups by then. The only last thing which we can now go out of is the Europa League spot. Maybe we’ll achieve that (just cross the line), which also is not a certainty. How far and mighty have we fallen – All in one season. People questioned whether its Moyes or it’s the squad who is to blame. According to me, the answer lies somewhere in between. The truth is that it is not as good as Sir Alex Ferguson made it look last season and not as bad as Moyes is making it look this season.

    Once we get the disappointment of this season out, everyone at our club has a massive job on hands – Glazers, Woodward, Moyes, Players, Fans, everyone. As one of the most successful clubs in the world, at the end of such a disastrous season, where does Manchester United stand? We are at a crossroads…

    Whether it be Moyes or somebody else, the squad will have to be rebuilt. Maybe we required bringing in 2-3 bodies last summer, but this year we definitely require atleast 5 additions. We’ve bought 2 players this year. One seems from the evidence presented so far not upto the role and other a very good signing, but one in a role which does not solve any of the existing problems.

    A new defense (2 centre backs and 1 left back) is required, and that fabled box-to-box central midfielder still needs to arrive. A quality winger or two wouldn’t go amiss, either.

    This is a rebuilding job which would test even the most skilled transfer negotiators and managers in the world. How often do clubs ship out five or six key players in one go and aim to replace them in the same summer? It doesn’t happen because it’s terrible planning and has the potential to go horribly wrong.

    Even if five or six world-class players are brought in, they will need time to settle down and gel together – and that’s the best case scenario. Champions League football next to next season is not a given by any means.

    The Glazers have got off lightly in all this over the last few years. Had Sir Alex spent £100m and bought 2-3 world class (first team) players following, say, the 2011 Champions League final, alongside youngsters like David de Gea, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling, we would have been in a different boat today. We didn’t and as a result we’ve receded. From being a Champions League Semi finalist and finalist regular, we’ve become a Q/Fist regular (to no Champions League next year).

    I really wish we would have brought in some big name players back then, especially in midfield. Whether it was Sir Alex who chose not to buy or was it the Glazers, we will never know. But one thing is certain, the frugality coupled with loss of Sir Alex has meant that the chickens are coming home to roost at Old Trafford, and maybe it will haunt us for a long time to come.

    After the fiasco of last summer’s transfer market, we really do not have any choice other than spending big this time round. What choice do we have other than not spending. Even if we are willing to spend there is no guarantee that it will achieve the desired results. Will all our targets come and sign for us. Will their clubs negotiate quickly before the world cup, knowing our need, especially in mid field. What if some other clubs throw more money at them. If Real Madrid do not win League and Champions League, they will surely go out and get 1 or 2 big name players like they always do. Do not expect Bayern to sit on their laurels as well. Domestically, City and Chelsea will also be ready to spend big and get into a bidding war if our targets are the same and we don’t seal the deals early. Liverpool, with the Champions League money available (and if they win the PL), they too will be in the fray. So it is not going to be easy.

    Plus the truth is that it will take a lot of convincing (and $$$) for players to choose David Moyes over Mourinho, Anchelotti, Guardiola etc. Moreover, when we are chasing the creme de la creme players, they will also fear the style of play that’s been on offer this year under Moyes. For example the likes of Koke, Reus, and all other youngsters would have seen the long ball tactics. Would they be willing to accept this style or be convinced that this will not be the way we would play next year. It will not be easy to get these players.

    The summer will be make or break for both manager and club. Nobody knows if the Glazers will stand by Moyes, but one thing is for sure: expectations need to be restored to a level befitting Manchester United and that is one job in which David Moyes has underperformed. Its not the results, the position in the league, the loss to our rivals, lack of European nights but my main problem with David Moyes is that he is lowering our expectations. He more than anyone else needs to rise to Manchester United level. He may or may not. But as long as he does, he has my support.

  12. samuel - united WE stand says:

    He has managed in the premier league, no one has denied his capability as a PL manager but this is manchester united, the pressure and demands are higher, the aspiration is to improve. Moyes is good but for a certain limited level and that level was everton and below. Nit-picking decent players he has had under him, I could name several more dreadfully average players he’s had at everton. Fact is, all managers have their good and bad buys but the best managers deem it irrelevant on their way to the top

  13. MrC says:

    On the Rooney thing it’s not his fault that he was played at Bayern when injured. Players want to play, and big players will want to play in big games. It’s up to the manager to make the calls playing wise, and Moyes just isn’t up reliable in making big calls.

    I’ve said more than once that Rooney should have been gone in 2010 once the ambition-gate thing broke and as of last season it looked as though SAF had Rooney clearly placed in the exit lounge.

