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PNev: We don’t want to make the same mistake as City

With the January transfer window approaching, Manchester United coach Phil Neville reckons that we need to invest in new players to ensure that we don’t get left behind.

The season before last, Manchester City won the title, but in the transfer window didn’t bring in enough quality. Roberto Mancini spent £55m on players that summer but the likes of Maicon, Sinclair and Rodwell failed to improve the squad.

Having missed out on most of our transfer targets in the summer, Phil insists that we need to strengthen to avoid making the same mistake as them.

“In the transfer window early on in the season we were looking for players, that was well documented and that search continues,” Neville told the BBC. “We need to keep reinvesting in the squad because if you stand still in this league you get left behind, as Manchester City found out last season when they didn’t strengthen as much and they ended up losing the league.”

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  1. The Hound says:

    Next summer there will be no excuses in the transfer market. Fellaini was near on 30 million pounds and he’s not guaranteed a start in our current midfield. I was never keen on the move and I hope he proves me wrong but I have my doubts abo

  2. The Hound says:

    About him*

  3. Andromeda says:

    Not a typical public united statement methinks but Phil surely has a point there.with Fergie it wouldn’t make a difference whether we spent or not at January with few occasions of course!but with appointment of Moyes and unitl things settles a little bit the new manager would not hesitate to bring players that would improve the performance of the squad, but as I said we shouldn’t panic at this moment specially after we came from behind and did a terrific job in the last few weeks.our level is rising incrementally and the manager is gradually getting his grip on the team.‎‏‎

  4. Tommy says:

    Whether we do much business in January I have my doubts but now Moyes has had time to get used to the squad, he will know who he wants to off load and he should be targeting those players he wants to replace them with now for next summer, Cant afford another disastrous summer like the last one!

  5. CC says:

    I refuse to believe a word that comes out of the club anymore.
    If a player runs onto the pitch wearing a United shirt then I will believe we have actually signed him.

    In the meantime United are pleased to announce that Pot Noodle has become our official snack in a pot sponsorship partner which will bring Pot Noodle fans closer to the club.

    Give Chicharito a contract and boot Rooney out the door – dont believe the hype regarding that over rated wig wearing traitor WHO HAS TWICE WANTED TO LEAVE THE CLUB JUST BECAUSE THERE WAS MORE MONEY ELSEWHERE
    1st time he wanted to join City
    2nd time he wanted to join Chelsea

    Anybody who wants that prick anywhere near a United shirt is a fucking retard with no respect for the club just a slavish drivelling mouthed Glazer-tard. He should be fucking boo-ed every time he is fielded but you idiots prefer to sing “The white Pele” and decide he is man of the match because he runs about a lot and doesnt score a goal with the ball usually bouncing off his shins.

  6. Red75 says:

    CC – if you don’t believe a player has signed for utd until he run out at OT with a utd shirt on – why do you believe the media about Rooney wanting to leave? Sounds like you are willing to believe one thing but not the other with bugger all evidence either way!

    At the end of the day as long as a player tries 100% I’ll always support then even if they play terribly.

  7. LexxytheRed says:

    A midfielder is a must buy in January.

  8. hashimu adamu says:

    Man united is a great club that attract the attenyion of mst fans in d world, we have the ability to sign any player in the world, so is better we go for great players that will burst the squad, any player who wished to live should be allowed to, course if u said I want to. Live man united then you hav no regard for the club, no matter how gud you’re, I expct man united should go for great mid fielders and als a terrefic winger,, I am a united

  9. Daniel88 says:

    CC is spot on regarding Rooney its only a matter of time before we are back where we were in 2010 again and again. How do you not learn ?.

    I think we can say Fellaini was a mistake he isn’t a CM to United standards. Fortunately he’s a good age and has some resell value.

    We do need midfielders but there is hardly lots of choice. This is Fergie’s fault more than Moyes. It was Fergie who let our midfield stagnate for years and let our best youth players go. I’d take a quick look at Spain placing Koke and Oscar De Marcos high on the shopping list. That midfielder at Monpellier looks tidy Cabbela especially against PSG.

  10. John says:

    Whoever club signs, it will be hopefully after careful analysis of what players are available in jan in the playing positions we are short…Actually, a good central midfielder and a left back if club can sign would be very good additions in jan..Personally, I would like us to sign Fabio Coentrao and Ilkey Gundagon.

  11. Tommy says:


    How can you say hes been a failure after a couple of games?? If hes that bad as your clearly hinting then what makes you think someone will buy him to sell him on? Give the lad a break!

