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PNev: I cried my eyes out when I left United

In an interview with The Guardian, Phil reflects on the day Sir Alex Ferguson invited him round to his house to tell him that it was time for him to move on.

Of course, the manager was right, with Phil thriving at Everton and becoming captain, but that didn’t change how disappointed he was to be leaving the club he loved.

“Inside – and this is the weird thing – it was probably one of the most magical moments of my career,” Neville says. “We were in his front room, having a cup of tea and he was plotting my next career move, where I was going, how I would play, everything. I went outside and my wife was in tears. But it wasn’t done in a cold office. It was done with warmth, like going round to your Mum and Dad’s for some advice.” He pauses. “But don’t get me wrong, I went home and cried my eyes out for 24 hours.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Fletch™ says:

    Brilliant comments from a true red son.

    Welcome back home Phil! Hope you prove a success yet again and stay for years.

  2. Sparkz says:

    Read the rest of that interview – genuinely loves this club. Says the last 4 months have been the best of his career, said he wants to sleep at the training ground and not go home lol. Love him.

  3. Fletch™ says:

    Rafael da Silva on short list of 30 top Brazilians playing in Europe.
    Sad he can’t get a game behind Chris Smalling :roll:

  4. Tommy says:


    He cant get in the Brazil squad either!

    Fergie said it hurt him more than Phil seeing him not in the side so had to let him go for the sake of Phils career same as with Butty!


    Bet his wife was not too pleased hearing Phil say that haha

    Just watched class of 92 on DVD, I recommend it too anybody, breathtaking, with contributions from Cantana, Mani from the stone roses, Zidane and even Tony Blair, buy it if youve not got it already!!

  5. United says:

    And dis kisses everton badge. n dis doing training running evra. And dis and butt r in 92 class, lol. And dis is a hypocrite, talks for oney, cash,£££, no class, avg player as if butt. giggsy n scholesy only klass. rest are avg.

  6. Tommy says:


    I can take it from that attempt at English that youre not a Nicky Butt fan, Well United would NOT have beat Munich in 99 final without Nicky, He was outstanding as the only midfielder that played that night he kept everything together, the scorers Teddy and especially Ole get all the credit but it werent for Nicky, Munich would of been way out of sight. Phill spent 8 years at Everton of course hes going to show an iffinity with that club, show some respect to quality players!!!

  7. United says:

    bukam,butt, neviles avg player. world know dem, so piss out.

  8. United says:

    solskar saving to ur dat time. cantana god. Big mumu like u, piss out.

  9. Tommy says:


    If you could actually spell their names correctly would be a start, All avarage? hahahaha, bukam who is he? I guess you mean Beckham, world knew they were all avarage? Funny that Pele was not one of those when he named Nicky Butt as the best player in the group stages of the 2002 world cup! Nevilles won it all and had 86 caps for England but is avarage, Piss out, I suppose you mean piss off, always happy to help correct you on your English, Make sure you put the Cheque in the post!!

  10. United says:

    lol pele saying Nemur good den messi lolol. me english is kool.

  11. Tommy says:


    You must be drunk, I will give you the benefit of the doubt!

  12. United says:

    lol big mumu like u lololol. Stupid as he does.

  13. United says:

    mardona says aguero good like him. lol big mumu like u belivs.

  14. Tommy says:

    Thats the thing I like about RoM it has all sorts of people on it, Its got your regualars who can have decent convos with like myself and @Wayne, @John, @Samuel, @xyz and @king eric when he was posting hope to see him posting again soon. Then you have @zibbie who most of the time I dont understand him but means well all the same and then you have those couple of planks who attacked wayne and insulted his family and @United who never comment on here and when they do just insult people who have given their all for United fucking waste of space you are!!

  15. Tommy says:

    Missed @Fletch hes a top poster as well!

  16. United says:

    e dey hurt u? Callings 4 help? go hug transformer, big mumu like u.

  17. United says:

    me was post year b4 til, n 1st time somguy insilt me english which me knws is purfect. Tommy, a big mumu.

  18. tallestreD says:

    @United, you can be right by calling them average but those players you mentioned are for me, effective and efficient. No great skills but what they was to be good at what they do, doing the little things perfectly. for Beckham, we were always a cross away from scoring, Butt like Tommy said, NevilleG, no worfs for him because we now see what he brings to the team be it defensive or attacking area.
    @United u know say e go pain am

  19. zibbie says:

    I do mean well.

  20. Param Veer Bali says:

    @united do u even support united?…….fuckin troll

  21. Mark Odeoshe Ajayi says:

    A true red @phil Neville. i love u coach

  22. kevk24 says:

    @Tommy hehehehe I couldnt get what he was saying and you managed to respond to him. That was funny

  23. gra mar says:

    @United has had a few babyshams too many.

    Some players mightn’t have had dazzling skills or been particularly talented but together they were more than the sum of their parts and that is what is called a team.

  24. John says:

    @United…Phil Neville cried coz he had to leave our (his beloved) club, Gary Neville celebrations were the reflections of how much he loves our club (like his own family), Becks never played for English club coz he couldn’t see himself in another shirt in premiere league. Nicky Butt as @Tommy explained gave his all…And that spirit is the “class” of 92…big mumu like you support Manchester United coz of class of 92!…Warning: don’t present yourself like this when @wayne (true old red from George Best era) is here commenting or else he will make you regret it.. @wayne was right to kick troll like you on head. I now know why..fuck off you big mumu!

  25. AfghanUnitedRed says:

    Been here watching, reading and enjoying for quite a lot of years now, and this may only be my second post ever, but what a crazy mix of United fans we have posting. I mean its a joy to hear human minds of all caliber discuess random topics related to our belove Manchester United Football Club. Peace & Love


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