    Rooney is a fine player if played as an out and out striker but, with his main man status- play me where I want when I want – Rooney is and will be more trouble than he’s worth by displacing or interfering with better players than him from their natural positions, RVP (better striker) Mata, Kagawa (better 10s / behind the striker). In that respect Rooney’s versatility works against him and more to the point, the team, if not managed properly and Moyes isn’t up to the task. £300k pw? That deal has boxed Moyes in.

  14. warrored says:

    Lolol Moyes is useless then go on to list that we need Centre mids and a left back. Mmmm isn’t that the positions that Moyes tried to strengthen in the summer?

    Anyone remember the Baines Coentrao Thiago Fabregas stories or did I dream them?

  15. OpikBidin says:


    Rooney is one MAIN Problem, and with only one striker spot in a 4231, we don’t need too much strikers, We can afford to offload 2-3 strikers without loosing too much.

    And Rooney is the one that should go as he is clearly just a jack of alltrades, and is worse than other players. at FW,AM,LW,RW, he is clearly worser than anyone else. so he SHould go

    and we don’t need a replacement, We have RVP, Chicharito and Welbeck, plus others in Henriquez, Bebe, Will Keane, Wilson. Say RVP is crooked, you don’t think Chicharito and Welbeck can fill in? Welbeck who always show up when trusted, be it big games or when Rooney and RVP was injured. Chicharito who has a great goal scoring record and now has the Januzaj-Mata-Shinji=JuMaNji trio behind him.

    Heck, we can even Sell RVP and Rooney, use the money of transfer and wage to buy a good LB and CM, finished.

  16. Tommy says:

    First time ive commented since getting back from Germany, After defending so well for a game and a half, to gift them the match is unforgivable really. All 3 of their goals should of been stoped, and the 3rd just left a bitter taste in my mouth. Robbin for me is the most overrated player i have seen, hes a one trick pony, cut in on his left and hit it, so what do the defence do back off and back off and let him hit it, totally unacceptable. I also hope those giving Fellani stick for the first leg were equally as critical of Fletcher who was extremly poor, but I doubt those on here would of mentioned that. Rooney again disapointed on the big stage, sure he took the corner for Vidas goal in the 1st leg and his awful touch got Schwinstiger sent off but thats all he did and all for £300k a week, on wedensdays showing he does not deserve 300pence a week. Season over. Rant over

  17. lecho says:


    Actually we’re still in the top4 race – unlikely to happen, but possible considering how lost Arsenal currently is.

  18. Red_G says:

    By the way some carry on about DM, you’d think he was a football genious ready to lead us to the promised land….you wouldn’t think this was the same manager who:
    -Took the EPL champions to 7th place missing the coveted top 4
    - managed to get the EPL champions knocked out of both domestic cups by teams languishing in the bottom half of the table
    -used his tacticat nouse to have us playing like a “conference team”
    -talks about having a plan and direction of where he wants to take the club, yet his actions seem directionless
    -stated we should aspire to be like Shitty
    -stated that some of the players he has are not good enough
    -stated that “we will try to make hard for them(being Newcastle)”
    -stated that we we underdogs at home to the scousers
    -continues to conduct himself like he has stage fright

    …and all of this is suppose to inspire and give supporters hope?

    Credit where credit is due…he did manage to put out a team that did not get smashed by bayern as I thought we would, but this manager has lowered expections where mediocre wins over mediocre teams are celebrated as though some great fete and where camping behind the ball against teams we once took the game too is considered great tactics

  19. John says:

    Its sad what manchester united has become.

    The reality is this: Fergie made manchester United look better than it actually was and moyes is making Manchester united look lot worse than it actuall is.

  20. slim says:


    Welcome back. Don’t know why Fellaini got so much grief in the first leg. He had his uses in that game and they were missed in Germany. The game passed Fletcher way too much i thought.

  21. warrored says:

    Having Moyes in your sights is looking in the wrong place.

    Who ratified his position?
    Who has taken out £700 million from the club?
    Who allowed a winning team to disintegrate in America?
    Maybe you need to aim your pistols higher!

  22. Tommy says:


    Cheers mate, Although we didnt have much of the ball, when he got it he give it away and didnt tackle or close down quick enough, im surprised Giggs didnt come on for him at H/T, a bit of composure was needed. conceding so soon after scoring was criminal really, like I said all goals conceded were poor to be honest we handed them the game

  23. John says:

    David moyes has lowered the expectation level of united fans so low that all that needs them to be happy is “we weren’t humiliated by Bayern Munich”. It has not been a year and the rotten potato has already circulated his defeatist venom all over the club. He has made Manchester United FC look like Everton in Red Shirt. League position, the defensive attitude of manager and interviews of him and the way he sets up the team means that no way he has stepped up to the job and merely contiuing what he was doing at Everton. There is not necessary of rebuilding at all in my opinion. Every season in every top top club some players are made to pack their luggage and sold, some demand to go and some are bought. These things are part and parcel esp in summer at every top top club. We need 2 good midfielders and may be left back and we needed it even last summer. Why Vidic is allowed to leave is beyond me?!!