  12. Tommy says:

    Sami Khedira ruptured his a. cruciate ligament v Italy. Might not even make it back in time for World Cup, their goes one of the guys Moyes tried to sign on transfer dealing day!

  13. Raging Bull says:

    The Daily Mail are reporting that Iniesta is about to sign a new contract and it is a HUGE BLOW to United lolol

    For fuck sake these cunts dont half write some shite.

    How is it a huge blow?

  14. Raging Bull says:

    Imagine had we signed Thiago and Khedira lolol FFS maybe Woody is psychic

  15. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Very interesting all the talk about January.
    Clubs usually don’t want to sell in January as their squads are settled. Maybe some summer moves that didn’t get finalized? Otherwise we might see some deals made that would be completed next summer.

    Dick Advocaat believes Roma’s Kevin Strootman will join United in the future.
    Been linked w Strootman for 2 years but all for naught when he signed for Roma.

  16. keanoisdaman says:

    I`m made up Rooney plays for utd….long may it continue,I hope he breaks all the goal scoring records too!!

  17. mara says:

    Thanks God, Phil….i hope he doesnt mean on Baines…that would be joke

  18. keanoisdaman says:

    Whats up with baines?

  19. Daniel88 says:

    @ Tommy
    I dont base my opinion off a few games.

  20. M4nv33r says:

    I think as long as we’re up there by January and we buy a quality midfield player I think we have a good chance at the title. I wouldn’t write off Fellaini yet. He’s only been at United for 2 months and when he’s on form he’s unplayable. With Carrick injured its time for him to step up to the challenge and hopefully he will.

  21. sid says:

    It’s great thoughts bt now January is d time to react… Buy sumone like ilkay gundogan … N a solid left back for evra’s long term replacement…. And please for heavens sake sell welbeck, young, Anderson….. These players r useless!!!! I hope Fletcher returns soon!

  22. Dayus D red says:

    I can confirm with certainty that strooman was one of the players(others are Tiago and Danielli De’Rossi) lined up by SAF to join in the summer but D. Moyes decided not to follow through. This was also confirmed by Ed woodward , Mike Philan and Eric Steel. It was when united informed Strooman through Moulensteen that Moyes didn’t fancy him that he chose to join Roman. Infact Roman signed Strooman in anticipation of De ‘Rossi going to United. As it turned out Moyes did not make up his mind on time and when he finally did Roman blocked it because the league had started.

  23. DreadedRed says:

    We rarely buy in January. Normally it is only players that we have been tracking for a while, that have other Club’s scouts sniffing around. Whoever we do get, they should not be knee-jerk additions. Get the right player, be it January, August or even later.

  24. keanoisdaman says:

    dayus d red… got any facts to back that yarn up?

  25. CTRED says:

    1) We are all hoping you didn’t already make that mistake with Fellaini.
    2) Please heed your advice and don’t bring in Baines.


  26. mav says:

    Dayus d, any sources for this info. Not doubting but you need to show some credentials before dropping info like that.

  27. Dayus D red says:

    Quoting Edwoodard” we knew it was going to be a wierd summer. We had some players in mind but the new manger has come and had his own idea of players he wants. He also requested time to work with the squard he met”. (speaking to United Fanzine) Qouting Eric Steel speaking to the Telegraph ” i can tell you we would have signed a midfielder, the best in his position.(refering to De’ Rossi) but the new manager changed everything”. Want further proof?. Qouting Strooman after the Euro U-23.” i will make a decision in a week time. I can’t continue to wait for them”. Finally, qouting Roman executive, ” we told Danielli we shall listen to an offer if it comes early but United came with an offer after the league has started and we told them its too late. Capello later confirmed United actually sought his oppinion concerning De’Rossi and wondered why United did not sign him. So it was an open secrete that Moyes was deterring on players already lined up before he came. Am not blaming him for wanting his own players but to continue blaming the club is to me unfair.

  28. MansionOfTheReds says:

    Right.. So where did Strootman come in the quotes you’ve listed. Give us a break and take your conspiracy theories elsewhere

  29. DreadedRed says:

    ‘Dan Walker is joined by Phil Neville on this week’s Focus Forum to talk about his role as first-team coach at Manchester United and life under manager David Moyes. Neville says it has been a dream to take up his new job and describes the experience he is gaining as “something that you can’t buy”. The former defender also discusses his former life as a player at Old Trafford.’

    8½ minute video:

  30. Jackie says:

    We’re gonna sign Sneijder…LMFAO!


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