    Risk is this:

    Moyes came and ripped apart the coaching system that helped tactically not the best fergie to be compared with Guardiola and Mourinho like genuises in terms of tactics (not management)..and we are feeling the effect. Now sell all the winners and let moyes has his team for what?? TO MAKE US EVERTON IN BLUE!!

    I hope Malcolm Glazer sack both Ferguson and Moyes and let one to retire in peace and the other to go and find job where he belongs.

  24. ashtheking says:

    Athletico to face Chelsea and bayern to play Madrid . I think it will be bayern v. Athletico finals . Or atlast real may win the champions league. I hope not though.

  25. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Rooney should take some of the blame for playing when he knew himself that he was clearly unfit but Moyes should ALSO take some of the blame for laving Rooney out there for 90 MINUTES and not having the balls to haul him off when we were down. And there’s CLEARLY only one reason why Moyes did not take Rooney off, because he’s scared o offending him. It’s a fucking joke that we have a manager who has chosen to fucking baby one single player to the detriment of the entire fucking club. Rooney is a good player but he is NOT Manchester United. A Manchester United coach is supposed to do what is best for Manchester United. Leaving an unfit Rooney out there for 90 minutes was NOT what was best for Manchester United.

  26. Tommy says:

    @dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT

    The contracts the problem mate, If youre paying a guy 300k a week you have to play him, The owners will be thinking why am I paying this player this obscene amount of money to sit on the bench, I also wouldnt put his performance down to bad fitness, his overall form in the 1st leg was just as poor as the 2nd, even if he did take the corner which resulted in Vidas goal.

  27. Marko Maric says:

    I would like to quote what Sturridge said about his playing position:”but they didn’t believe in me as a centre forward,” he added.

    “They always said, ‘You’re not a centre-forward, you’re a winger’ – that’s how they saw me, but that hurt me because I’ve played down the middle all my life.”

    So my question is: how stupid you must be, as a manager, to not give 3-4 games to a player wich is obviously class (Kagawa), to play his natural position? Have we learn anything from Sturridge experience? Not learning that leason costed Chelski a striker. They could have a one of the best stikers in the England, and they sold him. Now they are without striker.

    And that is why i dont believe in Moyes. When player dont play good in other position than mangers and some stupid fans saying that he didnt adapt. That is explanation.

  28. Marko Maric says:

    What i like about Dutch managers is that, they dont feel shame to go in Holland and coach small clubs, show with great results with small clubs how good they are and then get back to big clubs.
    And that is quality of big managers, wherever they go, they have result. That is what s missing about Moyes

  29. t b says:

    WOAW – expected better form Scott and ROM in this situation.

    Its obvious no one can be happy with how the club are doing and that the future looks rather shit at the moment… but to actually have a go at our manager and making fun of him… Makes me think I’m on a bloody chelski blog.

    2 Questions:
    Did everyone believe Brendan Rodgers was the best manager around when he had his first year at Liverpool – as we seem to constantly hear at the moment on this blog? I seem to remember quite the opposite / not saying that’s what will happen with Moyes, just putting things in perspective.
    2nd question… sacking Moyes… who do you replace him with & what happens if that replacement doesn’t work? We change again or give the man time? (we’re not in fantasy football where you can go for Klopp one week and change him for Pep if things dont work)
    Moyes hasn’t been up to the task, and I’m sure he would agree with this. But how ‘fans’ are revealing themselves as spoilt brats is quite incredible!
    Did we play really, really shit games before? yes. Had we got tactics so fucked up that we lost because of them? yes. Were we beat by lesser opposition (forget about Bayern) in CL before? yes. It’s just that all this shit is happening at the same time, but we can’t say they weren’t any warning signs.
    As far as I’m concerned, Fergie wasn’t perfect before he retired (no need to mention the shit results or wrong team selections/tactics… letting a player like Pogba go when he is exactly what we require and signing players like Bebe on dodgy deals).
    One thing Fergie had was great men around him and that seems to be what Moyes is missing. He needs to realise he can’t do it all at the biggest club and needs to delegate.

    PS: the only positive I was hoping for at the beginning of the season if things did go wrong, was that we would get rid of a lot of the glory hunters who do not have a clue what supporting a club means and are here for their trophy collection at the end of the year (and kill the atmosphere at OT). Looks like Moyes might succeed with that. Now time to concentrate on the football!

  30. lecho says:

    @dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT

    Rooney is arguably one of the players at United who can create something out of nothing, vide the West Ham Goal. While it is true that maybe it was better for him not to play in the Bayern game, as the injury was clearly limiting him, you cannot sub your best striker in a situation you’re in need of scoring goals.

    If Moyes would sub him and we still lost the game, he would get bitched for doing so. I’m sure of that.

  31. scamahort says:

    @t b – My thoughts on your two questions:

    1) Brendan Rodgers did get a lot of stick on this blog (as one would expect!) in the early days, although I think that was more a function of the absurd TV show than his managing style or philosophy. There is also a difference in that he was taking over a 7th place team that hadn’t won a title in decades, so the type of CV that Liverpool could realistically expect from candidates was quite different than what United could.

    2) As to replacing Moyes, I think we’re all saying that he should be replaced with the sort of world class manager with a sustained history of success at the highest levels that should have been hired in the first place. Assuming that task is executed properly this time, then I for one would have more patience with that person than with Moyes (so long as there were visible signs of progress). The issue with Moyes is that he had absolutely none of the qualities that the board should have been looking for, so my patience with such an incredibly risky selection is much less than it would be with someone who does have the right qualities.

  32. t b says:


    1) I m not sure brendan rogers would have got more time had he arrived at liverpool 1 or 2 years (managers) earlier….

    2) my point is more about giving time to a manager because that s the ethics you should have after agreeing his contract in the first place. I personally don’t want a Mourinho type of manager, even if he brings instant success. obviously this season is a complete fuck up, and I might be deluded, but I liked the idea of giving a chance to someone outside the usual ‘world class’ managers… a bit like giving a youth player a chance instead of buying a multi million pound star player

  33. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it, that after evaluating this man, last december; I came to a conclussion that, Fergie forced a mid-table coach on us who has nothing to offer to a top side like ourclub. He should have been sacked since. He will only lead us to our own destruction.

  34. Ian Nichol says:
    Lets hope this is true and the Board have finally woken up to what the majority of fans know – Moyes is not good enough or capable enough to manage Manchester United.
    Van Gaal wouldnt be my first choice but at least he has a real record of success n Europe which Moyes will never have!

  35. Reefer says:

    Agree with you Paschal.

    I have one question to ask.

    What does Moyes bring to United, in terms of football and improving us?

  36. Marvin Felix says:

    please sack him what? the glazers will wait until scouse cunt win their 20th title too

  37. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Sack this cunt called Moyes..I was watching liverpool-city match today and envied the quality and dedication oozing in the game. If it were man utd and moyes, it will have been as usual a one-sided affair with our opponents thrashing us 3-0 mercilessly..we can’t even compete with top teams since this clueless imbecile took over our club. I just hate our Moyes is disgracing and destroying our club, and still getting paid for it. Fuck moyes, fuck united board that lacks fuckin balls to sack that mid-taable pig. Man utd is doomed with Moyes there(Fergie’s biggest mistake)!!! Swansea have more ambition than utd, @ least they got rid of their coach earlier, but Moyes is still being paid for his shambolic results..we have no trophy, no champions league football, and that ape still got a job..I luv utd sooo much, seeing them looking like sheeps without shepherd led to the slaughter house, makes me weep for them. I feel so bad about what is happening to our beloved club.

  38. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    …Moyes must go!!!Sack this cunt called Moyes..I was watching liverpool-city match today and envied the quality and dedication oozing in the game. If it were man utd and moyes, it will have been as usual a one-sided affair with our opponents thrashing us 3-0 mercilessly..we can’t even compete with top teams since this clueless imbecile took over our club. I just hate our Moyes is disgracing and destroying our club, and still getting paid for it. Fuck moyes, fuck united board that lacks fuckin balls to sack that mid-taable pig. Man utd is doomed with Moyes there(Fergie’s biggest mistake)!!! Swansea have more ambition than utd, @ least they got rid of their coach earlier, but Moyes is still being paid for his shambolic results..we have no trophy, no champions league football, and that ape still got a job..I luv utd sooo much, seeing them looking like sheeps without shepherd led to the slaughter house, makes me weep for them. I feel so bad about what is happening to our beloved club. He must go with his Trophyless lifestyle.

  39. Martin Thomas says:

    If rumours around Mcr are true, then RVP had his own training regime with Meulensteen… It kept Robin fit, injury free (more or less) and everyone was happy with it… Now apparently RVP can’t stand ‘Fuck Off ‘Round or his training methods, and he isn’t the only one either… RVP running up sandhills as training?! Just who the fuck are these clowns now in the backroom staff at OT and Carrington?!

    Also this: Round was a proud of it, card carrying ABU cunt… Before Moyes offered him the job of a lifetime that is…


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